I thought since I posted already about the death of ufologist Mark McCandlish, that I wanted to post this very different view of things which is very contrary to my previous blog, and I'm now inclined to take this gentleman's views seriously as opposed to my position in the previous blog, and kuddos to him for going so in depth on this.   This is important information if you're following the UFO subject and McCandlish's sad death, and I think this man's presentation is persuasive. But whether you agree with him or not I think people need to hear and see his argument.

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. TheThinker101 on May 27, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    I honestly just miss Mark.
    All roads lead back to Tesla.

  2. Jon on May 27, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    Officially Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK; officially Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK, etc., etc. Less is more, war is peace . . . blah, blah, blah.

    Official rulings are not automatically the truth (in fact, often they are the exact opposite). You have to consider context. Anyone who is serious about history and truth/facts knows this. People who blindly accept “official” stories without question are fools.

    While it is helpful that someone (supposedly) checked with the named authorities (we have no proof of this, just Cambian’s word he did it), that doesn’t prove conclusively that it was not an assassination. Eugene Mallove’s murder was ruled the result of a simple break-in, Danny Casolaro’s (sp?) death was ruled a suicide, and I know of one case where a person supposedly stabbed 7 times in the head was also ruled a suicide (a physical impossibility). Take a look at some of the people who have died in the Clinton’s orbit – a lot of suspicious “suicides” there. Oh, and then there is Seth Rich. The list of questionable suicides in history is long and goes way beyond the U.S. borders.

    Suicide can be faked much more easily than most people think, even without resorting to exotic mind control theories. Local LEOs often do not have the training or resources to definitely rule out clandestine ops. The fact is, given the resources of anyone who might want Mark dead, we will likely never know all the details or the facts.

    It is possible that he was suicidal and depressed. I don’t know, and neither does Cambian. That is certainly one possibility, and if he was NOT a couple of weeks out until a major testimony that could have serious impact on an extremely secret topic which is probably the most important topic in human history, I would not be nearly so suspicious.

    But there is that glaring “elephant in the room:” was he really preparing to give testimony which could seriously question/derail the current CIA/space industrial complex driven UFO narrative in a very public and official forum? (Exactly as Gene Mallove was about to do for cold fusion and other exotic energy when he was murdered?) Both were powerful, intelligent, and very persuasive speakers whose research would be extremely difficult to dismiss or ignore. I simply don’t believe in that kind of extremely convenient “coincidence.” In such cases, the very first rule to consider is “cui bono,” who benefits?

    If that information about the testimony is NOT true, then a regular suicide does become a more likely scenario. Suicide does happen to perfectly nice people, often for no obvious reason. It does happen, and if that is the case, then it is just very sad and a very tragic loss for all of us who appreciated Mark and his work.

    It is also possible that he was being fed disinformation, was manipulated, and was boxed in to an impossible situation. If a drastic enough situation was engineered, it could drive even a well balanced person to suicide. Or he may have found out something too important to be allowed into a public record at such a high federal level.

    Or, he could have been making up everything he ever said all along, and couldn’t face being exposed in a forum like the supposed testimony. I didn’t get that kind of vibe from him, but we will never know.

    We DO know the CIA kills people (documented fact), including at least one President of the U.S. (JFK – documented fact that CIA was involved). We know that government agencies and corporations lie all the time about their activities (very well documented fact). There is very clear and persuasive evidence that RFK was killed by a Lockheed employee “moonlighting” as a security guard. Aerospace corporations kill people, too. In fact, a large part of their work is designing weapons specifically to kill people, so they would have no problem silencing a single person whom they see as a threat to their interests. These are not “conspiracy theories,” (a propaganda psyop term coined by the CIA, by the way – also documented), they are historical facts which could provide context to Mark’s death. He was deeply involved in the aerospace world, and there is at least one story of his work causing a high ranking Air Force officer to get extremely angry.

    And yes, the Air Force kills people, too. That is part of their job. And they do also have covert operatives and engage in clandestine ops. Bosley’s experience will back me up on this. And if one wants to go into the theoretical arena on this, the Air Force likely had it’s own MK-ULTRA style mind control research projects. A major goal of these mind control programs was being able to force people to do things they would not normally do. Fake suicide is an effective way of eliminating a person, since the vast majority of people simply don’t believe it is possible, and it creates very effective plausible deniabilty.

    We also DO know (again documented) that CIA works to find clandestine ways to kill people and make it look like an accident or natural death. (as do a lot of clandestine ops types).

    There are something like 35+ intelligence agencies in the federal government, many with clandestine ops capability. There are also even more private agencies and intelligence arms of corporations and NGOs, as well as other state actors. No end of suspects who might have a vested interest here.

    While it would certainly be premature to state absolutely that it was foul play, it is even more highly questionable to rush to absolutely dismiss the possibility of foul play so quickly and completely, and I find this video, its attitude, its misrepresentations, and its timing, highly suspicious.

    Of course, in the interest of disclosure, I don’t care much for Cambian at all. I found his work to be questionable long before this video came out, and his hatchet job on Farrell and Morningstar states that they were both pushing this information as hard fact when Joseph CLEARLY was not; he simply reported what Morningstar said in his article, after saying that information on Mark’s death was sketchy, and facts hard to come by. Cambian grossly misrepresents Joseph’s reporting and engages in some serious (and completely misplaced) hate mongering in the process. It is this kind of melodrama, hate mongering, and obvious misrepresentation of the facts that makes me question Cambian and his material, and why I pay little (or no) attention to anything he says.

