The fallout from the Afghanistan screw up continues: Joseph reads from a couple of articles, one, a op-ed by a Tory MP in the United Kingdom, the other an article reporting on the Prime Minister of Singapore's comments during a press conference with the Ayatolla Kamala.

This G7 is a turning point for the West

Singapore PM Says US Image in Question During Press Conference With Kamala Harris

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  1. Dag from Ringerike

    Well, well, here we go again in the geopolitical realm. Two points.
    1. About the hardware left. I remember col. Fletcher Proudy, when he was at the Phillipines after WW2, seeing all that hardware stored there and asking the manager, what shall we do about this stuff? The answer was straight forward; half of it will go to Nord Vietnam, and the other half wil go to Korea. But that stuff was in a kind of easy learning to manage. And we remember how the French was defeated at Dien Bien Puh, surrounded by haubitzers. But, but, there is a global chip problem today for the hardware left over in Afganistan…..

    2. From history we know that several keyplayers in politic have arrived from Paris. Ho Chi Min and David Be Gurion were staying at the same hotell in Paris after WW2 and were pen-friends through the fithies and sixthies. Pol Pot arrived from Paris to command a full equipped army of young soldiers. And then, ayatollly Komeini was send to Teheran, to crush the secular movement, and – he kept the head of the Intelligence from the Shah, although sacrifizing some of the first line culprits.

    So, the question is; will there be a new unknown caracter to escape from Paris? Maybe. Maybe not is more likely. The way it has been done looks like to me to create chaos and anarki; the bombing and the evacuation of the people running the central government. To make Afganistan ungovernmental. I think this plan to make Afganistan ungovernmental will be a failure. On the local level, provinces and communities, business will go on.

    But the way it has been done by “the central planners”, how much can we trust Amarcan government after Afganistan? This is a very central question for politicians and the military in Europe today. Iceland, the quick withdrawl from Keflavik, left Iceland in a powervacum, no airforce defends; Norwagian and Danish airforce had to step in. US has now established permant basis in Norway. Can we thrust their deployment, after we dismantled our own army, very, very well done by the secratary of NATO.

    My thoughts. All the Best.

  2. Not only trillions of dollars of military equipment was left there. I Imagine new and modern computer systems were left, employment records, bookkeeping, security, equipment….. How very nice of us that we modernized Afghanistan.

    It was also reported that v.p. Harris plane was delayed in Vietnam because someone on her team got sick and said it could be Havana Syndrome.

  3. The weaponry left, the potentially, thousands of hostages, ISIS brought in as ‘refugees,’ -all on purpose. Just like 911 had nothing to do with ‘incompetence.’ And, like the Southern border, nobody tested for Covert-ID, Corona Virus, -while they try to lock us down. Deplorable!

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head regarding geopolitical consequences. I was listening to a podcast out of the UK a few days back, and they were discussing Afghanistan. One of the hosts said, “Who will ever trust the U.S. again?” That pretty much sums it up.

    My question is why this and why now?

  5. Robert Barricklow

    “They’re” in the process of removing
    the iconic U.S. Cop on the global block image.
    Whose going to fill that vacuum?
    NATO in Europe?
    Or, are “they” prepping the narrative for the United Nation’s White Hats?
    A U.N. troops scenario filling the vacuum
    and coming to a neighborhood near you?
    For your safety? Of course!

    The article mentioned India’s presence a must in the G7 meeting,
    as Delhi holds the Presidency of the U.N. Security Council
    [5:18 clicks in].

    They need to restructure all these global councils so.. ?
    So the U.N. can send legally in the troops?
    Is the U.N. White Hats also going to be spending some SDR’s?
    [IMF global script set for new world currency?]
    Are the WHO and CDC going to be setting global “health” U.N. policy
    w/the U.N. White Hats enforcing, w/the various country’s sovereignty already spent by the Federal Reserve[private ownership under the BIS structure] and/or the EU Bank issuing Europe’s currency[private ownership]? Few countries stand outside this totalitarian Banktatorhsip.
    The few that are, like China and Russia, are the “bad hats”; against a United Nations Medical Stassi, setting policy; and an international reserve currency under the IMF, and an international Police Force wearing, ironically, White Hats?

    over & out.

    1. Good point about the possibility of using events like this as an excuse for deploying U.N. troops on bigger scale — that never would’ve occurred to me.

      1. and forget not that a few years back trump signed a paper on leasing US troops to the UN, under UN command…

        the whole thing is about coercing to one world gov. but first have to make a ‘world problem’, so ‘world/global solution’ may come. this is a major step
        forget afganistan, forget the trinkets they left there (surely they have much more advanced weapon systems under the bar), this is a media stunt

    2. This could be part of distancing the US allies from us before a planed conflict with China where we are pre-scripted to lose. Got to visually give our allies an excuse to break alliances with us so they don’t look bad when we face off against China alone. I suspect the Chinese are being positioned as the new global policemen. But will they be double crossed? The US and it’s allies may or may not really stand down when China makes it’s scripted move. Or the Chinese may go after our puppet masters the Bankers after the US is out of the way.

    3. As noted in comment above.
      Who owns and operates the UN, WHO, GAVI, WEF, pharma, tech and clearly the CCP?
      What is revealed by the plandemic?
      Who’s troops will wear those blue helmets when they retake those poppy fields for Mr Global?
      Remember when blue helmets brought cholera and child prostitution to Haiti? (yes that’s beside the Clinton Foundations child trafficking.) That was Nepalese soldiers working for the UN, right?

  6. Lemuel Gulliver

    It’s doubtful that anything like this happens by chance. Just wondering if this degradation of the US’s image and role and of course all the divisions created within it are part of the agenda of the ongoing ‘reset’ and the new world order that we’ve been plunged into.

    1. I’m really starting to believe Mr. Globaloney has decided, for whatever reason, to totally destroy America’s image, by installing mentally handicapped, imbecilic, or careerist drones in the highest government positions in the U.S., then manipulating them into doing some of the most idiotic and destructive things possible.

  7. A ‘Digital Dunkirk’ to Evacuate Afghan Allies
    Veterans mobilize online to help Afghans fleeing the Taliban.

    “We just built this network to figure out who’s going to get my buddy through the gate [at the Kabul airport],” Jason told Foreign Policy. “And we just realized, there are a ton of other people doing it too.”

    The network has quickly grown to include others who worked with Afghans over the years and now find themselves agonizing over the risk of retribution posed to their friends and former colleagues across Afghanistan.

    “It spans everything from former policymakers to NGO workers to academics to personnel on the ground at HKIA,” said Nick Calbos, a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan in 2012 and 2013. A network of West Point graduates has set up a website called Allied Airlift 21 with step-by-step guidance for Afghans looking to get out.

    Their work is a testament to the Biden administration’s failure to anticipate how quickly the Taliban would take power and tens of thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies would need to be evacuated. It has also allowed these veterans to channel their anguish toward a productive end.

    ‘Charlie Mike’

  8. Here is a fascinating article and a must read for insight into what could happen next in Afghanistan.
    Ahmad Massoud (son of the Lion of Panjshir) was educated at King’s College London where he obtained a BA degree in war studies and then went on to train at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, England. It seems he will follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great.
    Will the West back him?

  9. anakephalaiosis

    On the prolonged timeline, the corporate opioid industry is Assyrian enslavement of Scythian resistance.

    Scythian martial art has many derivatives, along the timeline. One of those is Apostolic-Scythianism.

    The Holy Writ is a war and wine manual, and the seven seals of the Revelation are the martial art of Scythians.

    The four horseman of the Apocalypse are Scythians with scythe, the Grim Reaper.

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