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I know I'm a day early for News and Views, but tomorrow promises to be a busy day, so I thought I'd better get this out there. Mr. Globaloney has coughed up his latest dirty trick with yet another international unelected board of techno-experts to make definitions of what is "sustainable" and what is not:

FSMA Chairman welcomes the new International Sustainability Standards Board

10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM NOV 17, 2021”

  1. While there is always hidden agendas by those in “power”, let’s not loose opportunities to make changes using their own tricks and methods. Sort of like a karate guy that uses an opponent’s own power to his advantage or a lawyer that uses “legal” methods to sue a government or corporation. Let’s make it an opportunity for us.

  2. I guess this is how the financial criminals plan to justify ESG (“environmental, social, governance”) scores, which they’re going to assign to publicly traded stocks and bonds. It’s the ratings agency scam all over again, but this time on a global scale. And, instead of being tied a company’s financial performance, ratings will be based on whether you play ball with Mr. Globaloney’s social and political agenda.

    Just like it’s important to shift money to good local banks whenever possible, I think individuals should avoid patronizing any company that gets scored by these people’s rules. And, for heaven’s sake, if you’ve got enough money to be an investor, don’t invest in anything that gets the Globaloney stamp of approval! The trouble, of course, is that pension funds — the biggest investors on the planet — will be coerced into only putting their money into companies with a good ESG score.

    1. Sure, when pomp and circumstance sound like an empty barrel, it will cause psychological breakdown.

      That is why honor has been taken off the table. Meaning, that no position of honor is to be endorsed.

      Those, who are unable to solve the Runes, are to be mocked for their shortcomings. No excuses for stupidity!

      In brutal practice, that means to scrape off those, who are less developed, when marching forward.

    2. Keep an eye on small meat processing plants that have recently sprung up in the Mid-West and other areas. Places like that might be interested in taking on investors in order to expand, and grow. I know the folks running the 80,000 acre Centennial Ranch near Dell, MT. They formerly shipped their cattle into Canada, but as we know things change. Also, Rick Bevins in Bozeman, MT takes his Wagyu beef cattle to a local, small processing plant, then sells the processed beef locally, and will even ship it frozen to buyers. Very high quality, and far more tasty than other beef. ‘jus sayin’

  3. Basically what they are talking about is setting stock prices to whatever they feel like. To some extent this already happens, but within the limits of how much they can get away with. This takes away any limitations. I’m sure a large part of the calculation will include how much they’ve donated to the correct causes, hired the correct people, etc.

  4. Communist slum rats, and apron-Jesuit bureaucracy, are forging alliance, bestowed by pedophile royalty.

    European royalty is historically legitimatized by papacy, that claims to be high priest of Europe, falsely so.

    The witches congress in Scotland is a board for papal inquisition, for witch-hunt on Europeans en masse.

    Scythian kingship, defined by Runes, is the key to destroy the enemy’s source of power.

    By IQ-test, false pretenders are exposed as stupid:

    By Scythian martial art, false papal claim is reduced to dust:

    1. The triggering point is the TIN TRADE, that was a cultural lifeline, during a millennium, that provides the backdrop, for a Scythian-British joint effort, coming into Christianity. Defining the political situation in antiquity, renders the papal claim null and void.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Now children, This standards board is here for your ass!
    Oops! I mean your own good health and well being.
    This is all primarily under the I. D. O. S.C R.E.W. M. & H.O.W. Stability Boards.
    Since sustainability is a moving target; its definition will also move along w/the targeted businesses[honesty is unstainable, for example].
    The only accountability will be for those businesses outside the inner circle.
    [The above will go, w/o saying; of course!]
    This will include the chemtrail effects on companies worldwide.
    Oops! We mean the climate change on a targeted, er., we mean, a company.
    The I., I.S., B.S.; boards will serve as the financial basis of such reporting.
    The later is overseen by the laddering board, which is accessed on the high up in the food chain boards; under the holier than thou terms of agreements.
    The standards of the board members and organizations must be unaccountable, unelected, and unavailable for any investigations.
    Other wise, what’s the point of all this deception.
    Just ask the D.E.C.E.P.T.I.O.N. board; if you don’t trust us.

    Blackrock & Vanguard will make investment judgements based upon our unbiased judgements. Those on the judgement boards are of impeccable character; plus they sit on all the globalized Media Board Chairmanships.

    1. Good, cleverly written synopsis, Robert.

      Are those Board members insane, as was mentioned at about the 12 min time?
      They certainly appear to be in the criminally insane class, who need to be cared for in an institution. The sort of institution where the doors are kept locked, and the key thrown away. It’s for the safety, protection, and well-being of all good, decent, hard-working persons. ’nuff said’

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