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RESOLVED: Older Videos

Older vidchat and dialogue videos now display correctly with a few exceptions we're working to resolve. Keep in mind, no vidchats or dialogues have been blocked by youtube. This is a result of a technical update.

4 thoughts on “RESOLVED: Older Videos”

  1. I’m quite new in here, so pls excuse my ignorance.
    How do I find a specific theme in old videos, e.g. in YouTube, as the title is always a date and no description of what’s in it?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Hi George,
    Per Dr. Farrell, the last 2 were blocked by YouTube and are not available. The older ones should display properly now too (technical difficulties) as Dr. F. noted above.

  3. I used to watch News and Views From the Nefarium every Thursday evening on my televisions YouTube. I live in Garner, NC and my brother would do the same but in Baltimore MD. He emailed me recently asking if I had seen the news and views lately and that he hadn’t seen any new versions. I looked on my TV and found nothing new in my subscriptions. After looking around on my computer I found nothing, but when I tried on my phone I was able to locate them but they look very different in format and July 22, 2021 was the latest I could find. Is there a link explaining the confusing changes or has something changed excluding us from the TV experience.

    George Hare
    Garner NC

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