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This week's honourable mentions encompass a variety of political, geopolitical, "frankenscience", and, of course, the by-now-typical covid stories. Thanks to P., Y.C., A.F., C.A.F., V.T., L.N., A.S., A.F., M.D., G.B., and V.S. for sharing the following articles and stories, and to all of you contributing articles and stories!

Polish Catholic parish in London: Police ‘grossly exceeded powers’ in halting Good Friday service

Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel’s elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths: researchers

Rebuttal Letter to European Medicines Agency (EMA) from Doctors for COVID Ethics

The ‘Vaccine’ Wasn’t Made For COVID, The COVID Disease Was Created For A ‘Vaccine’—Once You Understand That, Everything Else Will Make Perfect Sense

Spanish stargazers discover a new hidden structure in the Milky Way, with clues to the building blocks of our DNA

1st Americans had Indigenous Australian genes

55 Corporations Paid $0 in Federal Taxes on 2020 Profits

PLAYING GOD From ‘humanzees’ to super viruses – How China became waste dump for Frankenstein experiments as Covid leak theory rages

(Imagine the suffering of those animals with head transplants... C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength anyone?)

Thirty-Four Women Report Spontaneous Miscarriages or Stillbirths After Receiving Covid Vaccine

The French armed forces are planning for high-intensity war

The financial scandal now infects the Vatican judicial system









    1. Robert Barricklow

      Ever since, the secret “vaccine” trials showed the experimental operation systems to be a eugenics dream come true; they’ve known the subsequent killings, would have be blamed on those still human[like a just born baby].
      In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me; if the ‘elite eugenicist’s’, in crowd name
      for this killer mRNA operating systems is “Wet Dream”.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Seen several; in fact Forbidden TV
      has one of the latest w/interviewer, James Delingpole.
      He sees there is no benign reason for mRNA.
      “They’re” coming, to simply killing you & your family.

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Synthetic Re-Write of All Life[all reality];
    especially man?[16:19 clicks in]
    Is that the goal of the Covid1984 Re-Set?


    Go about 4:30 clicks in to get past blowhard Jones.
    I agree w/him/Nobel prizes are propaganda tools[[7:52 clicks in]
    Medicine will be the back door for op[14:28 clicks in]
    Mind-Computer-Interface connection w/Pharma/Bioelectric.
    Only a select elite few will move on to post-human;
    everyone else will be toast[18:10].
    At 20:50 goes into a 1968 document[shows document on screen] associated w/Planned Parenthood that predicted mandatory vaccines; mRNA[22:22]; and more; just waiting for the technology to then implement the plan.
    Six months from now the hundred million who took the virus will suffer from the mRNA time-bomb machine[27:30]; and the government will become the fall guy of the elites[25:30]; according to document he is reading off from.
    About 45:00 minute video

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Survival of the transhumanists.
        Witch, in his mind’s eye; are the wisest.
        [which is a play on words]

    1. It’s almost like they give us factual information through AJ to let us know what truths we won’t be able to talk about. One Alex Jones says it we all get to pretend it’s a lie. Hm kinda like everything Trump said goes automatically to the lie bin. Had a talk tonight with a cousin who was convinced what a chump Trump is and was. Confronted him on how lame it was to use that as an excuse to give all the other criminals still running things a pass. He asked if I’m claiming that pharmakeia and govt were colluding and lying to us. I asked if govt had ever lied and cheated us in the past or if Pfizer, Merck, GSK and all have ever lied. He asked if I was accusing them of conspiracy. I said no. It’s out in the open. They’re all lying all the time and changing their lies every other day.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Finally, one headline that’s Laugh Out Loud funny:
    “The financial scandal now infects the Vatican judicial system.”

    First, the frame looks to be from a source banned on Youtube.
    So, that’s a Big Plus for the article’s framing.
    Then the frame sharpens to a power struggle between State & Church.
    The problem is: that they are the good, the bad and the ugly;
    in both camps.
    Supposedly, financial reform was one of the main reasons for the election of Satanic.. Oops!, for the election of Pope Francis.
    A great line in the article was that sunlight was needed as a powerful disinfectant, but the Vatican does not welcome it.
    Something about – it’s against their religion.

