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This past week was quite a week; the stories were very broad in subject matter scope, and very deep in terms of their discussion. Our thanks to all of you who sent articles, and especially to this week's honorable mentions: M.D., E.G., K.J., B., K.M., J.N.,

Holographic Wormhole Drive: Philosophical Breakthrough in FTL 'Warp-Drive' Technology

The Strategic Consequences Of Myanmar's State Of Emergency: The Quad vs. China & Russia?

Clinton investigator attacked, on life support


How the Destruction of Grammar and Logic Got Biden into the Oval Office

After 440,000 Americans are Dead – Facebook and American Journal of Medicine Admit Their Stand on HCQ was Wrong — These People Should be Prosecuted!






  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    Taking back your sovereignty!!! Check out ANNA von REITZ!!!

    TheAmericanStatesAssembly. net

  2. Doc, Myanmar puts me of a mind I think Brzdkdkkonski warned about decades ago. What if China and Russia work together against the USSA? Also what if Japan, Russia, India and Australia et al are gearing up for war and not necessarily against China?

  3. For what it’s worth this is an interview I would like to share with you all that describes what the secession movement is up against–and why it should become real. If this young man’s testimony is true, the states must now move on their own. It will take a some re-evaluation of federalism to bring DC back in line with the citizen’s expectations. I just don’t know if they have the political will.

    1. Feels like Q is turning toward secession. I remember CAF warning that the purpose of driving us sheep and dogs to want the USSA to collapse was to allow Mr Global to siphon out USSA assets and allow default on USSA liabilities (aka our pensions, healthcare and on,…….). When I first realized the probability that she was right, I pictured us following Greece’s path. I wanted to avoid that. Now I’m realizing through cv1984 that Mr Global can and is spending far more than I thought possible or worth it to make us all so miserable that we need to usher in collapse.

      Thank you for the link. He’s an interesting perspective. Been looking around wondering what all the C130’s flying out of Las Vegas to Greenland are about.

      1. As dollar QE grows massively, even we ordinary mortals are finally starting to see the signs. A large portion of dollar cash and securities are officially located outside the US, and (unofficially off-world). All the folks “out there” are undoubtedly taking measures, whatever the central bankers may think.

    2. Monkey put some weird edits at the end when the kid started riffing on the executive being done. Curious what that was about.

    3. Thanks for the opportunity (the video). Wondered where the *Monkey* went. Apparently it’s getting its share of shadow banning or perhaps resisted playback notifications. No wonder, considering the terms used however true. Stealth is not very effective on *sniffed* networks. They really are crafty lately with various amounts of funding heading their way.

      All networks, social media, and WordPress like blog forums are presently under scrutiny. Denial of Services attempts are limited despite their annoyance. Each time such tactics are used they leave volumes of electronic signatures. It’s that deciphering modality of their attempts that takes some keyboard, software, and high-end electronics wizardry. One can only dream on.

    4. Loxie Lou Davie

      I would say ANNA von REITZ would have some very good info on taking back our sovereignty!!!

    5. I have read that the “secessionist movements” are being lead by controlled opposition. A successful secessionist movement would automatically nullify the existing social contracts (social security, unemployment, medicare, etc…). This detail is rarely discussed.

  4. Not sure here. It sure feels like they are making fun of us. Like they are taunting CCP for failed attempt to wreck Russia and mocking USSA for letting CCP take over.

    Is it true that Russia has only declared 2 cases of cv1984? And that they were both CCP visitors?

    1. Well, maybe they are actually counting the infections correctly… The Russians can count! In the US, even counts are political.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Fetzer & Lendman were guest on each others shows
        and were not in the school of thought as shootings being spontaneous.
        Both looked at it, as an op directed at the 2nd Amendment.

        The Rolling Stone launders out another cheap suit
        that renders rule of law mute.[IMO].

        [Will read article later, pressed for time].

        Thanks again, for the link!
        I wasn’t aware of it.

        1. I have not found anything Fetzer published so far to disagree with. I trust him the same way and about as much as I trust DJT. They both seem set up to be incrementally more honest and accurate about topics sorely lied about throughout our systems – and then to fail.

