We sometimes get queries from members trying to watch vidchats and finding either that they can't play the most recent one or can't view them at all.

The following steps have resolved 100% of such issues to-date.

  1. DO YOU HAVE FULL MEMBER STATUS? Check your user level on Account > Member Settings. You should be a full member to watch vidchats. If it indicates full member, something is blocking you.
  2. ELIMINATE WHAT'S BLOCKING YOU: Execute "issue #1" detailed on the support page. Something on your end is blocking you.
  3. STILL HAPPENING? See step 2. What part did you skip on issue #1?

STILL STILL HAPPENING? There is always the possibility that a vidchat is truly broken. The proof that a vidchat works is whether other people can watch it and comment on it. Which you can verify in the Forum. Ask other members if any of them can access the material.

Things that aren't relevant:

  • I have no trouble on another website. Yes, but every website offers different assets, resources, scripts, and whatever's blocking you is not necessarily agnostic.
  • It was working before. Yes, but your browser, OS, ISP, and other things that SEEM to be static are actually moving parts that change in some ways all the time.
  • Other people have reported the same thing. Yes, hence this post and the FAQ. Can some people access the material, or are ALL other people reporting failure? If it's not everyone, what's different between you and the people succeeding in accessing the material? Same material, same website. They're a member, you're a member. What's different is your local system, connection, ISP, etc.

For convenience, issue #1 is reproduced below...

  1. Verify you're logged in: If you are, your username will be at top right.
  2. Try 2 Other Browsers: If you can access everything in one browser (chrome, firefox, safari) but not another, it's something in your browser—possibly an ad blocker.
  3. Try an Incognito Window: If it's happening regardless of browser: open an incognito/private window from your browser. That bypasses browser add-ons like ad blockers. If it works that way, it's a browser add-on, which you'll need to locate and tame.

Our Support Procedure: If you're a member, but can't access member material, and you've fully executed the above steps, we'll verify your membership status and log in as you to access the content, using the same browser as you. If we can log in with the same browser as you and access the material, and we can verify other members are accessing the material, then we've verified it's local to your system and is neither a problem with your account or the content itself. We'll then refer you back to the steps under "95% of issues solved by this". Ultimately, if you can't complete those steps, because you don't feel 'technical enough', you'll need a local tech-savvy person to help you. We can't provide remote support for your device or its browsers.

Other things a local technician can try: a different device, a different internet connection. Unless all users at Giza cannot access the material, and as long as we can access it as you, then it will resolve to being specific to your system, device, or connection. Troubleshooting that may require a local technician.

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