    I think that about sums up the Vatican’s sense of: just us
    [meaning; it’s all about just their selfish, so-called, religious selves]

      1. Good one – Self-fish.
        The age of Pisces is ending, but not without a fight.
        I was a part of that fish cult. My first 4 years of education bring back memories of very mean nuns. Switching to public school at 5th grade was a cultural shock; wild kids who talked and laughed in the classroom.

        1. No laughter, talking, singing… Pretty much like today’s covid world. They have no joy, no harmony or spirit. “They” only know fear and control. They will never know the true meaning of life, love and freedom.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Europe’s military is “way back of book”[ready for the junkyard].
    France looks to be the only country military capable[Germany’s not].
    And, as bankster FDR clued everybody in:
    Nothing in politics happens by accident[this is by design].
    And, as we’ve seen from the designs of the covid1984;
    the people/humans are the target/s.
    Oh! But; not until they’ve trained their replacements: the robots.
    Usually they hand out the bayonets to the people.
    Oh! But first you need sides. A Blue versus Grey. A Red versus Blue.
    Uniforms are needed. Oh! You’ll need countries for uniforms.
    Drill down to:
    All the world’s a stage.

    But, who the hell is producing and directing: this coming, tragic farce?
    The same, who produced & directed covid1984? WWI? WWII? etc.?
    But then, when you drill way, deep down?
    Does that track lead way, way back.
    How far can you walk that cat back?
    Further back, than the Cosmic Wars?

  4. Robert Barricklow

    China: waste dump for Frankenstein experiments.
    There used to be a time where I could have read that article in detail.
    Now, I skim it lightening fast: to see & dodge the bullet points at once,
    in one fell swoop.

    Humanity was led to this point,
    by forces outside the cosmic realm of reason;
    something ‘other’ – blown thru Milky Way’s solar systems,
    seeded by consequential winds, of unknown tragic cosmic wars?

    I just can’t fathom their lack of being.

    1. anakephalaiosis

      The err in thinking is the assumption, that there is such thing as “humanity”. (Humanus+ian+ty.)

      The enemy does not make that assumption. Instead, he promotes the parade of “human utopia”, marching straight into the abyss.

      It is suspicious, that latinized English goes out at length, to circumvent the use of the original word: MAN.

      Why are men socially conditioned, to use “human” instead of “man”, in their self-description and self-identification?

      If the answer is, that “humanus” is cultural sophistication, whereas “man” is simpleton and country bumpkin, then the idea of “humanity” falls like a cardhouse.

      If the answer is, that “humanus” is a religious belief, then the catholics are marching, in mass hypnosis, to Rome, to pay homage to Pope Satan.


    2. They’ve been busy in Wuhan.

      Unexpected novel Merbecovirus discoveries in agricultural sequencing datasets from Wuhan, China

      “In this study we document the unexpected discovery of multiple coronaviruses and a BSL-3 pathogen in agricultural cotton and rice sequencing datasets. In particular, we have identified a novel HKU5-related Merbecovirus in a cotton dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2017. We have also found an infectious clone sequence containing a novel HKU4-related Merbecovirus related to MERS coronavirus in a rice dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in early 2020. Another HKU5-related Merbecovirus, as well as Japanese encephalitis virus, were identified in a cotton dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2018. An HKU3-related Betacoronavirus was found in a Mus musculus sequencing dataset from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2017. Finally, a SARS-WIV1-like Betacoronavirus was found in a rice dataset sequenced by the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2017. ”


  5. Robert Barricklow

    The U.S. faux legislature should
    reference all these U.S. tax bills w/the name:
    ‘Leona Helmsley’; somewhere in the name of these tax law$.

    Of course, the economic text books taught in the egregious
    Poison Ivy Sleek Schools; such as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton –
    do not reference “unearned income”: the FIRE sector.
    That’s Finance; Insurance; and Real Estate;
    which are parasitic in an true economic sense. They do not produce;
    and hence, in “classic economics”: are TAXED!
    You don’t tax the producers: like labor! You tax the:
    Parasites; the Banksters; the Landlords; and the Puppet Master$.

    But, not in Covid1984 Op territories where:
    Hell’s Giant Vampire Squid$ Wrap Around the Face of Humanity

  6. Robert Barricklow

    What ‘Vaccine Wasn’t Made For Covid1984,
    The Covid1984 Disease Was Created For A ‘Vaccine’
    Once You Understand That
    Everything Else Will Make Perfect Sense.

