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There was a surfeit of very good, "bloggable" stories this week, and it was very difficult to select which ones to blog about. The following stories were all worthy of a blog (and I may yet do so on some of them), but in order not to deprive you of the benefit of reading the intriguing stories that so many found and shared, here's just a few of the selections.  Thanks to T.M., S.D., V.T., A.S., W.G., and M.W.:

Mystery flying wing aircraft photographed over the Philippines

Sandy Hook: Lottery Jackpots & Free Homes – Two Unusual Clues Unearthed in Newtown


Gunmaker subpoenas school records of 9 slain Sandy Hook students and educators; families want records sealed

Translated: This Is What The 5,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs In Australia Say

China wants to build a mega spaceship that’s nearly a mile long

NATO eyes world’s sixth-largest nation: Brazil, U.S. in first joint Gulf of Guinea exercise

Dr. Scott Atlas: Science Killed Itself Over COVID-19

BRICS development bank admits UAE, Bangladesh, Uruguay as new members


  1. BBC News reports that a series of camel sculptures carved into rock faces in Saudi Arabia are likely to be the oldest large-scale animal reliefs in the world, a study says.
    When the carvings were first discovered in 2018, researchers estimated they were created about 2,000 years ago.
    This was based on their similarity to reliefs at Jordan’s famous ancient city of Petra.
    But a fresh study puts the camels at between 7,000-8,000 old.
    Their age makes them even older than such ancient landmarks as Stonehenge (5,000 years old) or the Pyramids at Giza (4,500 years old). They even predate the domestication of camels, a catalyst for economic development in the region.
    At the time of their creation, Saudi Arabia looked very different, with plains of grass dotted with lakes rather than the deserts of today.

  2. Mark Sean de Cantual

    mRNA electroporation ….I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… method research funded by DoD oh and by $5million “the you know who foundation”. “Hopes remain high for another kind of nucleic-acid vaccine, one that makes use of DNA rather than mRNA. DNA-based vaccines have most of the advantages of mRNA vaccines, yet they produce no significant side effects—and, crucially, they don’t need to be refrigerated. These attributes could make these vaccines a boon to rural and low-resource regions,” IEEE Spectrum magazine reported in May.” and from Inovio a warm and fuzzy pressie ( narrated by “Big Sister”) ….As the song goes there must be 50 ways to nuke your liver!!

  3. There was so much loose video the day of and the days and weeks after Sandy Hook. The real estate info was known early on. This was back in the day when citizen journalism was a thing. Plenty of videos depicting crisis actors, and amenities like bottle water and Portapotties, lots of interviews and analysis of gun fire noise, viewing angles, drone shots, the ridiculous medical examiner, super fake Robbie Parker, the badly photo-shopped yearbook picture. It was known that the town of Newton was bankrupt. There was a FEMA/CEMA drill within a 5 min drive. The clincher for me was when the families had begging $ites set up within days. It’s amazing what billions of dollars can purchase. Who knows, I would probably shut my mouth if given a couple mil. Several or maybe numerous people got rich but no one died. Much like other ‘events’. Even global ‘events’.

  4. So why show Captcha log header caption (with number count of 1) on the header line when access is denied? Inquiring minds want to know. (Gotcha count?)

  5. My story: Similar. First job out of military service (1960) five years as a medical claims insurance inspector. Learned a lot. Lesson #1, avoid hospitals and “health care” professionals. Which I have done for 60 years. Use common sense and rely on folk wise common knowledge (except for trauma, of co

  6. At the time of Sandy Hook shootings I was living aproximately 25min away. I was to be able to see first video reports from local tv station about 9:25am. I will never forget one scene, whan couple of cops run up a hill chasing few other guys dressed in some kind paramilitary uniforms. Mind you this was before any feds or swat teams were on a scene. This early video was never shown again, ever. Also forensic pathologist who was in charge of writing a report of this event, quit before the final report was issued publicly. Preliminary report leaked to press, stating that gun wounds that children inflected, were coming from multiple directions and several type of weapon.

    1. I’ve come to suspect nearly all shootings of this type are being carried out by political black ops groups and their mind controlled patsies.

      1. Agree. I suspect two thirds of the crowd at any rally are paid actors from various / numerous guv agencies for deceptive nefarious purposes. Exceptions likely recent anti mandated self-harm edicts.

      2. Roger, you might want to check institusions called “crisis management”, these groups are very well organized including real time reaction to unfolding events. Some of them have over 1000 members,some are smaller (40-60).

  7. Robert Barricklow

    In the old forum there was a way to click “favorite” and see it later.
    Color that gone?
    A place to post?
    Color that gone?
    Never had FACEBOOK.
    So clueless on what it’s like[Thank God].

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Posted something last night in old forum.
      Checked old forum this morning.
      2 days old is first visible post.

  8. Here is a rocket booster, for the immune system:

    I am not a doctor, just a logical thinker, and I haven’t had a flu for 30 years. When others are heavily under the weather, I might just get slightly dizzy, for a couple of hours.

    During the summer, natural sunshine on the skin produces vitamin D in the body. Fresh fruit gives vitamin C. This is common household knowledge for health.

    Zinc is a necessary mineral, and it is said, that virus don’t like zink. But zinc needs a chemical agent, to effectively get into the cells of the body. Zinc must have a transporting agent.

    Such an agent is the bark from the oak. It is called quercetin, from Latin quercus, which means oak. One doesn’t need prescription for quercetin. It is freely available.

    (Apparently, malaria medicine, and worm medicine for livestock, also transport zinc into the cells. But they are only available by prescription, from a licensed doctor.)

