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  1. I wanted to clarify my comment. I want to thank Dr. Farrell for all his hard work and making his insights available to us. Please keep up the great work!
    Thank you!

  2. anakephalaiosis

    Meanwhile, in school, geography is on the map…


    Set apart from mainland is Academia,
    the island of humanus utopia,
    where humanusianity
    is the epiphany,
    of self-important euphoria.

    1. anakephalaiosis

      The ten tribes, in Assyrian captivity, would NATURALLY have self-identified, as the ISAACS, (later known as Sakas or Saxons), because:

      1. They obviously compared themselves, with the story of Isaac – in bondage on the altar – expecting the same divine delivery, as Isaac.

      2. They were also backtracking patriarchs, because the Jacobs – a.k.a. the zodiac tribe – had now become a belly-flopped fiasco.

      3. They were also looking for a new way, to avoid future repetition, and therefore doing soul-search, into causes, behind flawed leadership, and thus defining criterion for RIGHTFUL king. (Later, as Saxon Ryne-Stafas.)

      4. They were also climbing into freedom, by the EIGHT sectoral ladder of the sundial, and NOT spiraling into bondage, by the TWELVE sectoral Jacob’s Ladder.

      The conclusion is, that the resistance movement, against the Assyrian empire, caused the Isaacs, to forge a martial art discipline, by philosophy of mounted archery.

      That is how the Isaacs, as the warriors of the steppe, became the battle-ax of Yahweh, by the sundial, with eight tides, and thirty-two quarter tides. (That is Yoga & Runes.)

      The nature of the later concord, between Saxon and Cymry, as tribal reunion in Britain, in the 6th century AD, had common root in Scythian martial art, from the 7th century BC.

      This provides the untold backdrop, behind the apostolic gospels. The Scythian martial art, as Druidry, permeates the narrative. Both Scythian and British connections were kept hidden, behind symbols.

      Today, we are comparing Scythian yoga, to a “fusion reactor”, because fusing is yoking diametrical oppositions. All paradoxes blow the brain!

      ODIN = CHRIST.


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