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This week we had a lot of good stories, so our thanks to C.A.F., M.G., V.T., S.A., M.W., W.G., S.H.,


Covid Round-Up:

Bidenenko adds measles to quarantinable list

Episode 16 – American Conversations With Vaccine Injured – Interview With ‘Anne’



Go Australia:

Australian Freedom Fighters Battle Totalitarian Tyranny and Government COVID Lockdowns, Protestors Overwhelm Police Efforts to Beat Them




FDA Hearing: Doctors and Experts Testify Government Data Demonstrates COVID Shots are Dangerous and May Kill More Than They Save (VIDEO)

Inquiry Launched Into Secret Talks Between Pfizer And EU Commission Chief For Sale Of Vaccines


The Strange China Feud of Soros and BlackRock

Hungary Warns Pope Francis: You Are Allowing Christianity to Die

Japan's GSDF begins nationwide drills for first time since Cold War


Japanese defence minister draws a 'red line' around disputed islands and warns China it will 'resolutely' defend its territory after standoffs with Chinese navy


    1. I learn, from a Chinese girl, how to make my own recurve bow, traditionally crafted:

      Reconstructing Scythian martial art has practical applications, merging mindset, and adapting techniques.

      Globalists plan their empires ahead, and a Chinese century will become a fall guy, eventually. The Chinese know that.

      Globalist bedfellows are venereal diseases.

        1. Most definitely. The prairie tribes quickly adapted to the horse, that the Spaniards brought to the continent.

          So did the ten tribes on the steppe, when becoming the Saka-Scythians, entering Europe as Saxons. Scythians specialized in mounted archery.

          Horses are very intelligent animals, and riding one’s pet, into the sunset, has become a popular icon.

          Horse whisperers talk to animals.

          1. By the way, I encountered the Green Man, in 2002, and that investigation led to a quest, for the Indo-European root source.

            In 2006, I proved, that Scandio-Scythian sport is closer to the root source, than the cliche of tradition, that has survived in India.

            Recently, I have been able, to track down the root source, as seventh century BC, in the Scythian realm. Odin is actually Adonai.

            I am completely rewriting the Holy Writ, exposing papacy as fraud.

          2. The Scythians: Nomad Warriors of the Steppe – Barry Cunliffe.
            Herodotus: The Father of History – Elizabeth Vandiver.
            Herodotus – Melvyn Bragg.

            Odin’s sports and runes are described by Snorri Sturluson, and the full rune system is described, in the Old English rune poem.

            Odin’s sons are the 4-point time-compass.
            Odin’s sports are the 8-point time-compass.
            Odin’s runes are the 32-point time-compass.

            The four rivers in Genesis are the 4-point time-compass (卐), when constructing a sundial cosmos, by the Grail runes.

      1. I have been studying Chinese Wrestling called Shui Joao. It is at least five thousand years old. It is basically Neolithic combat wrestling that hasn’t been turned into a sport. I’m also learning catch Wrestling which is what wrestling was before it was made safe for high school.
        I can picture Sychtians doing something very similar.
        I have also taken an interest in native American archery. I don’t know if you have seen any videos, but I can link them if you like.

        1. Shuai Jiao Chinese Wrestling is thorough and impressive. That is, presumably, the drill technique of elite units of terracotta warriors.

          Scythians were scattered bands, unable to unite, except for drinking, and rising as one in revenge. They had a geometrical worldview, derived from the time-compass (卐).

          The mounted Parthian shot, taking out pursuers, one by one, is tactic in asymmetrical warfare, when being outnumbered.

          When facing a highly trained Assyrian army, skull-hunting became tactic of intimidation, toasting an enemy cranial cup, to hell.

          Native Americans were unfamiliar with the brew, as means of warfare. Psychedelic warfare is a specific Scythian trait, and key to Scythian success.

          Modern Scythianism is just NORMAL Western sports, being weaponized, by becoming conscious, about its Scythian origin, as Odin’s eight-legged sport.

          For being in the know, I am the most dangerous man alive, in Scandinavia. Cheers!

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Go Australia!
    Great video of Australians breaking free of police barricades.