          No one can find any good reason to censor any of these people off the internet, let alone a president. Fetzer’s legal loss is also farcical. The fact that these misjustices stand are more than warnings to the rest of us. They are also clear signals to the rest of society to pile on.

          I read last year about the Berlin authorities disarming the Jews the week before Crystalnacht (sp) and publishing that the Jews were disarmed the day before. It feels like that.

  5. anakephalaiosis

    Oath to the sun:

    “Thorkell Moon, lawspeaker, is one of Heathen men in Iceland, who was most gentle. He let himself be carried into sunbeam, on his dying breath, and placed himself, in the hands of that god, that had the Sun created. He also had lived that pure, like the Christian men, who were most gentle.”

    – Landnámabók, (Book of settlements in Iceland).

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Holographic Worm Hole Drive
    Another Breakaway technology ready to monopolize & exploit.
    [Just blow the dust off the very old patent, and update the language]

    Strategic Consequences of Burma’s…, Myanmar’s State of Emergency:
    The Quad vs. China & Russia.
    [oops! keep forgetting the new world order of language names, etc.]
    Just gotta to love the news rag’s handle: One World Global Think Tank!
    Their source is the uncontestable, stellar international news, that is less less taken straight from the presses of the Queen of Heart’s Castle of Cards.
    And, like Alice In Wonderland; the language is upside down, and twisted around in Orwellian News Speak. Quite fun to read; if you’ve been around the Rabbit Hole’s NWO tactics for a while.

    Clinton investigator attacked, on life support.
    It happened in San Francisco[S.F.]. Whether a crime waiting to happened; or, a “hit”, is hard to tell. But S.F. is a poster city for the Big Tech effect/affect on society writ-large. More residents moved out of S.F. than any other city in the country. The Rentier economy has apartment rent at $4,000 or $6.000 a month. Extreme inequality and financial hardship for many living on the periphery of the tech industry’s success.
    Even it’s neighbors-Martin, Alameda, and Santa Clara- some of the wealthiest counties in the U.S.S.A., have instead become shockingly unequal. Homelessness abounds.
    Even there the factions are split. Salesforce’s Marc Berioff tried to push through a tax to tackle the city’s homelessness epidemic. But it was stopped by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey who openly opposed and lobbied against the bill.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      The next two articles are typical of the information landscape supporting a surveillance state; that of attempting to make sense, out of nonsense.
      [DO SOMETHING W/CORONA VIRUS; and, the destruction of grammar]

      … and the last article: After 440.000 Americans Are Dead –
      Showcases that this purposed “nonsense” has deadly consequences;
      and that, in and of itself – are absolutely purposed to kill; in one form, or another.

  7. Loved the article on grammar and logic! Those are some pretty deep insights about how America could so easily slide into the shambles it’s in. The triumph of rhetoric… or, more precisely, of propaganda.

    I’d add a small refinement, based on the smattering of legal studies I did (so take it with a grain of salt): I don’t think American judges–at least at the appeals level and above–are bad at logic. To get through law school, you’d have to at least be able to handle a syllogism, as that’s the basis of legal reasoning. I also don’t believe those judges generally render opinions that are mere exercises in rhetoric. My impression is that, especially in major cases, judges start with the conclusion they want to reach and retrofit the legal argument to lead to that conclusion; that stunt may, but need not, rely on rhetorical artifice.

    1. You said: “My impression is that, especially in major cases, judges start with the conclusion they want to reach and retrofit the legal argument to lead to that conclusion; that stunt may, but need not, rely on rhetorical artifice.” This observation appears to be the foundation of the “organic” argument for our legal system. They believe it is an organism that will evolve over time, and that they are punctuating its development with minor improvements over time. Brilliant.

    2. anakephalaiosis

      The key, to understand Old English, is in SEVEN suffixes, in a topological metaphor:

      1. Open ground (-ing) is, in contrast to woodland (-hod), public versus private.

      2. Ocean (-lagu) of people is in contrast to rooted positions on land.

      3. Vessel of integrity (-ship) travels ocean of people, without hull breach.

      4. Crossover between land and sea is the peninsula (-nes).

      5. Set apart is “Ea’s land”, an island (else).

      6. Endorsement by gathering is judgment (-dom).

      Cyn+ing+dom means “known as kin, by endorsed gathering”.

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