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  1. Perhaps just a simple explanation will suffice. Colonial was advertising for a Cyber Security expert to run things. This was within about 30 days prior to the ‘shut-down’, but did they find the ‘right’ person who could ‘measure-up’ to the job? Never know who might have taken offense at being ‘over-looked’, and decided to create a bit of havoc, a bit of mischief one might say. Makes more common sense than all the wild-eyed theories being banded about here, and elsewhere. Just sayin’

  2. You’re right on the money, Dr Farrell.

    When I saw this article, I was immediately reminded of airplane hijackings beginning in the 70s and culminating with 9/11, that (in hindsight) seemed to have been used to slowly close the iron fist of control over air travel, and the school and other public venue shootings that are so obviously being used to drum up a ‘need’ for gun control. From the Psychopath’s Playbook: Create the Problem – fan the flames of and steer the Reaction – leaving people no choice but to accept a Solution that makes you (and no one else) tons of money.

    I found out about the digital money aspect of the so-called ‘great reset’ and then heard Klown Schwab’s gleeful warning of cyber attacks right around the same time. My first thought was: “Are these people idiots? No one will bother with digital money in the context of such powerful reminders of how insecure the digital world is!”

    With regard to your comments about wanting proofs a bit more solid than “experts say”, the article at the following link may show that some in Mr Globaloney’s camp have either read your site or read Sun Tzu and are getting to know their ‘enemy’: https://www.sott.net/article/452639-MIT-researchers-find-that-skeptics-value-data-literacy-and-scientific-rigour

  3. Never forget what you learn to be TRUE when you’re young.
    The one who asks: “Do you smell something”? – Is the one who left the fart.

    About the Pipeline — XBiden Did It!

    Biden official warns cyberattacks on US are ‘here to stay’ after ‘Russian ransomware gangsters DarkSide’ – Yada,yada,

    Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras announced on her podcast Wednesday that the “hack” of the Colonial Pipeline, which is the biggest gasoline pipeline in the Eastern US was ordered by the Chinese and covertly carried out by the Joe Biden administration. Recall that Joe recently lifted Trump’s ban on China inside our energy grid.

    Tore says China believes itself to be the rightful owner our energy supply and that the Green New Deal is just so much con artistry, punishing everyday people with carbon credits and forcing us to hand over our energy resources to China.

    Read more and don’t miss the clone https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/president-xiden-hacked-the-pipeline/

  4. Get ready for more black ops like this. All part of the planned implosion of our economy to force austerity and bring in the not so Great Global Reset.

  5. This op, which as others have commented could cover a variety of goings-on (not the least of which is a pump-and-dump for petroleum products – last year oil futures were BELOW ZERO) has a drawback similar to those 1960s UFOs around nuke silos: the “authorities” cannot, or say they cannot, do anything about it. So what is the use of keeping them?

  6. Good point about the “experts/sources say” used as pseudo-evidence of anything and everything… Unless schools start teaching critical thinking rather than critical social justice, the journalistic clown show will go on.

  7. Mr Sophistication

    It’s odd that a temporary pipeline stoppage would create such a drastic gas crisis; one that’s being compared to the gas sgortage of the 70’s. What’s most odd about the impending gas crisis now being pimped out by the lamestream media is the fact that a year ago, oil companies were paying people to take barrels of crude.

    It’s hard to believe we’re in a petrol crisis because the supply should be there. This makes me think that the petrol crisis is being artificially induced, as was the 70’s petrol crisis. Knowing how intertwined the petroleum industry is with international fascism, we could be looking a new twist (cyber warfare) on an old play from the old fascist playbook.

  8. Mr Sophistication

    I’d mentioned the pipeline hack to someone who said he’d done network security for online casinos and his initial reaction/opinion was that the pipeline hack was a distraction for cyber-theft.

    Personally, the hack seems more like a “look what we can do” statement but i certainly wouldn’t dismiss the notion that it’s also a distraction.

  9. marcos toledo

    It’s either the Russians or Chinese are the usual scapegoats this looks like Reichstag Fire inside job. But then this kind of sabotage has been used by these villains worldwide and internal sabotage is routine to them.

