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    1. Funny the name Twitter, allows anger to dissipate with a slight flutter, a threat to no one. The alleged criminal walks free as a bird.

  1. The British press reported extensively and in depth a week ago abou the possible Dong Jingwei defection to the USA.
    Strangely and disgracefully, the BBC News (the voice of our UK nation and funded by TV Licence Fee Payers) has ignored the matter! Except, their highly regarded WORLD Affairs Editor – John Simpson has Tweeted the following:

  2. My, oh, my, does this sound like Ion Michai Pacepa and Ronald j Rychlak and their 2013 book on Dezinformatsiya or “Disinformation” 2.0 with Chinese characteristics in Party format this time.

    Spies within are enormous in numbers under the guise of higher education. Talk about the-next-generation in place – Star Trek included, too, as much as some folks have other ideations about it. It is of no consequence with this bigger more profound inclusion behind the goals of dominion.

    Using a petaflopping mainframe supercomputer (each sovereign superpower with the doe, cash rewards in bribes, and intent on dominion will do) and variations of PROMIS / FORTRAN / C++ type and server farm supported network siftware or rather software, they certainly seem to have come across multi lingual Encyclopædia sets, Dictionary sets, and Thesaurus sets full of word associations as well as stolen research data bases, to drive an agenda and narrative who’s (most likely) sole (soulless) intent is to tear down a Republic they’ve benefited from so far.

    There are, at least, two hybrids of PROMIS not talked about much since Edward brought out some potentially & allegedly misused forms of data collection, administration, and archiving of information with PROMIS and PRIZM in mind.

    Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) (Mr F would be so proud should his distractive caveats lead to this sort of exposure.)

    The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) is an NIH-funded initiative to develop and validate patient reported outcomes (PROs) for clinical research and practice. (Imagine that, NIH-funded initiative) P is a set of person-centered measures that evaluates and monitors physical, mental, and social health in adults and children. It can be used with the general population and with individuals living with chronic conditions. You don’t say. Nice and convenient, too, for nefarious data point collecting and distribution lists where it should never be allotted in the first place.

    Pair the previous with the following from the late 1980’s and ask yourself what this amalgamation of high technology, data collection, and type of content can do for you (as well as for any adversary).

    [[Some of the following straight from New Jersey PROMIS Help Guide; Item Preview
    Copyrighted © 2007 – New Jersey Judiciary]]

    … “An Overview:
    Criminal Case Public Access displays information contained in PROMIS/Gavel (P/G). PROMIS/Gavel (PROMIS = PRosecutor Management Information System; Gavel = Superior Court Criminal Case Processing Information) is the computerized case management and information system for the Criminal Division of the Superior Court that was used for New Jersey. Easily expanded upon given its usefulness, PROMIS/Gavel captures information concerning defendants (anybody plugged into it remotely on their phones, too) who have been charged with indictable offenses and tracks the processing of those defendants from initial arrest through appellate review. The system is unique as it is the case management tool for both the 21 Superior Court Criminal Divisions and the 21 County Prosecutors Offices. This shared capability provides for timely entry of information and cost savings due to the elimination of duplicate data entry and storage.

    Detailed defendant information is recorded including the defendant’s name, address, and aliases. P/G tracks case related information including charge/statute and degree of offense, arrests, bail, sentence, scheduled proceedings (motions, hearings, and trials), diversionary program status, and appeal status.
    Administrative and management information required for case processing, including prosecutor name file, judge name file, attorney file, statute file, court name and corporate surety file is maintained.
    PROMIS/Gavel provides a significant historical case/defendant database since its implementation into all 21 counties in the 1990’s.

    Implementation and Conversion

    The PROMIS (Prosecutor) component has been serving various Prosecutors’ Offices since approximately 1973. PROMIS was supported by INSLAW (Institute for Law and Social Research) and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) within the US Justice Department. The court component, GAVEL, was released in 1979. In New Jersey, P/G was originally implemented in 18 counties (excluding Bergen, Ocean, and Salem) in the mid-1980’s. It was implemented at the county level on IBM 8100 mini computers. A ‘System Manager’ was designated from each county who was responsible for the overall implementation and daily operations of the IBM 8100 system.
    Starting in 1989, the migration of P/G from the decentralized county level IBM 8100 computers to the statewide Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Data Center Mainframe began. The application was rewritten by the AOC’s Information Systems Division’s Criminal Project Team and the Criminal Practice Division to facilitate statewide communication, standardization, and system development efficiencies. The IBM 8100 was proving to be insufficient for the Prosecutors’ and Courts’ needs. It was experiencing slow response time, limited storage capability, high maintenance and operation costs, limited growth potential and functionality, and lack of inter- county or statewide communication. The new mainframe-based P/G addressed all of these problem areas in addition to improved functionality…”

    It doesn’t take much to note how easily adaptable such PROMIS’s can be with the financing and resources readily available. Who would you imagine already has an army of hacks at their disposal and well indoctrinated into Party policies?

