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While you're contemplating the fallout from the Afghanistan debacle, consider also that China's Xi Jinping is doubling down on Marxism, in this important article and analysis(our thanks to the individual, who wishes to remain completely anonymous, for the following article:

China's Marxist "Profound Revolution" Is Here, And Nobody In The West Is Ready

And in that connection, ponder this article shared by V.T.:

Chinese President Xi Jinping Announces Plans to Establish Stock Exchange in Beijing

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  1. This is link to post as referred in “Profound Revolution” article. (also reference in video link posted by Robert Barricklow)
    English Translation: Everyone Can Sense That A Profound Transformation Is Underway! – China Digital Times (Cdt)

    In recent days, a number of major state and Party media outlets have simultaneously republished a relatively obscure essayist’s screed on sissy-boy celebrities, get-rich-quick capitalists, and lessons that the collapse of the Soviet Union might hold for China.

    Li Guangman, a columnist for the now-defunct website Chawang and former editor of the trade publication Central China Electric Power, first published his opinion piece, “Everyone Can Sense That a Profound Transformation is Underway!,” to his public WeChat account @李光满冰点时评. People’s Daily, Xinhua, Guangming Daily, and other prominent state media platforms promptly picked up the piece. While it is unclear whether the move was coordinated with Li beforehand, it is not unprecedented for state media to elevate nationalistic bloggers who echo, or even foreshadow, national policy. In 2014, Xi Jinping promoted Zhou Xiaoping, an ultra-nationalist blogger with a particular distaste for the U.S., as a model for other writers at the Beijing Forum on Literature and Art, in a speech evocative of Mao Zedong’s 1942 “Talks at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art.”

    Li’s sweeping, impassioned essay used an ongoing celebrity culture “clean up” campaign as a launching point to argue that the United States “is waging biological warfare, cyberwarfare, space warfare and public opinion battles against China, and is ramping up efforts to foment a ‘color revolution’ by mobilizing a fifth column within China.” In his vigorous conclusion, Li dismisses recent reforms as superficial, arguing that it is time for a more radical transformation.

  2. Apparently, a lot depends upon what happens with the Famous Dam???

    Perhaps of interest…..A NEW Declaration of Independence has just been released & can be read at Simon Parkes web page. Can we really be freed of all these Secret Societies that have been governing us for so many centuries??? Are they really being taken down???

    Here in Central NYS I was saddened to see that on the first day of school our children are STILL required to wear the muzzles!! It’s up to the parents to DO something about this!!

  3. A Marxist stock exchange… Well, in a world of invisible racial privilege and magic viruses, why not? Isn’t it funny how, just as Western countries play out Rockefailure’s Lock Step “prediction” and impose authoritarian crackdowns, China imposes a new authoritarian crackdown of its own. The timing may be total coincidence; I haven’t a clue. I do wonder if this is a sign Xi’s regime is weak, or that he fears it is.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      It’s the new 20-Worst-Century lockdown virus.
      Only weak governments can succumb to this power-related virus.

  4. The problem with China is its philosophy of Legalism which is burrowed into and hides under the cover of its nemesis Confussism. When you combine Communism and Legalism you get a toxic brew but in the West you have narcissistic individualism whose motto is ice your neighbor before they ice you.it a wonder that the West has not been enslaved yet. But maybe it has at least mentally.

  5. Anti-human technocracy in peeps’ clothing?!
    Or a new paradigm for a new age?
    Color me deeply skeptical!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      [got this video off HerrSchwab in the Forum]

      This youtube speaks of the Chinese response to the covert war going on; that is being fought on many fronts: increasingly severe U.S. military threats; economic and technological blockades; financial strikes; political and economic seizures against China; the launching biological warfare, cyber warfare, and pubic opinion warfare against China; space wars; weather warfare; color revolutions; and the cultural war against China’s younger generation and their strong and masculine vibe.
      The Chinese are therefore: striking down monopolies; celebrity culture; big tech’s strongholds on culture, and various industries; Chinese billionaires are being taking to task; and lastly; the Chines system must be geared to people[humans], not capital[inhuman].
      The reporter starts his diatribe about obvious Chines propaganda,
      like the virus started at Fort Detrick, MD.

