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This week was one of those weeks there were so many good submissions by readers on so many topics that it was difficult to make selections for blogging. I think you'll find the following list of this week's honourable mentions to be all over the board (and thankfully, not all concerned with the planscamdemic). Thanks to V.S.O.C., M.D., K.M., A.F., G.B., T.S., S.D., M.B.,

South Dakota Will Protect You From Virus Freaks AND THE TAXMAN


Italian Sailors Reportedly Knew About Americas Over 150 Years Before Christopher Columbus

Russia Launches Missiles During Warship Drills Inside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone

"Ready For Fielding" - US AC-130 Gunship Receives Laser Cannon

Texas governor bars all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in state, rips Biden for 'bullying'

Efficacy of Nicotine in Preventing COVID-19 Infection (NICOVID-PREV)



  1. As for the ancient italian text, the recent scholarly article about it is a great read, you can find it here:
    A few notes on what the text says:
    – settlements near the north pole, differentiated from settlements in iceland and greenland
    – N. Pole ppl are immortal
    – There is land to the west of greenland, presumably N. America, called “Marckalada”
    – Giants inhabit Marckalada
    – They have built megaliths on Marckalada
    – A people called the “Tartars” also get a mention, so there is a reference to Tartaria for you

      1. Something is very wrong. Doctor Who is not Human. Although Time Lords look human, they are actually aliens, and they have quite a few physical differences: the Doctor has two hearts, a “respiratory bypass system” that allows him to go without air for much longer than a human, a low internal body temperature of 15-16C, and the ability to absorb, withstand, and expel large amounts of certain types of radiation!
        Certainly useful evolutions for Life on Mars.
        Key Question I have and no one, so far, can answer. Doctor Who was always male until recently when he regenerated as female. What happened to the Doctor’s Y chromosomes during the metamorphosis process?

  2. Ok I don’t know if anyone has ever posted the Deagel information about population projection by 2025. A lot of preppers were talking about it in the day.

    Quotes from Algora article:
    Data from Deagels by nation:

    Who is Deagel? Duck duck go and see…

    “A look at the Deagel website which is quite sophisticated, makes it clear we’re not dealing with some blogger concocting outrageous clickbait. It seems to be well-connected with defense contractors and government agencies like the CIA”

    “They’ve predicted that about 70% of the US population, and about the same percentage in Europe, is going to disappear by 2025. It’s hard to believe that anybody in their position would make a forecast like that. There’s no logical business reason for it, especially since it was done before the COVID hysteria gripped the world. It stretches a reader’s imagination.

      1. Yes ZDB, Deagel tried to rabbit hole this awhile back.
        You actually had to use the go back machine for the 2014 database. I note now that the countries that are most vaccinated are the ones forecast to have the most drop in population. Hmmmmm. Imagine that. Underlines Dr. Farrell’s vanishing people article. So I put this Deagel info for tidbits so you and others wouldn’t miss it.

  3. I think there’s a great deal of evidence that the original covid-19 virus was a gain of function lab creation that Fauci apparently funded. There’s an assumption that the more infectious delta variant was a natural variant arising from the bad practice of using a non-sterilizing vaccination in a spreading epidemic. I think that natural origin assumption should be put on hold until it’s determined for certain that the delta variant isn’t itself a lab creation.

    However, the most important question that exists now is: with a new type of experimental vaccine being widely applied, you would think the authorities would be requiring autopsies for all possibly related post-vaccination deaths, but they are not.
    To me, that’s a serious warning. It implies whoever is controlling all this fears what it would reveal.

    Some people might be quickly hard hit by certain side effects of the experimental vaccines, that will show up only over longer periods of time in other people. As far as I know, nobody is investigating this.

    1. I do believe there is a German gentleman doing autopsies, I think he said 30-40% of the people he did an autopsy on died from the vaccine

  4. Also regarding the source and origin of Covid-19 virus. The World Health Organization WHO last week named a team of 26 scientists to reinvestigate the origins of Covid-19.
    But a third of the WHO team have conflicts of interest due to research links or previous statements made eg. to the Lancet.
    The WHO had its initial efforts to investigate the possible origin of the virus in Wuhan during an on-the- ground visit in January and February this year frustrated by China; and was widely criticized at the time, after they declared it ‘extremely unlikely’ that the pandemic began with a laboratory leak.
    Note: Seven members of the original study group from earlier this year included British professor John Watson and Dutch scientist Marion Koopmans.
    Koopmans runs a viroscience department collaborating with EcoHealth Alliance, the US organization headed by British scientist Peter Daszak, which funded high-risk bat-virus experiments in Wuhan.
    She has published 27 papers with her colleague Ron Fouchier, one of the world’s most controversial researchers into ‘Gain of Function’ experiments, which aim to make animal viruses more transmissible and may be able to lethally infect humans.
    New members of the latest WHO team include German virologist Christian Drosten, who signed an influential Lancet statement last year that attacked ‘conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin’ and praised Beijing’s ‘rapid, open and transparent sharing of data’.

    Members of the GDS can draw your own conclusions about what the results and findings of the latest WHO study will be!

    1. Drosten is also co-author for infamous fraudulent paper used to impose fraudulent PCR on everyone and force lockdowns on perfectly healthy people. That paper went through a peer review process in less than 24 hours in a peer review system that takes at minimum 6 months.

