1. You know, a very long time ago I said if a foreign group really wanted to wage a terror campaign in the US all they would have to do is plant hundreds of time delayed incendiary devices all over the country – national parks, forests, industrial centers, urban areas and stand back and watch the country burn. Hell, during the Santa Anna wind conditions where winds blue from East to west in Commifornia all it took was one arsonist in 2003 for wild fires to ravage the county of San Diego in a very short order. Happened again in 2014. Tik Tock…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Wonder w/all these fires; if there’s an insurance connection?
    9/11 had insider puts.
    Perhaps, these “known” fires have been bet on; and some of the insurance companies had a plan in place, before the surprise fires?

    1. Robert, lots of people talk about the banks but not about their doppelganger, the insurance companies. Those policies are financial instruments that contribute to the magical creation of money for the few…

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