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Forum 2.0

There's new activity on Giza Forum.

Hosted on its own resources so it doesn’t compete with the main site for speed.

It's FAST!

The Forum uses your Giza login, so the Forum will automatically log you in if you’re already logged into Giza. Just click the “login” button on the forum.

If you're not logged in, it'll ask your Giza credentials.

Some of the features:

  • Does dark mode, if you have dark mode set on your computer and it recognizes it. (Sorry, we can't troubleshoot dark mode on your computer)
  • User badges. Recognition for your participation.
  • Additional abilities accrue over time as members gain trust levels (like access to a hidden lounge).
  • Better handling of video and article links.
  • Vast per-user customizations. Including optional high contrast themes for the visually impaired.
  • Ability to tag posts and search/sort by tags.
  • Ability to form groups.
  • Instant notifications when someone quotes your post, mentions you, or replies.
  • Better topic navigation. Easily find older topics.
  • Better search.
  • Very Mobile-friendly – It loves touch (we're still working on the top menu).
  • Community moderation
  • Spam blocking
  • Emojis
  • Reply by e-mail
  • That’s just a few – explore and you’ll unearth more.

How to get there: it’s on the Community dropdown. Or you can click “Forum” at the far right if you’re on a desktop.

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  1. I cannot get into FORUM. Tried log in/out, etc, but page just blank. Anyone else have similar issue?

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