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  1. About 40 years ago, when my daughter was 2 years old we visited a friend in NE. They had 2 children they enrolled in a clinical trial at the university of NE. They had to bring the children in once a week to get some drug/concoction for one whole year. The study was to see if the drug could end the common cold. The study ended after only 2 months but they still got paid $4000.00.

  2. Any want to be Victor Frankenstein and real-life JOSEPH MENGELE would love a job like this.

    1. Here’s the FAQ

      Nick Hudson, Co-Founder of PANDA is not anti-vaccination, but this information is helpful and I believe probably more accurate.

      I still will never consent to an mRNA vaccine, so hopefully that issue won’t becomes a FORCED issue. But, I have to say that perhaps somewhere there is a real vaccine that doesn’t install an operating system into the cells or cause a person to becomes more ill as a consequence … crazy stuff and I have no scientific experience to discern what is and what is not true. So … when in doubt, don’t. Eventually, in a few months or years we’ll know for certain. I hope so.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    The Spanish Flu vaccine was the true unseen killer of 1918.
    I sometimes wonder, if the same small tiny cabal that orchestrated WW!; also had a hand in steering up this black cauldron of death.
    In fact, an ancestral connection to infamous black deaths;
    preceding new reserve currencies.
    Too many examples; way over the Goldfinger standard of three times:
    enemy action.
    New reserve currency: digital coupons of the Great Re-Set.
    New black death?
    Lust for absolute power[aka covid1984]
    It’s, Ancient Cosmic history, not at all new.
    to the post…

    First off.
    There’s a pretense of “knowing” here, that is not a given.
    It is presumed that the Dr. Frankenstein[s], who created the monster, know the monster.
    Like the story goes, the monster destroys those wannabe Gods.
    Problem is, as in 1918; there’s hell to pay in unseen consequences.
    [I’m assuming, all did not go as planned – at least at the terrestrial level.]

    So, what “they” want, in effect, is a universal operating system; with a universal remote control access, to said slaves. Er., operating systems.

    Mumble. Jumble, Abracadabra.
    Make it believable.
    Then mix and shake and inject into billions of test subjects.
    Cross fingers and toes, and hope all to hell and back;
    at least one witches brew, can fly as programmed.

    The scariest part,
    is that “they’re’ even even contemplating this hell on Earth!
    Let alone; implementing it!

    Beyond any measure of the word.

      1. Trump was asked about it and he did recommend it but not with the creepy enthusiasm as Bush Jr, Obama and Bill Clinton. Last paragraph is important.

        –Washington(CNN) Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged Americans to get vaccinated to help curb the Covid-19 pandemic, calling it “safe” and “something that works.”

        “I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly,” Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

        “But again,” he continued, “we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine and it is something that works.”

        1. Robert Barricklow

          I wonder what kind of Pods Trump’s been sleeping near?
          Hope it was one of his doubles, double-speaking?
          Otherwise, he’s compromised[a body double]; being blackmailed; or, has been “turned”; or, was just another puppet playing his designated role, to begin with?

  4. People seem to forget that several years ago animal trials were conducted on Sars-Cov-1 ‘vaccines’. The animals died. Enough said.

    1. Another trick that gets pulled: Labs put out proposals for miracle vaccines/treatments they know they can’t develop, which then attracts a bunch of government funding. Doesn’t matter if their experiments fail–because in the meantime, they’ve gotten money for salaries, new equipment, etc.

      1. A business model learned from the military industrial complex and a MBA from Wharton i.e.

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