8 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MAR 11 2021”

  1. Half Speed Django

    Being in the data center world for a long time ,we all know and admire OVH. Their self manufacturing and water cooled servers are an inspiration.This is not the first mishap, they also had a huge water event when I was there at their Paris site
    Firstly the founders father is Polish thus the Polish connection. OVH builds its own servers from scratch, pre-makes the stainless containers and water cools all its server farms. So eliminate revenue for Dell or HP for the servers, eliminate the infrastructure costs, and eliminate the huge CRAC (Air conditioners) units that dominate normal data centers. Its a model that doesn’t share profits and is dirt cheap. As the servers are water cooled, in stainless shelves, housed in steel containers (and this is true for all OVH DCs) the only thing that can burn is the power infrastructure to my thinking. They quickly dominated the European market and are poised to do the same here with a huge N.American operation in Canada somewhere I heard.

  2. RBG Santa Monica

    I wonder if this could be a combination of software hack and hard covert op. A software hack of the facility’s cooling system. . . CPUs getting very hot when running all the time, and there must have been millions of them in that building. This should have been spotted in time to avoid catastrophe, unless there was accelerant (of some kind) from the inside.

  3. Since the fire broke out at night, I wonder whether any Strasbourgeoises happened to notice any beams of light fall on the data centre from the heavens just before the fire started?!

  4. Speaking of fires, the southeastern US has a number of active fires blazing now. Some most likely from the recent electrical storms that have quickly blew through the regions heading to Appalachian terrains and across panhandles.

    Makes one wonder about the election issues in Europe. At DEFCON 4, one can assume several items fit for novella, not just DC, but that’s as far as the plank allows before falling into uncharted shark infested waters. Wealth and access seem to do strange things to those folks susceptible to exploiting their vane arrogance for hegemony. Expanding horizons, too.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Looking like those good old, long ago analogue days;
    were far superior to these backward digital liability modernity days.
    Analogue was tougher and more limited in damage;
    compared to the ease and extent of digital damages.
    There will be no news of data loss; because that would be real news.

    :These new Twentieth-Worst Century’ East India Companies; cloud services like Google. Amazon, and Microsoft are being fired upon by; God forbid, compet1tion? Not only do these East India type corporations of today have cyberwarfare capabilities; they have black op mercenaries, like the infamous Blackwater[either in-house; out outsourced].

    Most likely players seeking dominance are the Usual suspects like:
    USSA, China, Russia, Non State Actors, Nazi International,
    Those Cosmic War survivors, and other off-script players.

    Hear, Hear!
    Physical money as means of exchange.

    A no brainer!
    [Oops! No brain zombies; prefer digital coupons, as currency.]

      1. Robert Barricklow

        The above site being accessible under certain parameters;
        reminds me of another place cyberwarfare is taking place,
        platform monopolies; running in lockstep
        w/another kind of special ops force, the media;
        all tied to the war on access to information by the people.
        Lots of fronts; in this technocratic attempt to take over global power; and, by extension, the solar system.

        By the way the two articles above:

        Will Mankind Be Extinct In a Few Years?

        Texas Deep Freeze: Urgent Climate Warning,
        But Not How You Think.

        In fact, many articles; that jive w/Giza
        are the first two articles, at:


        at least when posted today.

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