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Before I get to today's article and blog, I want to alert regular readers here that this week there will be no honourable mentions due to the fact that I will be recording the second quarter Solari Report wrap-up with Catherine Austin Fitts tomorrow.

So, on to today's story...

Yesterday I blogged about that Australian bank outage story, which your local propatainment media may not have mentioned. Today's story was shared by W.G. (thank you) and is about "smart meters" in Texas homes remotely raising temperatures in customers' homes:

‘Woke up sweating’: Texas power companies remotely raise temperatures on people using their smart thermostats

Now, while the article notes that the smart meters and thermostats are part of a program that customers have to "opt into", I have to wonder why anyone would do so. Consider the recent cold weather in Texas that led to the energy shortage in the first place, and then add to the mix a hacking group operating at the same time, and hacking into the ERCOT power grid system as it's trying to shed load and keep the power system from having to do a completely black start, and you have a massive problem.

And that brings me to my high octane speculation of the day, one related to the "analogue solutions" I mentioned in yesterday's blog, such as simply having a supply of actual cash on hand when the "system" suffers an outage.

I suspect that by now more and more people are waking up to the fact that the digital utopia of the Great Reset isn't functioning "exactly as advertised", including in power generation (and this as ITER is getting ready to go online with its fusion energy, which we're never supposed to run out of.)  The problem, of course, is that with smart meters and smart appliances that one could simply claim a "power emergency" without there really being one, and that, I suspect, is Mr. Globaloney's game. As far as that game goes, it's handy to have weather modification technologies in your arsenal when you want to deprive the deplorables of energy they need to conduct their business and heat or cool their homes.

So as more and more people wake up to the vulnerabilities of the systems, to their lack of redundancy, and couple that to the general untrustworthiness of Mr. Globaloney, watch for more and more emergency generators, solar panels, and similar things to be sold.

And watch for more people "opting out" of the whole game...

See you on the flip side...


  1. My guess. Data is money to the technocrats.
    At some point they realized that to build their “air-frame” of information which supplies? Data. But gathering and sharing data is not energy efficient. AI is also an energy guzzler. So they need an efficient way to preserve energy for their air-frame Utopia.
    “To make a point about what this means for energy use, Fortune noted that when the music video “Despacito” reached an Internet record of 5 billion views on YouTube in April 2018 it had burned as much energy as 40,000 U.S. homes use in a year.”

    So global warming is likely a front for preserving energy so the air-frame of information can actually? Survive. Smart meters allows energy preservation for the technocratic air-frame.

    Imho We are witnessing a cascade of failures brought to humanity by events too lengthy here to write about. Still reading Dr. Farrell’s books. God, History, and Dialectic. Vol.1-4.
    The implications of the Filioque are staggering. 110.

  2. I believe smart meters are, among other things, the prerequisite to permanent energy and water rationing. Not just rationing when there’s a heat wave or cold snap, but every day — “to save the planet,” of course. I also suspect smart meters will be used to compel compliance with draconian government orders. Wasn’t it the mayor of Los Angeles who threatened to cut off water to businesses that didn’t comply with scamdemic shutdown orders? How much easier would that be if all those businesses were on a smart meter?

    1. Rationing is a multi-edged and divisive instrument if ever there was one in the making. It can be as blunt as a primitive bludgeoning club from before the stone age tool makers to as precise as a *click**tap**swipe* command code sent wireless. The stressor seems to be at which end one finds the receiver.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Tired of the covid1984 prison lockdown?

    Then get ready for the Green Revolution[environmental] lockdown?
    [If, the Puppet Masters’ Great Re-Set is rejected by society at large].

    So if Ernst Stavro Blofeld doesn’t get his Great Re-Set candy?
    It’s climate Planet Lockdown for all of humanity?

    (courtesy of Winston1984 from forum)

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Listening to Green Agenda video. His analyses is spot on!
      But even this keen observer is unaware that weather’s being manipulated.
      [32:00 clicks in hurricane/draught natural].

