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Once again, the planscamdemic's unraveling narrative forms this week's honorable mentions. Our thanks to V.T., J.N., S.D., Y.C., K.S., J.R.,

Resources to the Rescue

The Washington Post Vaccine resistance in the military remains strong, a dilemma for Pentagon as mandate looms

Montana only state to ban vaccine requirements for employees

A disturbing video

Victor Dominello diagnosed with Bell's palsy after viewers spot drooping eye in NSW press conference

Israeli prime minister threat: If people don't get vaccinated, they won't hear the shofar

21,766 DEAD Over 2 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Nurse Resigns over COVID Vaccine Mandate Joining other Nurses Nationwide Creating Nursing Shortage

‘Is it anti-vax to be concerned?’: Magazine editor reports changes to period after Covid jab, the latest in over 30,000 UK women

More than 23,000 German doctors have quit the genocide campaign





  1. What happens when leadership with integrity is weeded out?
    Who fills the void?
    How long before disfunction weeds out well meaning woke leaders?
    Who replaces them?

    Marine Lt. Col. relieved of command over FIERY viral video blasting military brass for crisis in Afghanistan

    “If you do not get in your house when I tell you to, you become the enemy.” Meet the face of a fully woke United States military.

    1. Thank you all for the patience with all the links.
      Just reading the link if sufficient on alot of them.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      My immediate thought was the Victoria doctors and nurses were being
      let go because they refused to get vaxxed. Now comes the Chinese, Caribbean, Philippines, and other replacement doctors and nurses?

      It may, or may not be true.
      But, since I don’t believe in the current crop of “journalists[nor algorithms, writing as journalists/the cheap corporate way of doing business]; I’m on automatic, in reading & filling in – between the cheap & sparse newspapers/magazines lines.

      Of course, if the patients breathing; they test positive.

      I wonder if the new docs and nurses were vaxxed by the mRNA shots?

      1. the first mandatory jab arrived/s in hungary to the medical staff…
        many of them got it already, many not.
        ‘daddy, it starts!’

        1. This is what I heard in multiple reports …
          Wuhan had protests because they were going to build another garbage incinerator and the air was very polluted already.
          There was a mass vaxx in the city a few months before the breakout.
          22 million phone numbers disappeared after their lockdown. Put 2 & 2 together…. Protests.. then missing people. “1984” on steroids.

      1. Those military failures can reasonably be ascribed to incompetence, bad intel, poor judgement or something similar. My assessment of Biden’s failure is that he committed treason. That family is evil.

        1. i do not think that the ‘pulling out’ was a failure. i do believe it was on purpose like this. definitely. to sow chaos, to prepare the field for further war.

          1. I completely agree. As I said, it was treason; and, in addition to the purposes you cite, I believe it was done in full, or partial, re-payment of a debt owed by Biden and his evil family to the CCP.

      2. This withdrawal should have been done in controlled stages during the winter non-fighting season, which may have been what Trump was planning, but was unable to implement due to his “somehow” having lost the election. The Taliban had much less mobility when there was a lot of snow on the ground and a lot of mountain passes were clogged.
        Instead the Taliban was in the position to rapidly deploy and take over various cities and districts during the summer fighting season.
        My *guess* about the abandonment of Bagram is that there was fear that the well armed Afghan troops on the base may have turned on the US troops when they saw they were leaving. A lot of fear and anger had to be building up in the Afghan troops with all those districts capitulating, and attacking the US would give them points with the Taliban. A withdrawal operation makes the withdrawing force extremely vulnerable to attack.
        This is what you get with dysfunctional political leadership and the type of crap they put into control of the military.
        I don’t think all this will be taken as a wake up call – the country has become too weak, stupid and perverse

        1. A third always goes along with evil because they resonate with it. A third takes path of least resistance even when it’s evil pushing them into something against their best interests. Evil only wins when the last third stands by and does nothing. If and when the last third act the middle finally flow with them if it’s in their best interest and the momentum is great enough. Push back is beginning to happen but not enough vaccine injuries yet to really get things moving the other way. And they may not happen because that may not be the goal. The goal my be just enough injuries to get us into a medical tyranny so millions of western phone numbers can get erased like in China.

          1. I’d have thought the brutal lockdowns and other nonsense restrictions, and the destruction of tens of thousands of businesses and livelihoods, would have been enough to create significant momentum long before now… But I think the momentum has started in some places. We have to remember that it’s hard to judge the real level of protest and the real number of injection injuries, since the official sources of reporting on these are heavily biased and unreliable. I think it’s a safe bet there’s a lot more discontent, protest, and injection injury than there seems to be.