    That Headline says it all.

    In the article, they also accurately term the ‘vaccine’: The Death Jab.

    Also, the article quite accurately called the governments;
    using these Covid1984 Death Jab tactics: Mass Murders!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      “What” (should have read The)
      No edit button to rescue me?
      [from this Chinese key board]

  7. Regarding Pig Monkey Hybrids and also Mouse Head Transplants, please see links to respected sources of robust and reality / fact checked information.
    I do wonder what your new President will do about this crazy research? Can he wake up and smell the coffee? Or is it too late?

    1. anakephalaiosis

      Proper response is to transplant science heads on a wooden poles. Well grafted, they may even sprout twigs.

    2. You mean Mummy Joe what you don’t know is Delaware was a slave state that was kept in the Union by the guns and bayonets of the army like Maryland. In other words, he has always been a willing collaborator even now that his brain has gone south.

  8. Joseph – to ensure the powers that be who read your site do not think The Sun newspaper article is an April Fool Joke, I am posting links to Establishment recognized and respected sources of robust and reality / fact checked information.
    Without doubt, the case for the COVID-19 virus being created in a Research Laboratory in China is reinforced! When is the World going to wake up and revolt?

    1. anakephalaiosis

      Glücksburg Mountbatten’s afterlife is on a Petri dish. Served cold, on a plate. Heads roll, when coins are tossed.

    2. Maybe, Michael, but how did the virus get to China?

      The then Director of the US CDC, Robert Redfield, testified to Congress in Mar20 that the significant outbreaks of covid-like illnesses, which occurred in the summer of 2019 in and around Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, VA and around Fort Detrick, MD, probably were covid.

      Around the same time, the bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick was shut down due to failures in material handling. Analysis of satellite imagery suggests that some sort of major incident also occurred at the Wuhan bioweapons lab shortly afterwards.

      I think it’s a mistake to think of covid being an attack by one country against another. If China wanted to attack the US, why would it attack itself first? It makes no sense. However, in my opinion, if you look at covid as a joint bioweapons development project conducted by The Big Farmer as part of his planetary livestock management operations, then I think it does make sense. It’s a chilling thought, but it’s the only one that makes sense to me. The this-country-that-country thing is, as usual, just a divide-and-conquer misdirection/distraction from what’s really going on.


      1. As always the question who do these slaves serve because whoever dreams of being the master is fact the real slaves. They may call their masters gods, destiny, the tide of history. the excuses for their crimes are endless.

      2. “it’s a mistake to think of covid being an attack by one country against another. If China wanted to attack the US, why would it attack itself first? It makes no sense. However, in my opinion, if you look at covid as a joint bioweapons development project conducted by The Big Farmer as part of his planetary livestock management operations, then I think it does make sense. It’s a chilling thought, but it’s the only one that makes sense to me. The this-country-that-country thing is, as usual, just a divide-and-conquer misdirection/distraction from what’s really going on.”
        Thank you Foglamp.
        China all alone is not Satan.

        1. anakephalaiosis

          British bureaucracy is looking for an excuse, to kowtow to the official narrative. It is instinctually driven, by self-preservation.

          On the other hand, heathens are wild animals, that are untrainable, and they make dog food out of feminism. They are brutal.

          French romances cover up the truth, by sugarcoating the pendragon. The French wanted the British to behave the slave.


          Fiercest of warfare beheld dragon head,
          repelling invasion of homestead,
          and heart fell to ground,
          when he found,
          that all his sons lay dead.

          While king broke waves on eternal shore,
          cuckold betrayal closed his door,
          and queen would not last
          with curse cast,
          in broken mirror on floor.

          God’s revengeful heart is a sacred thing,
          when making last stand as king,
          and Arthur’s dogs of war
          tore queen apart,
          so that banshees might sing.

        2. I’m no fan of the CCP. I have decades of first-hand experience. It is an abomination, a scar on the face of our planet and a blot on our species; but it is not the source of all evil. It is a tool in The Big Farmer’s toolbox.

          1. Easy enough to follow the money and see who is the CCP’s slaver. Brendon O’Connell in his bit chute talpiot channel has outlined how the Sassoon family established control over China generations ago for the Rottensheilds.

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