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Lots of good stories this week, so thank you to all of you sending in your finds. Thanks especially today to J.D., A.S., someone who wishes to remain completely anonymous, A.C.M. and many others for the Pentagon covid chip story, J.D.F., and V.T.:

Sydney student helps solve quantum computing problem with simple modification

Former defence minister Christopher Pyne warns of potential war with China in the Indo-Pacific region

Indestructible Light Beam: Special Light Waves Created That Can Penetrate Even Opaque Materials

Nanotools for Neuroscience and Brain Activity Mapping

Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood

Why flyover country is the future of the arts

Turkey demands return of Crimea, suppression of Donbass, NATO membership for Ukraine




  1. Dear Joseph, I am just checking that all hailing frequencies were open and the target on Mars for the Lander has been identified and the co-ordinates correctly programmed for a successful touchdown?
    The first Questions to Heaven from Earth should be asked to Cydonia on Mars, including the geometric layout and inter-relationship of the various landforms like the pyramids and The Face; and the respective angles between them (they form various triangles when the dots are joined and the harmonic curve is fully evidenced.
    Most certainly this is EVIDENCE of INTELLIGENT DESIGN.
    I am most certain that the key target for the Lander is the D&M Pyramid, shaped like a pentagon.

  2. Well the picture sent back by Ingenuity was a fair first attempt but a bit dull. Hopefully for subsequent flights it will use its colour camera to take some really beautiful close ups of things of interest on Mars.

  3. The NASA Mars Ingenuity Helicopter has 2 tiny cameras mounted on its underside – one colour and one black and white. (See NASA Factsheet). Unfortunately, the NASA factsheet does not state who manufactured the cameras! Presumably they are secure?

  4. Dear Joseph, if you please recall 9/11 and the targets in Washington DC. There is also a similar one on Mars!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Always the news’ frames and spin are benevolence; not the literal structural violence, it in fact is and generates. A 180 degree propaganda lens that’s geared to purposely mislead and inform the public; a public the mainstream news conceivably serves.
      But, as most are becoming aware of: it’s simply part & parcel to the governments’ policy of supporting:
      The Big Lie: Covid1984 ops w/in ops, Blofeld Re-Set.

  5. Dear Joseph,
    Regarding China and America. I read in the UK press that the China and NASA space agencies are sharing data and telemetry on MARS between their satellites in Martian Orbit. China has its Questions to Heaven Rover waiting in orbit for instructions to be launched and precisely where to land on Mars.
    I believe the answer as to exactly where to land is perfectly clear and your friends Richard and Keith and others will already know. As above, so below!
    John Kerry is visiting China to talk about climate change, but surely MARS must also be on the agenda.
    However, there is a massive problem as it plausible and credible that the COVID-19 virus was engineered in China. I keep thinking of the 2 main mottos in the X-Files in the show’s opening titles! That is a PARADOX.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      A mainstream heavyweight medical doctor calls the establishments bluff on covid1984 lockdown and says, in essence; their governmental policy cure, is orders of magnitude – worse than the disease. Governmental policies; that are not only destroying lives – but hurting loved-ones; and killing them.

    1. So 2016 domain registration for those passports?
      Gee. I am soooooooooo surprised!

      Thanks for this info. Saved it.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Worse than Gestapo.
      Worse than Stassi.
      Moving towards a Full Spectrum Dominance
      of mind, body & soul.

    1. Thank You ZDB. There is a good book on the subject for those interested called Cynical Theories-How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race,Gender, and Identity-
      and why this harms everybody.

      Helen Pluckrose
      James Lindsey

      For more: James Lindsay

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Sidney Student Solves Quantum Computing Problem?

    Two key, back-to-back, lines jumped-off the page: “It’s quite amazing to me that nobody spotted it in the 20-or-so years that people that had been working on that model. We just made the smallest of changes to the chip that everybody is building, and all of a sudden it started doing a lot better.”

    How many “purposed” mistakes, by the likes of the Breakaway Civilization; are being expertly placed inside key sciences; real time bombs, just waiting for: the explosive right science-dots-connected?

    Two futures tracks:
    1) Stealing money and talent from the “public”; to build-out a “privately owned” space infrastructure, in which to “own” space.
    To decide which key policies
    will seed countless future space civilizations.
    2) The chump change and fake sciences left to the “public” civilization;
    to form their “horse-and-buggy” space future.

    Simply put; a very real complex web, is currently being spun between the two; to appear as one reality – connecting the publicly managed perception civilization; right over a superimposed “real” 9/11 inside-job civilization – both running simultaneously: one faux public reality;
    over the actual 9/11 inside-job reality?

    A sort of, live-in-action John Carpenter’s “They Live” reality; seen by those – who read thru starkly dark lenses – below the managed perception, that common managed public surface;
    the one about quite amazing 20 year-old “science” “mistakes”,
    or the covid1984, “follow-the-“science”, narratives.

    Not a pretty picture from either point of view; unless your of the inhuman-species, who are spinning these managed perception webs
    of mass deceptions.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    The Pentagon micro-chip that detects covid1984;
    smacks of lie detector pseudo instruments of science.
    I know, I used to work in the detective biz; and, it was well-known who could give the casino owners proof positive lie-detector tests:
    just name your victim, and they’d provide the lie-detector proof.
    Got an employee you need gone?
    Now, got a citizen you need covid1984 gone?
    It’s not as if the Pentagon’s got a chip on its shoulder
    for rebels w/in the ranks.

    1) the Pentagon is developing pandemic scripts; w/the appropriate tools to implement, including the frequencies of said diseases[like Dr. Rife’s science].
    2) DARPA is a key partner in crime against nature/humans.
    3) DARPA was on board ship where virus spread unchecked.
    Well? Case solved! Next victims in DARPA’s scope?
    4) This gave DARPA the excuse to send in their cavalry, to develop a lie detector of covid1984. Just point to your target population; and proof positive! This could be used to build-out death camps. Oops! Concentration camps in the target populations. Just point and click. Another positive!
    5) A Kidney dialysis filter has been crafted; to manufacture covid1984 proof. If you think you had no problems before DARPA’s dialysis; think again.
    6) DARPA is madly working, round-the-clock; on it’s exclusive Island of Doctor Moreau Research; and its sister Island of, More Gold w/79 top researchers.
    7)DARPA also has the formula for the mass killer of 1918: the Spanish Flu vaccine. It was be “updated” as an operating system; that would work against ever getting any corona virus again. DARPA is dead certain about it’s final solution.

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