    Ultimately, the fight against global technocratic totalitarianism
    can only be done by the peoples of Earth, in a fight to the death.

  2. The left wing media tried hard to demonise the anti mandatory vax pritests in Victoria as ‘ a mus of neo-Nazis, libertarians and conspiracy theorists’.

    They were tradies who revolted against being told they couldn’t work fir two weeks without pay. Even some of their own commentators have realised it was a bad piece of propaganda .

    The the non Australian Gizers here, the Andrews Government in the State of Victoria really is a far leftist, tyrannical dystopia.

    Andrews just keeps using Covid and the poor effort he has had at controlling it in Victoria, to continue with ‘State of Emergency’ powers, thus allowing him to use the Chief Health Officer’ to be a dictator.

    Same thing has now happened in New South Wales. There’s 25 Supreme Court challenges against the State at the moment. The State only has to lose one and their covid totalitarianism wheels fall off.

    Businesses are waking up to the fact that if 20-30% of your customers can’t come to your shop, you will go broke.

    Here in Queensland, sunshine and normal life-typical Australia 😉 Just don’t mention the rushing of abortion laws vs public outcry…

    1. “There’s 25 Supreme Court challenges against the State at the moment” – that’s fantastic news! I for one am doing my bit every day raising the same issues and questions. I post regularly in a well known newspaper, carefully wording my comments so they don’t get rejected by the mod. Honestly, with each article I read, there are at least 80% of the comments against mandatory vexing, and mandatory vexing passports. And yes, I’m always using the term ‘vex’ because that is EXACTLY what it is. It’s clear that the majority of the people are aware and against these mandates, but the media and govt have been shutting all discussions down. The United Australia Party has stated on F’book that they are taking the State Govt to court and in their comments section, people are advising other people the solicitors that are currently preparing. Our NSW premier has now changed her narrative that the uninjected will also ‘enjoy freedoms’ eventually. This wasn’t her rhetoric only a few weeks ago, which I think made a lot of people pay attention. Praying for good results.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Project Veritas is an interesting concept of “Here Be Truth”.
    Of course, The Telegram doing a 180 is possible.

    It’s sort of like the expression, “…just need a quick hand”
    Yes, we all need a hand. Titanium, Carbon fiber, Neurologically integrated. Five hundred and twelve degrees of hold and cold sensitivity. An a leg. And a new colon, I have mine. I have a goddamn semicolon.

    In other words, w/a 20th Worst Century lens; things change!

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Politburo Biden adds measles to quarantine list.
    The Politburo may as well add “colds” to the list.
    But wait, w/all the different forms of covid;
    covid is already akin to having caught a cold/flu
    [the good, the bad and the ugly forms colds/flus]

    If you now try to use google or Wikipedia;
    you’ve just part and parcel to another live-in-action experiment:
    a controlled information environment.
    Good luck on researching just about anything under the Sun;
    including, of course, the Sun herself.

  5. Re the Pope: I thought this was an interesting little tidbit to add to the Tidbits. I listen to a guy who is very smart and who is also very Jewish. Every once in a while when he is having discussions with a guest he will bring up some not too well known Jewish practice or belief that pops into his head because of something they’re discussing. He was having a conversation last January with an Italian researcher and the question “What is going on with the Pope?” came up and one thing mentioned was the fact that the Pope had to cancel New Year’s Eve services because of a very painful sciatica attack. So this guy says –You know what just popped into my head. What I’m going to bring up is almost biblical. Jews don’t eat the sciatica nerve because of Jabob’s Ladder. Jacob is wrestling with the Angel. The Angel ends up harming his leg. The injury is an injury of the sciatic nerve and that’s why Jews don’t eat the sciatic nerve of animals. So I find this as a hint that there is something the Pope is wrestling with, that there is an evilness that has overcome him. To be honest I can’t totally dismiss the possibility that he may be right.


      Pope Satan’s syphilis had sinful source,
      of perversity, taking deadly course,
      and with gangrene flow
      in his kissing toe,
      he was put down, like a lame horse.

      1. i think the pope is still afraid of mary’s country. he almost didn’t even mention her name or jesus’.
        if u take a closer look on his speeches, he always preaches ‘love’, but no ‘justice’.

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