13 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JULY 15 2021”

  1. Loxie Lou Davie

    How about we take into account that there IS a Galactic Federation of some kind, which means, all that we do here is being monitored?!! We might also assume that various “races” might be involved with different parties here on the planet. Who knows what the Bigger Game might be that we know nothing about & we here on this planet are having to fit into Someone Else’s agenda?!!!

  2. Lemuel Gulliver

    Fascinating. Well, Robert Heinlein and Philip K Dick let us know that Nazis were on the Moon in the 1950s. Admiral Bird warned about antigravity craft flying from pole to pole after his retreat from Antarctica in 1947 and Washington was publicly buzzed for days in 1952 by antigravity craft. And that’s all 70 years ago.
    What kind of technology have these people got now, 70 year on, especially if they’re in league with some extra terrestrial beings or forces? It’s very likely they have gone a lot further than the Moon or Mars – probably outside of this solar system. And the involvement of the Bundeswehr is certainly ominous (not the European Space Agency or anyone else). Are the Nazi international coming Home after all these years??

  3. In a way, there’s an inkling suggestion that [drones] might be the patrolling craft and that that interconnectivity will need to be secure. That and a host of other tid-bits that have been surfacing / going dark, on and off, and just happen to include interactions in low / high orbital platforms.

  4. Are we not tresspassing our bounds.Maybe some out there are fed up with our arrogance and are already retaliating.Sadly,many are unable to connect the dots.

  5. Richard Hoagland gave some brilliant insights on Moon structures.Well worth a look at.
    As a kid,I marvelled at the moon landing even though I somehow felt we had tresspassed and ought not to pursue this matter further.Decades later I firmly believe we should never have embarked on this saga,even though the Nazi Bell technology appealed to the Globaloneys.At best,we have informed many out there that we are arrogant in our ignorance and some out there might even consider reprisals for our continuing misdeeds.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Why do “they” want to weaponize space?
    Ask the East India Company.
    Or, is it now called the West Moon Company?[2:45 clicks in, my take]

    [3:34 clicks in] Referring to protecting satellites of specific countries.
    Those under the NWO thumb?

    Or, those opposing the NWO;
    acting independent of the unipolar world/solar system?

    Arms race in space?
    Since when? Since Sputnik?

    NASA Article 5?[5:05 clicks in]
    Is that one; where your either w/us[unipolar],
    or against us[independent]?

    Planning an American Lunar base by 1967[6:30 clicks in].
    Supposedly nothing ever, ever happened then; or since?
    According to NASA, mainstream, and all the official sources.
    But, on the face of it nothing happened[the face of the moon].
    But what of the dark side; the side you can’t see?

    [7:09 clicks in] However…
    NASA and USSA Space force are going to police this side of the moon.
    Beyond the Moon? You don’t need a USSA drivers space license.

    Whose responsible for the space around Earth?
    Or, who controls the space around Earth?
    Same question?[8:20 clicks in]

    Remember when corporate news says this won’t happen?
    Bank on it! It shall happen! [8:25 clicks in]
    The private sector will not be involved? Like hell, they won’t!

    Follow the CHIPS. Or, money[9:11 clicks in]
    The new dystopian currency, using the Chines Social Credit System;
    will be employed in Earth’s orbit, away from the 99%’ers, aka slaves.
    Plus those mega trillion dollar asteroids will be near the Moon[or on]; and transactions will be done in corporate digital currencies.

    Space information will not be televised.
    Well, the truth won’t.
    That’s too valuable a commodity for public consumption.
    Private proprietary information that the public can’t handle.
    As the public would consider it: a revolting truth!

  7. With the massive amount of satellites up there, after the first space based war there will be a lot of orbiting debris. It will be some time before they can even think about putting up replacement, enslavement enforcing, space based systems. Rebel freedom fighters, time to learn rocketry! Too bad humanity has not developed the wisdom and ability to keep psychopaths from ruling them. Humanity could be experiencing a very great existence right now and have an even greater future. Instead we are facing a hellish existence at best and extinction at worst.

  8. marcos toledo

    I thought the Germans were already in space that is where the Third Reich moved to after a stay in Antarctica.

  9. Lynne Gasteiger

    “NASA and Northrop Grumman of Dulles, Virginia, have finalized a contract to develop the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) for Gateway, which will be a critical way station and outpost in orbit around the Moon as part of NASA’s Artemis program.

    NASA and its commercial and international partners are building Gateway to support science investigations and enable surface landings at the Moon, which will help prepare astronauts for future missions to Mars.

    The firm, fixed-price contract is valued at $935 million … ”

    more: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-northrop-grumman-finalize-moon-outpost-living-quarters-contract

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