      I stopped at 12:35 click in; but will continue at later date.
      It’s like reading what U.S said about the KGB.
      You find out about more about our own “political police”, the FBI.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Missing OrigensChild’s comments and human touch;
      on all the varied discussions taking place here.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          OrigenChilds comes a goes; so I think he’s coming back.
          Goshawks may have fallen off a roof, for all we know.
          Miss them, and others; like Frankie, Vominto Blanco[spelling?], who’ve also come & gone.

  6. “An official message that houses are for living in, not speculation” … is something that we could do with here in Australia and I’m sure in lots of other western countries ..

    1. Just another way to destroy private property, family stability and the formation of new families by our graduating youth.

      1. Well… with all due respect, at the age of nine – with regard to private property – I understood that in reality it meant paying taxes (rent) forever, no mineral rights, subject to loss by eminent domain laws and numerous other restrictions. At the age of 81, not much has changed except to note a recent worldwide full-court press to escalate rents and finagle mortgages to such an extent as to discourage a squad of Philadelphia lawyers. Of course I am more mature now, and more aware of the discouraging power of oligarchs with access to means of changing or ignoring laws that restrict nefarious designs, with all the tools of obfuscation and misdirection, not to mention the high cost of legal issues. I.e., the one with the most gold prevails. Ownership? I once considered them to be only my thoughts, but in recent times I have come to question this stance.

    1. I think we seriously underestimate how much in truble China youth is. Yes, they produce more engineers yearly that the rest of the world, but majority of young in China want to become a YouTube influencers maybe even more, than their counterparts in West.

  7. Bruce Lee made his own martial art system, and broke tradition, because systems are bureaucratic. My discussion, with the Shaolins, is about the Indo-Scythian origin of Buddhism.

    Apparently, a holistic martial art system has a tendency, to morph into religions, because of the spiritual component. Stupid Marxism is opium for the sheeple.

    That is why, the dynamic dualism, in Scythian martial art, is a game changer. Because it is basic geometry of the time-compass (卐), expressed in diametrical oppositions.

    Commies are sissies, who can’t fight, just weep, about their six million H. G. Wells science fiction:


    1. take a look on the so called ‘bagua chan’ or pakua chan. it is that kind of martial art. it belongs to the so called inner styles, together with tai-chi and hsing-yi. there are only three, of which tai chi is the most popular. pakua and hsing-yi r the destroyers. rarely taught moving yogas, and mostly famaily business. my master taught me mainly pakua of the ‘ko’ (high) lineage. he lives here in buddhapest, but does not teach anymore.
      besides he is a world-renowned TCM prof and has a phd in western medicine (prof dr Yu Funian). he was the one who brought TCM-teaching unto university level in europe, in hung…
      and pakua is all about vortices, changes, whips, slashes and lashes, accumulating and using chi (prana, lung, ki, u tell me). if viewed from above, its like a svastika-man turning to both sides in a whirlwind. everything about perfect balance. there are some videos on the net for sure, although very few people are able to really fight with. ueshiba morihei learnt this in china before ‘making’ aikido.
      and of course, it may be systemized, and loses potency
      on shakyamuni: the ‘pearl of tha shakyas’, that tells everything 🙂

      1. Spherical swirl is an interesting hypothesis, because, in alchemy of year, one transforms with the elements. Aikido is a rolling and spinning ball.

        Man is seeded into solid form, turns into liquid movement, vaporizes into thin air, and bursts into fire. TCM is about right remedy, according to inherent nature.

        Scythians, as Isaac’s sons, trace lineage, to the eternal return, as turn of year, the principle of Elohim-Yahweh. Ideology of compass is pyramid in navigation.

        The 8-point time-compass is personified in Adonai/Odin/Buddha/Christ.


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