10 thoughts on “TIDBIT: BIS AND CRYPTOS”

  1. they plan 2025 for eradicating cash (if memory serves well)
    and these ‘people’ r able to buy these coins as well, and pour as many money through multitudes of channels, and not just ‘simply a group of individuals running code’, but like blackrock and vanguard.
    smokes and mirrors

    1. let the BiShit ring along
      so fill our lungs and sing a song
      dont blame the scapegoat being bushed
      its just for the story of the pushed
      let the Óðr lead the way, with Allfathers cheerful say
      ‘war and love, mey and hey, throw the runes to dance their play’
      and after all and before never
      our reels are spinning time forever

      1. Elohim-Yahweh, as astronomical and agricultural year, is anthropomorphized – as Adonai (Odin) – representing deus ex machina, in children stories.

        The general occult tendency, attempting to predict the future – by reading tea leaves, and casting rune symbols – is just children playing games.

        Witches circles can dance themselves, into frenzy, as laughing concubines, and yet, Sun Tzu – being beyond wheel of karma – simply uses Occam’s Razor.


        When Sun Tzu drunk tea with queen,
        she found his manners mean,
        as he chopped her head
        and left her dead,
        like a laughing concubine.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    In the digital world; it’s all copies, and mirrors.
    And, bottom line, digital is: dirt cheap.
    Well, the above is a false statement; dirt is expensive compared to digital.
    And so is thin air…

  3. Yay! Dr.Mochi just won a prize for finally finding ways to accurately assess and collate( collimate?) all of the quadrillions in derivatives currently sloshing around in bundles. No more worries about Cantor numbers. Three cheers for the cryptos moonshot! Stock markets to the stars!! Gamestop forever!!! [ Sarcasm included in #BOX]. And it’s not even 2022 yet!
    “Takuro Mochizuki: 2022 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics”

  4. When the New World Order begins to distribute their digital currency you should be aware- Not all “blockchains” are created equal. In fact, they can easily be used to track, trace, index, correlate, reverse, remove and rescind ALL OF YOUR TRANSACTIONS.

    The New World Order wants to do away with CASH and FUNGIBLE MONEY (spoiler: it’s because they want to control you.)

    Bitcoin has value because it’s open source, decentralized and distributed.

    Open source = the codebase can be reviewed for correctness, security and transactional proof. Is the math correct? How does the network function? What kind of scarcity is built into the technology to MAKE IT VALUABLE?

    The New World Order will NOT allow their digital currency to be open source, decentralized or distributed. They will operate all of the command and control nodes. They will tell you their token is tethered to “Real Assets” like oil or gold. They will control the supply. They are attempting to enslave us all.

    Ask me why stable coins are fable coins.

    Take Note:
    Bitcoin is traceable, easily indexed and cannot be considered FUNGIBLE MONEY. Even so, bitcoin remains much more desirable than a STATE ISSUED DIGITAL CURRENCY.

    Monero is FUNGIBLE DIGITAL CURRENCY. — in terms defined by me. (a so-called EXPERT)

    1. How do you know Monero is fungible and secure? If they are, are they until they meet with the Fed in DC like Coinbase? Just asking.

      1. Any open source project will have the option to clone and fork the code. Node operators signal with their code which chain to follow. This is why it is not valid to say that Monero can “meet” with anyone- because Monero (like bitcoin and other projects), is simply a group of individuals running code. Not a single person or corporate a$$ grabbing.

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