      1. down the rabbit hole
        will they be mutating as well? or as samuel jackson said in the 2020 ‘new powers’ are coming?
        just remembering the ole 90ies (:-) when we where playing with cyberpunk 2020 (among others), and have to tell you, its quite fitting. still waiting for the dragon

      FDA approved does NOT EQUAL SAFE
      It finally happened, the FDA approved the covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. But before you start jumping for joy, let’s take a look at the story of another FDA approved drug, Rezulin. The tale of Rezulin’s rise and fall and its uncanny similarities to Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine.

      Lieutenant Colonel Scheller was relieved of duty for his respectful call for accountability, while Staff Sergeant Cindy Bronson continues to bicker with civilians and threaten martial law on Tik Tok.
      Got it yet?
      ‘I Have Been Relieved For Cause’: Marine LTC Fired After Demanding Accountability On Afghanistan

  2. Robert Barricklow

    “Resources To the Rescue”.
    Church’s looking to not take the jab on religious ground;
    like having aborted fetuses injected into their bodies.
    Boiler plate forms to fill out.
    Many Othodox & Catholics can’t get a letter supporting their request from priests.

    What happened to the Catholic Church?
    Remember when John Paul II introduced Soviet methods into the Catholic Church; including anonymous delations[accusation or charge brought against someone by an informer], removals, scrutiny, and secrecy, and the planting of company men into positions of great power?

    Even the old schools gangsters are complaining about the “new” culture that’s invading their ranks. “These new people just want luxury, power, and more power until they’re either arrested or killed. That’s why they are doomed, and that is why they say so much about our society. They reflect a society w/o values. I don’t think they are against our society; I think they are a product of it. People w/o culture or values w/in a society w/o culture or values”.



    In the last few days, there have been some very encouraging developments around vaccine tyranny:

    – Denmark ends all COVID restrictions, including the Vaccine Passport.

    – Germany suspends vaccine licenses for the next two weeks, placing a moratorium on the vaxx, pending safety concerns and stopping all vaccinations for now.

    – Japan recalls 1.63 million vials of the Moderna vaccine and Health Minister advocates Ivermectin.

    – Province of Alberta ends all COVID restrictions, after failing to prove that COVID-19 has ever been isolated in human tissue.

    – Texas Supreme Court nullifies mask mandates in public schools put in place in districts throughout the state.

    The reason why all these things are happening is because of what this amazing video is about: the inescapable consequences of 2 billion people being vaccinated.

    1. Thanks, ZDB. Would you happen to have a link for the Japanese “Health Minister advocates Ivermectin” item, please? Not even aspirin is allowed in Japan without a prescription!

  4. HHS documents admit
    CDC has never isolated any “Covid-19 viruses” …
    PCR proves nothing but instrument NOISE …
    Global deception is rapidly unraveling …
    In this article:
    There are no isolated certified reference materials for the “Covid-19” virus.
    PCR tests that find “positive” results for Covid are simply the result of the amplified background of the instrument.
    The FDA admits that the PCR tests were performed without any isolates of the Covid-19 virus. So they simulated the virus.
    Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovitz confirms common coronaviruses and monkey viruses fraudulently labeled “Covid.”
    Dr. Jane Ruby explains the lack of viral isolation and why the ‘pandemic’ is based on coordinated scientific fraud.
    The CDC FOIA documents reveal evidence that the CDC has never isolated Covid-19.
    The viral spicule biological weapon is real, and Covid’s “vaccines” are fatal shots to achieve depopulation.
    CDC Director Walensky admits that the Covid vaccine does not stop Covid infections.

  5. A little “State Craft” history first – Late 1970’s Brzezinski and Bush41 (former CIA Dtr) with aid of CIA developed Taliban and Al Qaeda as proxy army to fight Russians in Afghanistan. CIA further co-opted Iran (proxy state) in birth of Palestinian Hamas (proxy army) to harass Israel ginning up foreign aid. The birth of terrorists in the Mideast that could be martialed around at CIA/State Dept whim. The following is all open source – connect the dots:

    — 9/11/2001 used to re-ignite Iraqi Freedom – Bush43 and same players if you don’t know truth RESEARCH

    — THEY tried to light up Russia/US, NoKor/US, Iran/US with world war to keep fiat gig afloat but PDJT managed to not engage.

