Secretary of State Blinken just had a phone call with the Chinese Foreign Minister... what did they talk about? Well, one version has it they didn't talk about much; the other version has it they talked about a great deal.  Guess whose version that was...?

Secretary Blinken’s Call with People’s Republic of China State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Wang Yi Speaks with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the Phone


  1. Which “branch” of the USA has been running the world, so to speak, since WW II???!!! This is all getting very interesting to see how it will all play out!!

  2. it takes maturity and honor to rectify a situation when you are aware that you’ve plainly stepped in it and in a mess of your own making. There is NO honor for puppet masters hiding behind the curtain nor for the puppet. The CCP is a monster, but at least we can see it’s face.

  3. Joseph, they would have talked about the developments in the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan. This is the last hold out against the Taliban regime. The situation there is critical now. Does USA and China give air and drone support to the Afghan Resistance Movement? Both countries are passionately anti-terrorist.
    Remember, China borders the slender finger of Afghanistan (Wakhan Corridor) that follows at the end of the Panjshir Valley and also has a big strategic interest at heart. The Silk Route still matters in the 21st Century. Latest developments reported here:

    1. Won’t the CCP want to ensure that its pipeline route to Iran through the Wakhan Corridor is protected and any pockets of resistance to the Taliban quickly crushed?

  4. Tit for tat with Chinese characteristics. The Party of the east by going west is using the west against the west in the east.

    There are no deals to be made with thug terrorists – the gloves may yet come off.

    “What and who are compromised and by how much?” Keeps buzzing around in the ole gray matter.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Biden Family loving the Chinese money.
    For that matter, the Democratic Corporate Socialist Party.
    [Real capitalism for the 99%’ers;
    socialism for the rich and/or transnational corporations
    Not, the strings attached.
    Nor, the Hunter Biden sexcapades tapes.

    Funny how China’s pulling of the Executive & Legislative string$; have the U.S. ending up on the wrong side of another fiasco benefiting China? Well, I’ve heard that you get what you pay for; and the U.S. is the best democracy China could buy.

    There are two different economic systems at odds here; and the battle lines that are being played out in real time, for the heart & minds of the will decide if world has a human culture; or, if it will continue to shift to an inhuman, transhumanist culture.

    Michael Hudson is doing a ten-part lecture on just that: the battle between two economical/political systems[China/U.S.], and the videos have ancient history woven into these lectures in detail.
    He has three “Empire” parts up now.
    Plus, he also has an article, dated today, that gets into this China/U.S. conflict; w/a George Soros op-ed, demanding the world side w/his narrative viewpoints. Hudson; however, counters by telling it like it is:

  6. Perhaps the demise of empires or great powers can sometimes be a bit like bankruptcy. It’s said that first of all it happens slowly, very slowly and then suddenly all at once..

  7. Look Joseph every head of state outside of the USA really the CSA knows neither Joe or Kamala are running the country. So there is nobody to negostiate with unless they have the phone number or e-mail address of the real movers and shakers who are in control.

    1. The Republic is in control (as it should be) by The People, for the people, and of the people. Not a dictator, secretary chairman, excellency anything, or thug boss or crime lord. They each delude themselves in a shallow state of grandeur believing their mug shot has an appeal to the informed and wiser.

  8. Sad to say, but it is clear for all the world to see that Emperor Biden has no clothes. The US government has become a laughing stock, devoid of credibility. I have never seen the US look so weak or vulnerable. This is reflected in the relatively plain language by Wang Yi, who uses relatively little diplomatic double-speak or blandishment. Wang Yi clearly had no consideration for Blinken’s supplications, and instead laid down the law to Blinken of how things were going to be going forward. The US really looks like the under dog now, which is new. It has been inevitable for a long time, but now it is here.

    The Taliban may originally have been created by the US; but it would not be the first monster to have turned on its creator. The Taliban know of course that Afghanistan is a major prize for the CCP, who they will milk for whatever they can.

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