    2. Just read somewhere that those vaccinated now need to where the mask. And then there are some folks that just need to get a clue instead of a title.

  4. It’s a plain demonstration of what the advanced technological age is going to mean to common people: greatly increased surveillance of them, greatly increased control of them.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    In today’s Orwellian times;
    those w/smart meters are playing the role of dumb ass.
    They’re dumb-struck; asking a meaningless, tautological questions like-
    is a smart city preferable to a dumb city?-instead of debating a more fundamental one: does the smart city represent the urban future that best fosters a republic of justice and equity?

    Sorry to say, but smart meters and their big brother, smart cities; are but tools of totalitarian regimes, bent on destroying your health and wallet.

    In others words, a false promise of superficial optimization and zero-trade off improvements. The something missing from the mathematical simulations that MIT* and devised: people/humans.
    *[MIT the premier collaborator w/industry to transform campus discoveries into biologically based tools for engineering technologies]. Yet if you scratch the surface of these futuristic smart city models and utopian promises, a more ominous story emerges. Their deception stems from smart city’s very definition, which overemphasizes the power and importance of technology.

    Privatized power means your families are at the regimes financial mercy. W/manipulated weather and manipulated thermostats; your house/apartment becomes a homeostatic petri dish for you, the lab rats.

    Embedded in these technologies and the social changes they beget,
    are the plutocrim politics; the very embodiment of power and authority.

    1. In this nearly century old house there won’t be any smart device. One is still working on smartly operating this electronic device.

    1. I’m not familiar with this fellow, but he sounds like a neocon with his bashing Russia. Belarus sits on the northern border of the Ukraine and close to Kiev and Russia probably would want to have quick access to Ukraine if “push comes to shove”. Also, Belarus’ opposition leader is anti-Russian. If allowed, Russia could cross into Kiev, from Belarus, very easily and knock out the corrupt government of the Ukraine.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Gives himself away by saying that some believed the election was stolen.
      It was, in fact, stolen!
      He’s somewhat crafty; still needs a few more years of polish.

    3. Like the Russians, the Party membership has been here (in the US) a very long time. Their signs of infiltration are often blatantly obvious but hardly a surprise. What would anyone expect, after all? This (the US) is an open society and that isn’t anything new to its citizenry. You’d think those Sovietszky’s and Party membership types would get a hint every now and then. Ever hear the expression, ‘give them enough rope?’

  6. marcos toledo

    Is Texas the Lab 05 for testing new ways to dispose of useless eaters freeze them when the temperature drops then roast them when the temperature rises. Nice cover for the intentional mass murder of the so-called deplorables. Just wondering if the Boeing 737Max crashes were cover for testing new assassination techniques for the CIA using these accidents as cover since they have contracts with the government.

  7. In Californica i have to pay $10 per month not to have a gas smart meter….. not sure what DWP will do about electric…. they are still coming to my house to take readings………..

    1. Pay a fee for not? Sounds like that other insurance plan – pay for not having health insurance.

  8. I received a notice this week from our city in South Texas, a few miles from the border, stating they are going forward with the installation of Smart water meters. The project begins in July of this year and with a completion date of October 2022. My home is in the first of four phases. One of the rational reasons is the current meters are calcified and not reporting accurate usage. When asked if the bills will increase, answer was probably because the readings will be more accurate. There was no bond issued for the infrastructure improvements. That was circumvented by special legislation allowing private engineering consulting companies to work with municipalities to set up payment plans based on future revenues and cost savings, in this case water. Can of worms.
    The literature notes it’s the beginning of being a Smart city. Currently I do not have a Smart electric meter. Guess that’s a matter of time.

    1. “probably because the readings will be more accurate.” What baloney. The implication is that you’re skating and getting more water than you pay for because the meters are not accurate.
      Like THAT is gonna happen…..

      the principle of metering resources is sound in itself, but when the industry gets down into individual households and takes control of your home, something is VERY WRONG.

