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  1. anakephalaiosis

    The Holy Writ – as war and wine manual – gives detailed instructions, on how to sack empires.

    When the Isaacs of the steppe became the battle-ax af Yahweh, they made an executive decision.

    By mounted archery, they were going to pin down the Assyrian empire, with a thousand arrows.

    Isaacs-Sakas-Saxons kept coming, and by thousand cuts, Assyria fell, and then Babylon, and then Rome.

    Elohim-Yahweh = Scythian yoga.



  2. So the CDC just announced you don’t need to wear masks outside now. And if “vaccinated” no mask inside so long as it’s a small gathering. I can guess that the vaccinated people will not be too happy about this as they have grown to believe that masks save lives and they are saving the world. Can you imagine the cognitive dissonance they will feel. Will they really believe that a mask will protect them; I doubt it.
    The CDC also just wrote new guidelines on “vaccine breakthrough cases” – they don’t want to be informed about any side effects unless hospitalized or death. Also that the PCR test should be ran at only 28 cycles for the problem breakthrough cases, instead of the usual 40 cycles. https://www.cdc.gov …….. It’s under “for state health department” at the bottom of page.

    1. Loxie Lou Davie

      Thanks for the info!!! 😉 How much longer can The People continue to be deceived?!! We were trained from childhood to Obey The Authorities, so, this time it has bad consequences, indeed!!

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