1. Lemuel Gulliver

    The ridiculing and destruction/annihilation of common sense seems well in train in lots of western countries.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    The first story is the North Korean student of Columbia discussing
    the unfortunate similarities between America and North Korea.
    First I listened to Yeonmi Park[27], and got a sense of where is was coming from[although her accent is very heavy; her English is very good[she speaks and reads three languages].
    Then I read the accompanying article
    which basically spells out what she said in the video.

    Yeonmi Park is basically preaching the the Giza choir[as many here are on the same page] on the sad state of American education, and the brainwashing that’s going on. She also summarizes her analyses succinctly by stating what scars her the most[this coming from a young woman who was also sold into slavery], “The people here[Columbia University students, the future leaders of America?] are just dying to give their rights and power to government.” She the says it because the American higher education inst1tutions[half million dollar Ivy League educations] are stripping student’s ability to think critically.
    “They’ve just lost the ability to think critically.”
    “But here, while having everything, people choose to be brainwashed.
    And they deny it”
    “You guys have lost common sense to the degree that I as a North Korean cannot even comprehend.”

    Nor can I.
    I believe her story.

    She is as incredulous – as are most human beings who still have two little grey cells to rub together in thought – that this should be happening in what she thought, was one of the leading lights of liberty in the world.
    [my translation].

    Then she concludes, as many at this site have already concluded[IMO],

    “Where are we going from here? There’s no rule of law, no morality, nothing is good or bad anymore, it’s complete chaos.”
    I guess that’s what they want, to destroy every single thing
    and rebuild it in to a Communist paradise.”

    [you should read and listen to it.
    My favorite part was her smile in describing the use of “pronouns”.
    It’s nuts! Is basically what she said.
    I couldn’t agree more!]

    1. Thank you for this summary as I saw the vid headline but have had no time to dig into it. In line sadly with what I suspected – our recent Military Narrative on CRT, Open Borders, Lawlessness, re segregation, it’s one of the safest times in my living history I can remember

  3. Found the mechanism davos crowd can coerce people with to force them into geat reset marxisms – lgbqtp, crt, vegan, vax, biometrix, 5g, own nothing be happy 2030, social credit scores, give up all rights, food shortages, fuel shortages, 24/7 track, trace, monitor, skynet, ………every dystopian scifi combined.

    Its been applied to some of the vaxxed already.

    Like kissinger n brzerzinskivfdfhhy always said- control the food n control the people.


  4. The medical model of the present age , although quite phenomenal only allows a certain way that people imagine or rather they say know how the physical body operates.
    However I have a kindergarten level of understanding biology.
    So, all I know is what I am told.
    When my father passed away from cancer , he had the best medical treatment $ could buy.
    And he actually made it just over 10 years consciously working on himself, walking everyday, his own personal relationship to prayer and all kinds of stuff he would quietly take.He was a veteran and was quite traditional, plant medicine was like voodoo stuff to him.
    But then he would say ‘you gotta know what you are doing with all that stuff’
    Ok my point is , the present model is what it is .
    And I would even infer that it too has its own ‘voodoo’
    There is a fine line between the living and the dead , the plant and the mineral, the animal and the vegetable the human and the angel.
    Change the biome and it goes to follow you change the genome.
    I suppose we are going to just have to learn to adapt and be assimilated.
    But, the plant kingdoms and the mineral kingdoms can not be subverted in all their kingdomness.
    Sorry, it won’t work and for all out there who think it does, it won’t.
    There will always be some old weed somewhere out there pushing on thru the cracks of your beautiful new world.
    Snuff it out make it impossible, I dare you.
    As Jesus in the Bible talked about the Lillie’s in the fields.
    Real jesus fake Jesus whatever
    Shut up

  5. What, you mean that the (alleged) gold is rehypothecated? It would be interesting to know how much paper can be created from, say, gilt tungsten….

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