    Honestly, and people were concerned about Edward’s motivations behind exposure.

  3. The comments I wrote in the YT comments section were deleted as soon as I wrote them; so I’ll try again here.
    The events as described in the media do not add up. To my mind, the only way this Chinese defector op makes any sense as described is if it is a joint operation between Xi’s nationalist faction in the CCP and the Trump/America First faction in the West.

    Xi is in a fight to the death with the powerful globalist faction in the CCP. If, by sending Dong to the DIA, he can expose and destroy the globalists for:

    Unleashing biowarfare on humanity with the covid op
    Stealing the 2020 elections
    Subverting the US constitution and all its institutions
    Probably a lot of other stuff

    then he would probably be delighted to do so. He could get the globalists off his back, strengthen his fellow nationalists in the West and hope to revert to achieving prosperity through trade and the Belt & Road Initiative. While the BRI might seem like a globalist initiative, it’s more about developing overseas markets, securing Chinese jobs and raising hundreds of millions of more Chinese out of poverty.

    I loathe and detest Xi and the CCP, but my enemy’s enemy is – for the time being – my friend.

    1. Had not considered Xe was anti-globalist. Thought he was thoroughly bought and paid for by Rottenchildren through Sasoons.

      1. Yes, Xi leads the nationalist faction within the CCP, which is riven with factions and in-fighting (as a result of being the only legal political party in PRC). The globalists are led by the Premier, Li Keqiang. The conflict between them is sometimes barely disguised. When Xi had himself declared President-for-Life, it was not a sign of strength. It was to prevent the globalists from getting their hands on the presidency.

  4. marcos toledo

    Let us go out on the limb and speculate that since President Xi knows that neither Biden the Mummy or Harris the Witless are in charge. This so-called defector is really a go-between to find out who is really at the helm of the USA that China and Russia can really negotiate with.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      I like the connection!
      Day to day debriefings; going over their deep inside knowledge of each others operations, to take out their common enemy – who just happens also, to be mankind’s greatest enemy.

    2. Until thoroughly vetted this person is said to be one of two that have defected. The other kept quiet for now. Given how much the Party has taken from the former Sovietszky’s red book of deception and disinformation, there’s likely some similarities to be had.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    # 1) Why did he defect?
    #2) Why now?
    #3) Realize the prominent filter, isn’t Chinese misinformation;
    it’s the USSA filter, summarizing what “they” want us to know.
    #4) This “written version CV1984 scenario”; leans me heavily into #3.
    #5) The solution:
    USSA biological “defense” experiments & funding galore?
    #6) Long list of Republicans and anti-internationalists traitors?
    [Nope. #6 Would be too naive, as well as a dead giveaway]
    #7) Top recipient of Chinese money? Our government. Not 2B televised.
    #8) CIA purposed leaks, killing Chinese, who believed in the USA.
    #9) The Chinese defector really knows the USSA intelligence agencies.
    [JFK founded the DIA because it can’t be trusted. Just ask the Chinese]
    #10) The Chinese defector, is not a defector; but was abducted.
    If so, everything written or said; was scripted long ago.
    #11) Three questions:
    What is the USSA going to do? What is the USA going to do?
    Has the DIA moved beyond the party divide?
    #12) All those “Chinese spies” are burned[lingo for: useless as a spy].

    I wonder how the “Hope Porn” industry is going to spin this one?

  6. How long until the high ranking defector “decides” to commit suicide and the data he brought is “mysteriously” lost ?

    1. There might be publishing rights to consider here as was the case with “Disinformation” by Lt Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa and Prof Ronald j Rychlak. Pacepa was a former Sovietszky defector a few decades back with a book called “Red Horizons” that President Reagan used to deal with dictators, as he framed its use.

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