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This was a banner week for so many stories that almost made the "finals" cut. As usual, the majority concerned the ongoing covid planscamdemic and the "vaccines", but some do not. In any case, thank you to V.T., W.G., S.S., F.L.M., K.J., S.D., D., J.D. and all of you who sent in articles this past week!

Covid Stories

EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon

(The dumbest explanation yet):

Vaccine reactions in 5 states caused by anxiety, CDC finds

Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths

Total Vaccine Adverse Events may exceed 20 million

Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is found dead of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine

Should People Have Right to Refuse a Blood Transfusion from COVID-19 Vaccinated?

Other Stories

Sputnik notices some unusual US Patents

US Navy 'UFO Patent' Docs Reveal Thorough Testing of 'Spacetime Modification Weapon', Report Says

White House investigating ‘unexplained health incidents’ similar to affects of direct energy weapon

Ongoing GMO Wars

Biden Admin Interfering In Mexico's Efforts To Block Genetically Modified Corn

Out of Australia (pay careful attention to this one, especially if you've read Igor Witkowski's Axis of the World!):

Researchers demystify the secrets of ancient Aboriginal migration across Australia




  1. The Sputnik article about US Navy patent documents is old news. We know the Nazis were experimenting with zero point energy during WW2 with their Bell device and that the Bell required high voltage power to counter rotate and made a loud humming noise like a beehive. Many leading Nazi Scientists were evacuated to the US after WW2 (Operation Paperclip)to continue their secret research. That was 75 years ago. It stands to reason that technology has moved on massively from jet engines, aeroplanes and rockets (20th Century tech). Why US citizens tolerate the silence when it it their tax $Billions that is paying for black projects is anyone’s guess. The White House cannot know of this research or projects. It must be deeply compartmentalized. Trump signed in to his COVID bill UFO disclosure which must be done by June. The world is waiting for it to happen!

  2. zendogbreath

    Re: Oz, did anyone else read about giant and/or elongated skulls in Oz a month or so ago? Along the lines of MudFossil ideas.

  3. For those who registered for the Truth Over Fear Summit (40 Presenters reveal Covid 19’s massive lies) to be held last Friday, April 30th, the event was summarily de-platformed by the digital marketing and hosting service, Kartra as the event began.

    Therefore, I’d advise you to NEVER use Kartra for any of your online business needs in the future, unless you want to risk having done to you what was done to this event’s organizers. Dr. Mercola had several ugly threatening visits from very nasty people and was forced to remove covid info from his websites as well as many other presenters at the summit.

    WHAT HAPPENED AS STATED BY ORGANIZER, COFFIN NATION: “When Kartra shut us down, they also took all of our registration information. So unless someone bought a
    Premium Pass or they email us directly, we do not have any contact information for them. Essentially, Kartra stole our information and we are limited in how we can
    communicate with our constituents.

    WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW: Go here and SIGN UP TODAY…. as Karta stole more than 50,000 names

    You can start watching over 40 Prominent Doctors, Attorneys, (see the list) etc. –
    Keynote Message – Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.
    Big Pharma, Big Tech and the Government Service Private Corporations pretending to be your
    “Lawful Government” since the 1860s doesn’t want you to hear this information; therefore is aggressively censoring anything/everything that may derail their “Plan Demic” – except what they want you to believe to keep you in fear and submissive. The so called “elite” have always been criminals hell bent to pull off their depopulation agenda while the sheep are distracted or sleep.
    Using “Gestapo Google” search engine is hopeless to gain any truth. This may be the only opportunity to exercise your right to learn the truth and keep in touch with these outstanding people who are risking their lives to educate you providing the TRUTH.
    It started today, Friday May 7th and will end Sunday https://www.restoretheculture.com/?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.restoretheculture.com%2Fa%2F2147487068%2F2QLz7N3u

  4. marcos toledo

    Our leaders are coming out of the closet and exposing themselves for the murdering barbarians they have always been. They’re so stupid they can’t even lie straight but then the over schooled and undereducated believe their masters’ fibs

  5. anakephalaiosis

    It is a wast of time, to herd a lion – with a bayonet syringe – because the king of the jungle is not a herd animal.

    Sheep are gullibles, that believe anything, and in the latest fashion of the flock, and are taken in, by wolves in sheepskin.

    Proud circus horses do not mind showing off, wearing no safety mask, because they love the spotlight.

    The unicorn just flew away…

  6. So Dr. Pais of patents fame is actually a real, flesh-and-blood person….

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