      1. Both for power and air. They have no option for them being hacked either. Software driven meters can be programmed to count as slow or as fast as they see fit. Sometimes I think these meters are intentionally “tuned” to faster usage to charge more for less consumption. I’ve seen too much in the IT industry to be suspicious.

    2. @BillyBob: Got a new digital water main reader a few years back. Discovered it was installed one day after getting home from work one day, turned the tap on and nearly muddy water flowed into the sink. Tub, toilet, too. Went out back and saw a shiny digital meter in place. Fortunately, the main on-off valve remains in place. Still monitor the water use as before the replacement – old pipes and such bear witness to any new leaks made easier that way.

      Don’t know about any calcification but there certainly was a lot of rust knocked loose within the pipes affected by the exchange of meters. Must admit, one can read the digital readout a lot easier than that old rotating analogue dial. Discovered one can still add, subtract, divide numbers for the latest amount of water usage, too. Did you know that water usage is measured in cubic feet; and, that 1 cubic ft equals, approximately, 7.5 gallons of water; and, that 1 gallon of water equals, approximately, 8.34 lbs?
      Had sewer line problems once and needed to know how much water flowed through a given inner circumference of piping to account for a distance of an amount of water that flowed would reach to establish about where the sewer line was plugged going towards the alleyway.

  9. A quote from Li Ka Shing:
    Question: Anything else besides multicultural tolerance that enabled Singapore’s success?

    Answer: Air conditioning. Air conditioning was a most important invention for us, perhaps one of the signal inventions of history. It changed the nature of civilization by making development possible in the tropics.

    Without air conditioning you can work only in the cool early-morning hours or at dusk. The first thing I did upon becoming prime minister was to install air conditioners in buildings where the civil service worked. This was key to public efficiency.

    1. True. Although I cannot forget the hoopla of Legionier’s Disease circa 1984), many deaths eventually linked to the air condition in a large hotel in Philly. Specifics never resolved. Me thinks new names for more modern times. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

      1. Speaking of which, I am not sure Legionaires Disease was caused by mold in the system. I have often wondered if this was another experiment, like the Tuskegee Airmen event, where US citizens were subjected to an airborne pathogen through the air-conditioning system.

        1. It certainly sparked a wave of people building & selling waterheaters to new specs that would call for almost boiling water to come out of the tap( never mind the incidents of burn victims from especially hospital wards…) . Very profitable on many levels, I would think.

  10. I think these smart meters are designed to kill us. Do not buy , do not own, and protest heavily if they come into your neighborhood.
    Oh and talk to your neighbours about it. Open a dialogue and get everyone in agreement about it. That’s one of many ways you unite and change.

  11. People log their devices into the “Intenet of Things” because of convenience. That is how it is sold. For example, you can get a “smart” LED bulb that you can log into your wifi and control it from our couch(couch potato). But imagine that the bulb had a bug in the software that allowed someone to access your network unrestricted. Philips knew they had a hacking problem on their bulbs and ignored it.

    Or Amazon’s new mesh network including their Alexa and Ring products. This will be used to gather all kinds of data.

    Where attention goes, Energy flows. When people withdraw from these schemes the profitability will go down the tubes and they will end.

  12. There are power companies that are not letting their customers opt out of smart meter systems. For example, some of us in Taos, New Mexico, signed a petition to be given the choice to opt out of smart meter installation and use by Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, the only power company in town. We were ignored.

    1. James Woolsey

      look into Impower movement:

      success has been had by serving corporate officers with Notices of Personal Liability making them responsible for any harm. Sometimes once they realize how vulnerable they are to personal ruin, these guys flee and run.

      1. James Woolsey

        Back when Impowerment movement began I collected the free PDF forms and How-To’s, including a video walkthrough. I see they have become a members movement with monthly fees now, which may be useful for updated teks and How-To’s, and networking with others.
        I offer you the forms and video I saved here on one of my Google Drives.
        uploading now at 2:30 PST, it says will take another 3 hrs to finish all upload.
        980 megs of material.

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