UPDATE 1/25/2021: The Terms of Service (TOS) have been updated to include a section on account suspension and reinstatement.

Once in a blue moon, it falls on us to reiterate that participation in the Giza Community is subject to the Terms of Service, which are at and linked to the footer of the website.

On occasion, we must enforce the TOS by warning, limiting, suspending, or even banning an account. It doesn't mean we dislike anyone, but it's necessary to preserve the Giza Community.

THE UNFORTUNATE NEED TO MENTION ILLICIT BEHAVIOR: It's distasteful to people with culture, integrity, and manners to even to have to mention some of the reasons we must cut loose of a participant's account. However, due to a pattern appearing among a handful of accounts of pet issues, injected on a routine basis into conversations in this community, as though intentionally to shape those conversations, disrupt, or order the community according to a particular doctrine, we must respond, and we must be clear. If nothing below applies to you, we trust you'll forgive our need to even mention it.

ANTISEMITISM & HOLOCAUST DENIAL ARE NOT PERMITTED AT GIZA: Giza Community will not accept racially-demeaning speech, anti-semitic tropes, or speech attacking a particular ethnic group, whether overt or oblique. For example, commentary that consists of thinly veiled or coy attempts to say that a given ethnic group are responsible for the big problems of the world, or are secretly controlling it and therefore responsible therefore for its big problems, or are secretly plotting against us—generally speaking, or any other similar trope, has no place at Giza. Needless to say posting holocaust-denial videos, comments, and links will be regarded as synonymous with the aforementioned behavior. We're not pulling punches on this. Accounts will be shut down for such activity. The TOS will stand. Those accounts will not.

Out TOS prohibits racially demeaning speech. Demeaning includes conjuring a demeaning image of a given race or ethnicity:
  • utilizing the term in a way that implies that belonging to the group is detrimental or shameful
  • indicating there's one stereotypical behavior for the group
  • indicating that the group is capable of collective guilt, responsibility, or blame as an ethnicity
  • indicating that the group acts as a single entity or organism
  • indicating there's one normative behavior for the group

THREATS AND CALLS FOR VIOLENCE ARE NOT PERMITTED AT GIZA: Secondly, threats or calls for violence against our government or any party, overt or oblique will not be tolerated. Do not call for people to arm. Do not call for people to ready an attack. The fact that one did not specifically state against whom, for what, when, or how weapons may be used or violent action pursued will not keep that account from being banned. Do not threaten an attack. If one does, one will be banned. To such an account holder, we say 'Read our lips. It's not a negotiation. Accounts will be terminated with prejudice. You will not be invited back.'

It would be incorrect to assume that the above-listed reasons are the only reasons we take action against a user's account, limit features, suspend, or ban such an account. However, when behavior such as that described above occurs, we tend to conduct a more thorough review. In that process, we may discover a need to address other issues that could have escaped our notice otherwise. We are not engaged in any widespread 'purge'. But when we have to ban more than one or two accounts in a month, which we have never had to do, it requires us to respond to the pattern and reiterate the courtesies, polity, and professionalism we want to typify the Giza Community.

If  YOUR account has been banned, and you believe it to be in error, that is possible. Please contact support in that case.

On a brighter note, we're rapidly working on some of the things on the Roadmap we planned in December. Stay tuned!

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