  10. Doc, good point about rail freight on petrol products being related to one of the biggest rail holders on the planet Warren Buffett. Brought to mind what first made me sell my shares of BRK.B. His relationship with Bill Gates (bridge partners at first). When he gave all his wealth to the BMGF, I knew he was being played. When he bought up corrupt drug cartel money laundering banks with Wells Fargo I bailed.

    Before digressing more, it might help to review some of Gates’ history:


  11. It seems [Trust] in intelligence gathering has much to prove. According to one designation DarkSide “is an international affiliation of universities and labs seeking to directly detect dark matter in the form of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) . . . . building a series of noble liquid time projection chambers (TPCs) that are designed to be employed at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Assergi, Italy.” That alone is pretty far out there. Perhaps they need extra funding to conduct that university work in Italy to complete those detection chambers and decided to go rogue into acquiring financing through some round-a-bout Medici method through ransom tactics. That, too, is a bit much and something of an insult to thrust upon the worlds largest underground laboratory “devoted to neutrino and astroparticle physics.” Sort of like your dark-force impersonation. Surely, they could have been more creative in name calling.

    1. marcos toledo

      Whoever did this Richard is to put it politely is not that creative, to begin with.

  12. Qui bono?
    WEF is scheduled to hold a forum on cyber security/ cyber war as our next great “danger to humanity”.
    June or July. Recall Event 201 that preceded the Ko bid plandemic.
    Also, on January 29, 2021 there was a WEF event about cyber war.
    Just another attack vector: ko bids (bio warfare), cyber, climate, false flag alien invasion.
    Koch bros are part owners of this pipe line and large portion of lumber which is also ‘disrupted’.
    It’s the “Dark Side”. Darth Vader Klaus Schawb and Davos bros.

  13. Darkside? Sounds like a Soros operation. Oh, yes. Those Nazi’s had assets everywhere. The only people who would benefit from this is the Great Reset crowd. Even then, they have to have a friendly group of politicians in the White House to achieve it. Blackmail is also a useful tool in his kit to get what he wants. He doesn’t need the money. He wants the keys to the palace. I smell an inside job and that infamous corporate/public German style fascism these loons love so much–even before finishing Dr. Farrell’s comments.

    1. After listening to the whole thing in full, his list of beneficiaries includes many names on my own list. My point is, if I can come up with this same list of names in 5 minutes, this isn’t an intelligence test. It is a transparency test. Come on District of Criminality! If you are going to attempt something like this, get somebody who can at least come up with an “interesting” narrative. This one is as useful as automobile exhaust.

  14. Robert Barricklow

    Whatever it is doesn’t matter.
    Because the USSA knows; the Russians did whatever it is.
    No questions!
    If you do dare question the official technocratic socialist regime;
    then your w/the Russians.
    Ironically, the Russians are enemies of their namesake: the USSA.

    From my perspective; this “Darkside”; is the dark side of the USSA intelligence agencies. Which is quite an achievement; as most the whole USSA intelligence apparatus, is composed of USSA oligarchical apparatchiks.
    Their USSR Yeltsin; has now morphed into the USSA’s, China Dim Witt Joe.

    As the USSA gave us the new covid1984 medical Stassi “normal”; masquerading as fighting the mother of all plagues.
    Now, the USSA is gifting her people another normal; the USSA’s own ransomware agency, masquerading as the Whatever it is…
    the “Russians Did It”. And, this domestic government agency will attack politically incorrect business, as a normal apparatchik operation.
    Big government will be shaking hands with big business as a strategy to protect the Fatherland. Oops! I mean, Homeland.

    Don’t believe it?
    Well, your USSA Homeland government media.
    Oops! I mean your Big Business Media conglomerates all are singing in tune. So it must be true; as all the KaChing expert$ – cash in. Oops! I mean – agree.

    Cash Is King!!!
    Analogue is king.

    It Can Happen Here; if the USSA goes along w/this media narrative!
    Warren Buffet buys it.
    And by the way; Buffet’s winning the war on the 99%ers.

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