1. I just wrote quite a lengthy comment about SCOTUS and implications of it in our modern era of jabs. It was not posted, I hope it is just in moderation. Otherwise I am mad. Anyway jabs are a new source of cancerogenic proteins, now nothing will stop them from injecting directly cancer genes like BRCA1,2. But wait a min they already have a solution for the future cancer disease pandemic. Frequency medicine. Theranos story, Toshiba testing machine , R. Rife live virus microscopy anyone/!

  2. Another case of SCOTUS rotten to the core. As dr. FARRELL often says ever since a Descartes this has been a slippery slope of human reason taking a driver sit, leading us to perdition. The above opinion was a perfect example of rationalizing an Evil. Just because you take exons(carrying encryption for BRCA) out of larger strand of DNA containing introns, does not mean that both aren’t a part of nature.
    Larger implications of this particular case are: now we’ll have newly manufactured BRCA1, 2 genes ready to be inserted in a next jab and gobs of population of women and men with newly minted disease inside of them CANCER.
    Now, it’s time to segway to recent articles by dr Farrell, concerning foul play with Theranos comp. Their discoveries how to use optical phase conjugation as diagnostic tool, Toshiba working on their own optic interferometry and finaly last but not least R. Rife live viruses microscopy. What all of them have in common, frequency medicine. The Genie is out of bottle and can’t be stopped. Too many companies are working on the same concept. This means that microbial, cancer and possibly other diseases cures are within a reach. Big Pharma is in trouble.
    Hold on, they won’t give up without a fight. Let’s inject everybody with unstable mRNA molecule, that will encode for many oncogenic proteins⬇️
    and now with more bullet proof idea, genes that directly cause a cancer BRCA1, 2 and voila in 10years everybody will have a cancer but they will have expensive solutions. These new optic phase conjugation machines are going to be iron clad patented and prohibitively expensive. You wanna bet!

  3. This is what stands out to me, from section III of the decision: “It is important to note what is not implicated by this decision [neither methods nor applications of knowledge are at issue]…. Nor do we consider the patentability of DNA in which the order of the naturally occurring nucleotides has been altered. Scientific alteration of the genetic code presents a different inquiry, and we express no opinion about the application of §101 to such endeavors” (emphasis in the original).

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