    The druid mistletoe grows, on the same oak bark, from where quercetin is produced. The druids bring mistletoe, whereas Pope Satan brings Jesuit Fauci’s Cantarella virus.

    Science info:


      Zinc sails, in bark boat of oak sturdy,
      making cellular membrane entry,
      knocking out viral thugs
      and papal bugs,
      by mistletoe, the herbal gentry.

        1. good keepin’ up the pressure bro’
          though it makes me lo’
          since has no brewery nearby
          and my valkyrie crashed the stockpile
          so i hit the road
          until the next stop
          just for a fight and a load

          p.s.: good food, good drink, good sleep, good crap + good love = good life. we use whatever it takes 🙂 vitamins, teas, fruits, herbs, spices, roots, and nowadays pine needle tea as prophylaxis against our weaponized bro’s and sis’ ‘sheddin-tr@nsfection’ (call what you like, they producing the spike at an alarming rate)

          1. The Valkyrie is an archery term for trajectory, that in its fullest sense is the straight fall of a fruit, from a branch bow.

            The straight fall is also a perpendicular, a spear, used in geometry, to construct a sun cross, a 4-point compass etc.

            The falling/flying Valkyrie has its own rune, followed by death and resurrection. The rightful king’s token is a falling apple, and a rising sprout, having taken the journey through death of ego.

            Valkyrie simply means war cow, the long forgotten female aurochs, in the riddled rebus sequence called “runes”:


        2. now u gettin’ my diamond dragon.. 😉
          no cow. amazin’ amazon that beats all
          the best rapture in europe
          (had to answer here ’cause wont let under)

  9. Robert Barricklow

    Dr. Scott Atlas; where were you when we needed you?
    Or, why didn’t Trump listen to you?
    Or, did he?

    In others words; here’s another damn disconnect
    from your stance against covod1984;
    and Trump following Fauci, like Mary’s little lamp
    into the Re-Set slaughter house.

  10. Robert Barricklow

    “One of the most controversial subjects in modern history is questioning whether advanced civilizations, like the ancient Egyptian civilizations, managed to travel across the globe?”[They put it as a statement]

    The real question, is why the international press[et. al] is withholding mankind’s history? Especially, about ancient civilizations?
    In fact, it’s almost certain, that what “they” do allow to be inked; is subject to either misinformation, or disinformation. In other words; setting up a false narrative trail down a predesigned rabbit hole, w/appropriately placed crumbs along the way.
    Please spare me the chump, historically “accurate” just-in-time, crumbs.

    Now this maybe indeed be genuine.
    But, I just had to rant:
    Why is that these kind of stories; don’t have a solid history themselves?

    Why does one have to do some diligent, and intelligent digging;
    just to find the likes of a Joseph P. Farrell?

    1. This is merely me being flippant re the hieroglyph story. As an Aussie expat, I do know all about poisonous snakes, and have had a couple of run-ins with them too. No one died in my run-ins though. That a few off-course Egyptians may have trudged through the Oz outback with one of them being bitten twice by a snake and dying as a result strikes me as very plausible indeed. 🙂

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Exemplifies that there is probably a lot of truth there; and that’s what “they” don’t want you to know. For your own good, of course.

  11. Robert Barricklow

    Mystery flying wing aircraft over Philippines.
    The primary mystery for me?
    What’s in those Chemtrails?

    1. It appears to be a known top secret unmanned stealth fighter drone. Question I have is what was it’s mission in the Phillipines? And there could be hundreds of them there that are better armed and programmed to out perform human Chinese fighter pilots.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        It’s the 4th, 5th & 6th generations warfare that goes under the radar; where the real damage is in plain sight, yet can’t be seen by those unknowingly programmed. That’s the rub.

  12. Robert Barricklow

    Sandy Hook; the crime was a horrific one.
    The one the newspapers and new media spread across the globe that caught fire and grew beyond belief. And rightly so
    Because the story the PRE$$ carried was an elaborate shot-up “Potemkin Village” w/actors & actresses, acting out scripted parts for a Soviet style disinformation campaign in a continuum of gin narratives to exterminate the 2nd amendment.
    When I went to read further[“Continue this story at DC Clothesline”;
    I got “Error 404”.


    1. Robert Barricklow

      Then there’s Remington gunmaker being sued for Sandy Hook?
      Offered each of 9 families, 3.6 million settlement.
      New owners of Remington?
      Are these owners, also owned by another conglomerate?
      If so? Are those owners, owners of too many to count big businesses?
      And do those owners; also happen to own the court$?

      Just asking.

  13. Not surprised about the Sandy Hook articles, that whole thing was a shit show.

    So the slow break up of the USA continues, just what the dr. ordered

  14. and there u go usa…
    one of the trinkets i hold dear from days of yore on the yugoslavian shore was the used grundig walkman our father bought us with two jacks so both of us could listen to ‘da music’. wham last christmas… this was in 1986 i believe. chernobyl in the neighbourhood..
    and only a few years passed we listened to the ‘use your illusion’. cut the fence between east and west just so nato could come and we saw our illusion on the serbian border spreading into the night of novi sad…
    just a year or so i heard the ‘civil war’ again from that album. now i understand. its sad. and unfolding in front of us


      Biden’s nose is wild rover,
      running snot all over,
      as brain will out
      in sprout,
      from nostril shower.

      In lapses, between two conscious thoughts, out comes the saliva. Drooling is honorable too.

      1. It’s no longer a secret that the Bye Done is being played by an actor… who REALLY is pulling the strings???

  15. that aussie shipwreck is interesting, and plausible, in fact honourable. if its a forgery, than s/he must have had a deep respect and understanding of life passing by. and that ships fail..

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