    — Since April (PBS report) Afghan refugees brought to US super organized migration – NGOs arranged housing/culturally appropriate food/medical care/soccer fields set up

    — Curiously biden regime sidesteps “Military” sets 8/31 deadline with ZERO notice to American citizens situate throughout country

    — CIA director negotiating perimeter security subcontract with Taliban

    — 62,000 Afghani airlifted to US mil bases nonvetted (½ w/o special VISA status) thru CID State Dept program gives immediate green card; program limit 100,000 head of household refugees – does not count family members

    — July biden signed Direct CID for translators/operatives but now shut down ‘for fraud’

    — Reported only 4,200 Americans reported evac/169 Embassy staff only validated Americans evac

    — Only communication between in country Americans and State Dept via on website to NOT go to Kabul airport and form promissory note $2000 cost to evac (

    — Airport turns into cluster F*** Marines/Army acting as crowd control only – only Afghani shuttled onto planes

    — We learned missionaries and orphans removed from airport compound and ordered to wait OUTSIDE; within hours single bomb detonated killing 11 Marines 20+ orphans/missionaries injuring over 200 at Abbey Gate

    — Obummer talking heads flooding MSM calling for reoccupation of Afghanistan

    — Miraculous single drone strike taking out bombing planner – yet had no clue Taliban would take Kabul quickly

    — Now CentComm calls in AC130 gunships and B-bomb trucks ready to re-engage

    Meanwhile the larger data point being completely missed is the CCP and a brilliant scheme to dominate the world through economies :
    (1) access then control of Afghan rare earth (necessary for nuclear) and Lithium (batteries EV/phones/computers/TVs) mineral mines along China/Afghan border which also controls Uyghurs territory eliminating migration to China and becoming mining slave labor. They then control 90% global production. Russia through Uranium One deal controls via US leases remaining 10%. But most importantly (2) China then conducts proxy war with Pakistan (partially equipped with Bagram cache) to take control of India. China would then control major pathway from China across Mideast to ram the Belt and Road imports to EU.
    The US has been sold out once again and in the process use of Afghan refugees to further Balkinize America. And Slo Joe can fake dementia, resign and be absolved via Presidential pardon of all traitorous bribes from CCP.

    1. Also note – For two decades we’ve been financing Pakistan’s ISI intel agency that runs the Taliban. We fund the people who our soldiers fight like the neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Al-Qaeda in Syria. Both sides of the fight…we have it covered. And not a PEEP from the Republicans. Folks don’t you get it yet? Politicos are paid off – we’re the cannon fodder for their profits. We’re lied over and over again. Unless Americans can somehow muster the special ops to forceable take out these crooks in Washington, nothing will change.

      I agree with Joseph, Trump isn’t coming back. There are no White Hats to rescue America. I believe THEY cut Trump a deal to back off – him and his entire family lives. They likely told him the Trumps will become the next Kennedy family…. “suicides” killing them off and black swan type accidents wiping out their fortune for decades to come until they’re all gone.

    2. Yes, as usual, it’s the old wash-rinse-repeat playbook of backing both sides against the middle, chaos, death, destruction and profit. This time, Biden appears to have committed treason, betraying his own country as well as Afghanistan and the Allies, and sparking a full-scale mafia war.
      As you say, the big winner appears to be the CCP and The Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Personally, I don’t see China and Pakistan going to war against India. All three are SCO members. Survival of the CCP depends on their delivering a rising standard of living to the Chinese, and the difficulties and risks involved in fighting a war across the Himalayas are huge. I think the CCP will try to engineer a win-win of prosperity through expanding trade for all, although I do believe they will try to take Taiwan by force when the petrodollar collapses – which is only a matter of time. Expansion of de-dollarized trade within the SCO and further afield will serve to hasten the dollar’s demise. The Chinese are nothing if not patient.

        1. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? The Republic of China (Taiwan) is all that is left of pre-communist China. Taiwan was never part of the PRC, whatever the CCP might like us to think.
          The key point about the Taiwan issue is that it is not about geopolitics, oil, money, etc. It is about “face.” It is difficult for us Westerners to understand the concept, let alone its importance, in Chinese culture.
          That Taiwan is not part of the PRC constitutes a loss of face for the PRC – just like Hong Kong and Macau used to before re-unification. This loss of face is so serious to the PRC that they will, when the time is right, risk trying to take Taiwan by force.

          1. An uncontrollable urge leads me to here speculate: what if the Taipei govt., at the opportune moment, were to attack the PRC in sn attempt to repatriate the land, with the help of, say, serendipitously well-placed fleets from several other nations( such as the ones in place right now, oh my!), and thus bring an about-face to the political situations of the entire region, not to mention the rest of the world…??