      1. Correct. Reiner Fuellmich and the German Pandemic Group (can’t remember their name) say that those flawed PCR tests actually started the whole wave except of course those over exaggerated London papers.

  5. Please can Joseph and GDS members send an urgent confederation message to Richard C Hoagland, William Shatner, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk on all hailing frequencies. As follows:
    It is crucial Humans clean up their mess on Planet Earth (our Blue Planet) before they are allowed to start mining, undertaking heavy industry and exploiting the Moon, Mars and asteroids.
    Specifically: China, India, Australia, Congo and Brazil need to be stopped once and for all at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland in November from trashing and raping Planet Earth (mining, dirty industry and fossil fuel energy).
    The British Queen and her son Prince Charles and her grandson Prince William are correct. First save Planet Earth before letting humans loose across the Solar System!

    1. Just what the world needs: more lectures from the mega-rich and royal… the class that has has been raping, pillaging, polluting, indebting, and enslaving for centuries… So nice to see they’ve suddenly grown a conscience. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! How about donating 1% of their fortunes to feed, clothe, and shelter the homeless in the countries where they live?

      1. Anglosphere is most draconic, in promoting bankster bayonet, in former crown colonies.

        Sheriff of Nottingham must keep up appearances, by pretending to be nice.

        Royalties want all wildlife put in prison, and that is why Robin is free in Sherwood.

        Wild animals have unrestrained instincts.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Hats off to the soldier who quit the Pontifical Swiss Guard;
    calling attention the the high & might hypocrisy,
    of not-so, holier-than-thou, so-called church.

    The Russians and Japan must have reached an agreement;
    and are now doing theatre global performances.

    Leave it to the Texans to: Remember the Alamo!
    For me, it means the courage to protect their sovereignty to the death,
    from would be tyrants and/or invaders.
    [of course, it isn’t that simple]

    The nicotine story reminds of the big tech companies like Google, FACEBOOK, and other telling all that they’re giving people what they want; just like their classic hero corporation: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.
    As RJ did; they should come w/a warning: socially undesirable side effects.
    Or, when surrendering your lives to the virtual worlds; your not adapting to it, but are becoming enslaved by it.

    Video of nurse speaks volumes about the jab, in under 2 minutes

  7. Does anyone have a link for the video? This is the first time I found the truth being said about the nurse.

    We need a bumper sticker: Remember Tiffany Dover.

  8. “South Dakota Will Protect You From Virus Freaks AND THE TAXMAN”
    Hmm, so this is how Kristi Noem was able to thumb her nose (and have her state follow suit) at the covidiocy sweeping the world: she has a lot of rich and powerful backers, who don’t want anything disrupting the status quo where their money is concerned. As Catherine Austen Fitts has so often said: “Follow the money.”

  9. Nicotine is an Ectoparasiticide
    An ectoparasiticide is an antiparasitic drug used in the treatment of ectoparasitic infestations. These drugs are used to kill the parasites that live on the body surface. Permethrin, sulfur, lindane, dicophane, benzyl benzoate, ivermectin and crotamiton are well known ectoparasiticides.

    Notice Ivermectin in the list.

    From Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

    Actions of nicotine:

    Analgesic 2 mg/kg ipr mus
    Cardiovascular 0.25 mg/kg ivn dog
    Herbicide IC57=5 mM
    Insecticide IC100=1,000 ppm

    Tobacco is traditionally spread on wool rugs before being rolled for storage to prevent insect damage.

    Who is doing the report in the video of that poor nurse who died?

    1. One hypothesis regarding the nicotine type content in pesticides is that it (those in use for reducing insect predation on crop yields) is responsible for CCS or colony collapse syndrome of the first pollinators of crops – the Bees. They’re not the only favorable insects to have around that are affected.

  10. Also regarding Covid-19. These articles clearly explain why Gain of Function Research on viruses in labs by scientists is so dangerous and possibly ultimately lethal to humanity.
    Why do the higher levels of the State, Secret Services and Intelligence Services seem to be unworried about such a possibility; and why do they act with puzzlement, remain silent and refuse to address Gain of Function Research on viruses in labs?
    Surely, world leader must address the matter at their COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland next month?

  11. Regarding Covid-19 virus. Will our world leaders be brave enough to discuss the possible source and origin of the Covid-19 virus at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland next month?

    The UK is hosting the Summit. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, the Queen and the Royal Family could initiate a credible debate and build international consensus about extremely dangerous and reckless Gain of Function virus research in labs. World leaders urgently need to agree a new treaty and International Convention in 2021 for the Prohibition of Gain of Function Virus Research.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      especially, if “they”, are indeed; part and parcel to the ongoing operation.
      If anything, the meeting will decide what sorts of tender to add the the fire.

      SPOILER ALERT: SARS-CoV-2 is a circulating vaccine-derived-coronavirus (cVDCV) via the PLA, but borne from work originally done at UNC, the only institution that’s been attempting to design a LAV for SARS and chimeras needed for attenuation…

  12. Regarding the Laser Cannon development for US military aircraft. The advanced civilization UFOs / USOs operating in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific already have similar laser technology that has been used to kill local inhabitants of these islands from time to time and also some Japanese troops who were occupying the islands during WW2.
    This book by Marius Boirayon, an ex-Royal Australian Air Force aircraft / helicopter engineer is well worth reading for a detailed insight.

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