    I don’t know if Morningstar was making things up, if he was being played, or if he has any documentation to back up his claims, but that’s on him, NOT Joseph. That is why we cite our sources, people. Joseph cited his, did Morningstar? Personally, I am not all that certain of Morningstar, but then I have never met the man, as has Joseph, nor have I researched his work in any depth. I can’t speak to his integrity.

    I HAVE vetted Joseph on some deeply clandestine topics, and have very good reason to trust what he says (not that I don’t keep an open mind, he is only human).

    Oh, Cambian also pronounces Joseph’s last name wrong, like a foreign language speaker might mispronounce it . . . .

    I don’t trust people who hide behind sun glasses (unless they have a medical condition). Hiding one’s eyes is a major method of trying to disguise lying (ask Bosley, I think he would agree). Or he could just be trying to be “cool.” I thought that was cool when I was a teenager. It isn’t.

    I don’t give this video much credence, for while some of what he says is definitely relevant (if true), it is hardly conclusive, and his negative attitude and excessively virulent attack on Joseph is so far out of proportion and completely uncalled for, that it smacks of a hidden agenda and triggers major red flags for me. Smells like part of a disinformation/hate campaign to me.

    Or, maybe Cambian is just one of those overly emotional drama queens who flies off the handle easily and doesn’t think things through completely. He certainly comes off as ignorant of much of the context of this story (he wasn’t very precise in his overview of Mark’s work, for example).

  3. LadyBug on May 25, 2021 at 10:42 pm

    RIP Mark McCandlish. Whether you decided to leave this world by your choice or if it was by another means most of us will not know. Only you know. In this video I do see how this man’s research could very well be accurate considering the ” facts” that were given him. Currently on television we are now seeing that the ” facts” given to the public aren’t always quite accurate and often there are cover-ups to protect some agenda. The public is now seeing the ‘ other side of facts ‘ with all subjects. The side effects of many medicines being recalled due to illness or death that weren’t tested properly if at all. The public is seeing we have had other types of technologies for years that would have been of benefit if not withheld. The public is seeing how the food industry has been tampered with not only with toxic chemicals but in genetic modifications in foods. Those are just a few subjects. Our main topic of interest here is the UFO field and what are we seeing now on public television? Well, now we’re learning officially that it has been a cover up too. My point is the information given to the public is often not the truth or the whole truth. When we hear of a suicide especially of a prominent person most of us read or hear about it, we’re shocked and saddened and we move on. There are exceptions to that when we find researchers who dig a little deeper and start to see patterns that are odd and don’t make sense. I think in Mark’s case we won’t really know but I look at all the other mysterious suicide cases not just in the UFO field, but in science, medicine, politics, government, military and technology fields and it just makes me wonder. This man on the video was seeing the tree not the forest.

    • Roger on May 25, 2021 at 11:11 pm

      There is a video where Joe Rogan asked Trump. After being President Trump still doesn’t believe there are aliens. He won’t come out and say they don’t exist because it looks like he can’t for some reason. When he stumbled over the subject he said he wouldn’t say they didn’t exist because of people’s feelings in particularly fear. I took it that he was told it is all a useful psyop for multiple reasons. (think other countries leaders who see strange craft and believe in UFO’s not realizing it is us spying on them or hacking their systems) There are probably a lot of things they use the public’s and other world leader’s belief in aliens to accomplish. Imagine how angry and distrustful the public would become if they learned it’s all bull and government agencies have known they are all theirs or other countries in the know.

  4. Bluenose on May 25, 2021 at 4:35 pm

    That guy is all over the place…who is he to lecture anyone about anything? His comprehension skills are terrible. This guy just sees the words that fit his own narrative. I gave up after 15 minutes.

  5. Nicholas Ginex on May 25, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Mark McCandlish, murdered at age 68 on April 13, 2021 was premature. He died in his home in Redding, CA with a shotgun blast to the head. He was going to testify at a Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June. His testimony would have destroyed any misleading UFO narratives and reveal the Tic Tac was actually a USAF SSP drone. His death should cause interest in the warning provided by Dr. Steven Greer presented on:

    In addition to the shot-in-the-head murder of Mark McCandlish, all concerned people should examine other deaths committed by top-secret U.S. government agencies by reading:

    Giza readers are invited to comment on the article below as it presents a way to have the top-secret CIA-FBI surreptitious agency provide UFO Technology Disclosure given the offer of amnesty.

  6. Roger on May 25, 2021 at 10:58 am

    I guess he has problems understanding what he reads. Seems a lot of young people today have this problem. I guess he didn’t understand that you didn’t claim the document was accurate and were merely speculating on the potential implications if some of the allegations proved to have merit. We were merely having a discussion on potentials and you were sharing news that he had died. He doesn’t seem to understand the spirit of this blog. We are high octane speculators!

    • Roger on May 25, 2021 at 11:10 am

      But his view and input is appreciated and in the spirit of what these blogs seem to be about to me. High octane speculations on potential. Which is not only fun and sometimes informative when people from all around the world put their two cents in, but also opens the door for something unique and never before thought about to be introduced to the world for the first time. Never know when someone’s high octane speculation proves the existence of some new undiscovered potential that could change the world when and if it is looked into close enough; even if it is only to try and debunk it.

  7. Demerara J on May 25, 2021 at 9:34 am

    He could have said all of what was meaningful in that presentation in about 5 min. Great, he made some phone calls to “official sources” and got the “official story”. There is much I could say about that video, and his posture, but it becomes clear when you scroll his YouTube videos what his angle and perspective is. Yawn. Good on you for posting his clarification that he should have just sent in a tweet.

  8. acorn on May 25, 2021 at 9:06 am

    Good of you to share this with us, Dr. Farrell. I certainly would not have seen this without you doing so.

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