  6. One of the things to learn from this covid carnival is how easy it is to coerce MDs into going along with questionable to outright destructive medical dogmas. They have a lot invested in their positions, and they can be easily victimized and destroyed for straying from the party line. And at this carnival like everywhere else, money talks, character and competence walks.

    1. The problem with our healthcare system is that most doctors are employed by healthcare systems that are heavily invested in pushing the vaccines. That is to say, most of my colleagues no longer answer to their patients; they are now beholden to hospital administrators. Both systems in our market have mandated physician vaccination as a requirement to stay on staff.

      In the past 6 months I have seen (and heard of) the following:

      1) A 74 yo cousin of my wife: bilateral deep venous thrombosis (DVT) with bilateral pulmonary emboli. Nearly fatal. 2 days after pfizer 1st shot.
      2) A 68 yo physician friend nonfatal MI. Nonfatal. 3 days post pfizer.
      3) 44 yo healthy female patient: fatal pulmonary embolus one week post moderna.
      4) 30 year old with clotting of veins in her brain: cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: niece of patient disposition unknown.
      5) 19 yo healthy college student: fatal myocarditis after failed heart transplant.
      6) 25 year old nephew of a surgeon/friend: nearly fatal inflammatory pericarditis.
      7) 54 yo female patient with bilateral facial paralysis following J&J. This looks like it will be permanent.
      She has difficulty eating/drinking. First bilateral Bell’s Palsy I have seen in 40 yrs of practice.
      8) 72 yo patient recovered from covid and ordered by FP to take shot: hemorrhagic stroke causing 50% blindness 12 hrs after 2nd Pfizer shot.
      9) 20 yo daughter of patient who developed oral thrush, severe skeletal muscle myopathy followed by cardiomyopathy—she is in heart failure and confined to wheelchair and oh yes, has developed grand mal seizures.

      I would add that prior to covid, in 40 yrs, I had seen only one patient with a vaccine injury: a nurse with mild case of Guillian-Barre following a flu vaccine.

      The spike protein is the toxin.
      There are 2 ways to get it:
      1) covid virus
      2) covid virus vaccine

      And some of my colleagues (all employed) continue to recommend these shots.
      Most Doctors are extreme conformists. They have been conditioned to be institutional brown nosers through decades of training and practice. Security and status conscious sheep for the most part.

      1. 4 out of 8 of my parents’ children were/are health care workers. Father worked for Wyeth Upjohn (Pfizer today) and later Medtronic. Mother nurse 40 plus years. Similar with aunts uncles cousins.

        I concur and then some all all points raised. Witness conformity over obvious lies: mercury amalgalm fillings, destructive vaginal prolapse and hernia repair mesh, opioids, vaccines, vioxx, thalidomide, asbestos in baby powder, carcinogens in sunscreen and nicotine habit breakers,……..

        Had talk with most jaded sibling and spouse last week. Surprised when they concurred and then grocked the significance of not knowing a single person dead of cv1984. Explained 6 degrees of separation and their circle of 200 to 300 people. If anyone in that circle died, they would find out in weeks if not days. In 1918 flu 1 in 30 people died. So we would each know 10 people dead from cv1984 if comparable. In 1918, 1 in 3 people were incapacitated sick for extended time. We would each know 100 people deathly sick.

        Our experience is we know 1 person dead of cv1984. 84 year old who weighed 400+# who had died and revived in previous 6 months. We know upwards of 30 people including ourselves who had a bad flu for a week in last 24 months. We know of one person hospitalized in icu a week after he went to ER with a bad cold that they diagnosed as pneumonia and sent him home untreated told to return if he felt worse. Was in hospital a couple days, sent home with meds and long covid and myocarditis. With supplements we recommended he’s enroute to full recovery. In all med history, refusal to treat any disease let alone pneumonia is grounds for malpractice.

        Through all this, we know 3 people who died within weeks of vax from blood/heart issues. My sibling knows of no one. So far. Now they are looking. People can be slow to learn, but they do learn.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Many people believe the doctors, and others;
          when they point to covid1984 as the cause of death.
          Color me skeptical.

      2. As a patient, I’ve seen more doctors (general practitioners and specialists of all sorts) over the past 20 years than most people, with any luck, will see in a lifetime, and in three different countries. The two biggest lessons I’ve learned:

        1) Most doctors are very closed-minded and conformist (and unless they’re a specialist, uninformed of the latest research). I’ve met a very few brilliant exceptions to this general rule.

        2) Most U.S. doctors’ main source of information about new drugs is pharmaceutical company reps. Draw your own conclusions…

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