14 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JULY 22 2021”

  1. Who is Paul Monk? How likely are he and his friends to turn Oz around when they are so owned by ccp?

    1. Along this line – who is Rand Paul? How likely is he to get perjury charges prosecuted agianst Fraudci over lies to Congress on gain of function?

  2. Well…they sound a lot like us. Brittle, bullying, requiring absolute submission, totalitarian, perhaps inclined to military “operations”, and doomed. Australia and New Zealand, as the Covidian Martial Law has demonstrated, are similarly horrific and not places that I would any longer wish to visit. Where the security police are permitted to burst into homes and drag off pregnant women in their pajamas for suggesting a protest on-line, no Democracy is present and the government should be tried, judged and punished. I lean toward the vats of carnivorous plankton, myself. A few minutes of material dissipation can loosen the Soul in its moorings, and help generate empathy for others, as permanent damage can force the activation and enhancement of other, under used sensibilities in the sociopathic. The Chinese People have worked hard, sacrificed and generated great wealth for themselves that they will never get to enjoy or be able to preserve, due to the fact that they, like us, are up against something diabolical. Don’t get me wrong. I also loathe and fear people who abrogate their freedom and I especially feel that way about our own people–who should know better. The lame-brained bastards are, evidently, everywhere and omnipresent.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Lately I’ve been viewing global events through an international re-set lens, that targets national leaders refusing to give up there nation’s sovereignty.
    For what?
    For a song & dance carbon tax?
    For rolling out the latest operating system on the covid1984 mutant roulette wheel?
    For a high super-chicken-pecking order, on the NWO’s hierarchical hit-parade chart of traitorous inhuman global leaders?

    Xi certainly isn’t giving up China’s sovereignty; like the USSA’s sock puppet Biden, whose strings are being pulled by an international secret bureaucratic politburo.

    Is there an international faction trying to oust Xi?
    One, much like that running Biden in the USSA;
    looking the destroy the country.

    A strong USA would be in the way of any world government;
    as would a strong China.

    1. Seems to me you’re on to something regarding Xi and national sovereignty. Or at least I’ve also wondered if that might be the problem Mr. Global is having with China. It could be a replay of the Third Reich and USSR stories: Mr. Global and the money men fund a socialist regime they think they control, only to find they’ve created a monster that gets out of their hands and runs wild… Hitler, Stalin, and now Xi?

      1. (X)i; (Y)uan; (Z)en. The party seems to be missing the last coordinate to better their socio-economic disruption and failings for a few of the Party class.

    2. There might be an international something that doesn’t trust the Party. It’s a whopper, too.

    3. You play or pay…. The Presidents of Haiti and Tanzania didn’t follow the rules.

    4. Welcome to the countdown of the “American Century” or rather, as to international bankers and intelligence, globalist elites , Agenda 30 and the UNworld gub relentlessly counts down , make no mistake, it is the easts turn. In 2016-17 the comment was that “what we thought was going to be a slow burn is going to be a little faster after all” Globalists can live anywhere they wish and have homes around the world. Do not kid yourselves , with respect , to the patriots guise. The American Century was decided long ago in approximately 1945-47 with the formation of the U.N, The one world bank, the IMF, THE CFR, INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, ISRAEL among others. It was decided then. IMO.

  4. marcos toledo

    The Soviet Union was taken out by a nuclear reactor accident in the People’s Republic it seems is Dam failure will be the method of its downfall. Demographics problem is worldwide someone has a little list of ethnic groups who won’t be missed to paraphrase the lord high executioner from the operetta The Mikado

    1. The expression, “When it rains, it pours.” seems to be the current observation with the party.

  5. Demographic mismanagement is already upon the Party and a hand-me-down from previous Party secretaries.

    One would suggest that Natural processes should NOT be discounted from the weather “tweaking” unless ground saturation from dam building and water retention are primary tweaking concerns.

    Part of the dam-building craze seems to have an early introduction in how to expand terrace farming techniques throughout southeast Asia toward high yields of staple crops. Hydro-electric came later where the idea of taking over world factory production and developing population centers but with unforeseen consequences of a much more ancient landscape than of recorded dynastic histories. 15,000 years is not nearly enough to plan hegemony of the scale currently in place by the Party.

    There are meteorological indicators that that weather cycle might be moving southward. Ground saturation of raised water tables from dam building might have unforeseen consequences for competing power brokers within the Party structure. Some of that sparing already hinted at.

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