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Thanks to K.M., G.A.C., L.G.L., V.S., and P.H. for this week's honourable mentions:

Covid assassinations:

Growing List Of Assassinations Of COVID-19 Researchers

The new term for Transhumanism: Bio-Digital Convergence:

Exploring Biodigital Convergence

Russia Mulls Ordering State Firms To Switch To Euro, "Preparing" For Possible Disconnect From SWIFT

Factional Infighting in US Intell?

FBI 'ambushed' by report of high-ranking Chinese defector with knowledge of bioweapons programs

Seismis Invisibility?

Ancient Romans may have built structures that acted like seismic invisibility cloaks


  1. Robert Barricklow

    Exploring Biological Convergence.

    I had read something of this in the Giza Forum and replied w/my take.
    Basically, it’s about the same frame from which I viewed
    today’s blog on the “new quantum microscope”.

    That frame, is reading this story of biological convergence;
    as if it were instead, an analyses of
    Earthling’s terms of surrender to their alien conquerors:
    1) no more humans
    2) No more nature
    3) Your biological being is going to be merged w/alien digital designs.
    [at first; then later? Well…, you really don’t want to know!]
    4) Don’t make a fuss about your defeat.
    [after all, most of your leaders weren’t even told. Most still believe that this was about giving their tiny behinds more power.] Lay down, just as your spineless and highly paid off leadership has done.
    5) Do Not Question Authority!
    6) It has been agreed upon; that your surrender will become official later.
    7) It’s further agreed; an alien invasion will be orchestrated soon.
    [In fact, the aliens have authorized , an alien high-tech invasion show
    coming to your neighborhoods soon.

    The question is:
    Is this sarcasm?
    Will the real aliens be stand up.
    To Tell the Truth, I can’t tell the difference between our disaster capitalists using God-like technologies to “slowly” kill the public at large.

    For example:
    using weather warfare, to bring to the laboratory rats[that’s us, lab rats]
    manufactured laboratory meat.

  2. Loxie Lou Davie

    Head’s Up to anyone who has not checked out Roger Spurr’s Mudfossil Univ. A whole new outlook on what our planet is made up of. ??? Blows one’s mind & reinforces the fact that we really know NOTHING about our true past & have been lied to since birth!!

    I have just started Billy Carson’s “Compendium of The Emerald Tablets”. Had never heard of Dr. Michael Doreal or the experiences he had. After WWI, he went to Tibet for awhile & then in 1925 had an amazing experience!! Billy’s interesting Journey started because he saw a UFO as a child & has led to some amazing discoveries!!

  3. On those CV1984 researchers — A book by a French journalist came out recently (Philippe Aimar, COVID-19: Enquête sur un virus) in which, according to a reviewer, twenty-five such researchers are cited. The book is in my “to read” pile…

      1. I don’t agree with this and since then a lot more evidence has been found that viruses and bacteria as well as pollution can make you sick. I’ve personally gotten sick from other sick people on numerous occassions and have gotten others sick. No doubt about it, and in many instances it was predictable before hand.

        1. Marco Fredriks

          indeed pollution is one of the causes of diseases and is a result of the terrain and not of any contagion.

  4. Biological / digital convergence. Humbug! Adjectives from the same linguistical source. The maker and repeaters of adjectives. The portmanteau, bio-digital or biodigital, still needs to make into dictionary updates. . . . Cyborg, now you’re talk’in.

    There’s only one Party that boldly goes and makes science and military a double edged sword There’s no [might be this] or [possibility of that] when there is ruthless resolve. That ‘growing list,’ has “Bayh-Dole Act” all over it for profit. For decades, no less. For some, it’s just another list of talent lost.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    It’s just about SOP[standard operating procedure] for intelligence agencies to silo information from other agencies[fight for resources]. Now, w/FASAB, that silo has been fortified.

    The elephant in the room?
    The politicization of all agencies.
    W/the Democratic Party’s association w/the CCP;
    the divide is, at heart, more that mere politics.

    When defections happen; the real threat is the agent’s mission:
    to feed the fishes[misinformation].
    Mixing information doubloons w/information bombs.

    The real enemy here/is the enemy w/in[not just the Chinese].
    There is an international presence(“they”) w/in all nation states,
    meant to bring down said nation state[for example: Rape of Russia].
    The revelation[s] of the Chinese defector has become weaponized.

    In fact cofib1984 is an international op meant to bring in the NWO,
    mowing down all nation states w/in its path.

    The Chinese, have the same enemy as the USA.
    Not the USSA, which has effectively been been internationalized.

    Are the internationalists; underneath it all, privateers?

    Remember the China slogan:
    One China, Two systems.

    One World Government, Two systems;

    One system: The Horse & Buggy Civilization
    under the technocratic authoritarian thumb.
    Other system: The Breakaway Civilization
    w/its many independent privateer corporations,
    governmental, NGO, and International organizations.

    The Breakaway has many money streams; both “public” and/or private.
    Is the Breakaway that highly organized?

    Or, is it…
    under some/thing’s thumb, as well?

    Is the spy game a Galactic on?

  6. I happen to be studying issues related to the Roman “metamaterials” article. The mention of 2-way boreholes calls to mind the Etruscan “hollow paths” (trench-like lanes carved deep into the volcanic rock) as well as the underground labyrinths where there are often passageways with no apparent sense, branching off from the main one, running parallel to it and then reconnecting with it shortly after. This could be used to manipulate telluric energies.

    1. I don’t know whether this is connected or not, but the Japanese have long known that stone structures built out of irregularly-cut/shaped blocks are good at dissipating earthquake energy. Traditionally, the Japanese built everything out of wood – even military fortresses; but those fortresses usually have huge protective walls and foundations built with unfeasibly large blocks of stone cut in strange shapes which fit together like a jigsaw – reminiscent of the megalithic structures found in many other ancient cultures around the world.
      When one visits these sites today, if there is anything left except a pristine set of foundations, one always learns that the superstructure has burned down x number of times during its long history. This begs the question, why did they not build the whole fortress out of stone, not just the foundations? Perhaps this is also connected with earthquake risk? Wish I knew.

        1. Oh, very interesting, Dana. Thank you. You think this is scared geometry and etheric energy technology? It’s also interesting that the blurb on that website compares Mozu-Furuichi Kofun with those other famous “tombs” in Egypt. As you probably remember, most of Japan is either flat as a pancake or very mountainous, with very little in between. On the plains around Lake Biwa, on the other side of Kyoto from Osaka, there are several “hills” that look remarkably like the pyramids at Giza from a distance, but larger, and carpeted with mature trees. Probably just my imagination….:

    1. Thank you for the link, Gord. I hadn’t watched the Corbett Report in awhile and had forgotten how informative he can be. Excellent information about which most everyone is blithely ignorant.

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