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Catherine Austin Fitts spotted this article and shared it with me, and during a (short) week of blogs about Baal Gates' ambitions to become a nuclear power, and further revelations about Evergrande's financial woes, I thought the following story would be the perfect way to end a short week before the Thanksgiving holiday with yet another disastrous nominee from the Brandonenko regime, this time for the Office of the Comptroller of Currency:

Biden Nom Saule Omarova Stole Hundreds of Dollars of Merchandise From a T.J. Maxx

So, just a few points about Saule Omarova:

Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.), the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, has pressed Omarova to turn over a copy of a thesis she wrote on Karl Marx while studying at Moscow State University in the late 1980s. Omarova, who attended the school on a Lenin scholarship, scrubbed her résumé of a reference to the Marx thesis at some point over the last few years.

Omarova, a professor at the Cornell Law School, has said she wants to "end banking as we know it" by requiring bank deposits to be held with the Federal Reserve, rather than private banks. Omarova has also proposed the creation of a federal agency, the National Investment Authority, that would fulfill the goals of the Green New Deal by investing in infrastructure projects. Omarova said one goal of the National Investment Authority would be for oil and gas companies to go "bankrupt" in order to fight climate change.

And then there's this:

Saule Omarova, whom Biden tapped to serve as Comptroller of the Currency, was arrested after she was caught stuffing $214 worth of clothes, shoes, cologne, and belts in her purse at a T.J. Maxx in Madison, Wis., in May 1995. Omarova was 28 years old at the time and studying for her doctorate at the University of Wisconsin.

And finally, this:

Omarova will likely need unanimous Democratic support in order to be confirmed, but some moderates have expressed concern about her views. Sen. Jon Tester (D., Mont.), a member of the Senate Banking Committee, said he has not decided whether he will vote to confirm Omarova. Sens. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.) are reportedly on the fence about her nomination.

So what do we have? We have:

(1) Someone who wrote her thesis about Karl Marx, who now does not want to provide a copy and removed reference to it from her resume;

(2) Someone who wants to end private deposit banking by turning over such accounts to the Federal Reserve, a privately-owned central bank  and the very model of probity and trustworthiness;

(3) Someone who wants to bankrupt oil and gas companies, and to found yet another federal agency to fund "green" projects, like (for example) a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor in Wyoming for your favorite billionaire busybody;

(4) Someone about whom moderate Democrats have some misgivings (1); and finally,

(5) Someone arrested for shoplifting.

The last point says it all; one can dress up greed and theft with all the lovely green phrases of Marxism, but it still remains theft.

With such a nominee for the Comptroller of Currency from the Brandonenko regime, what could possibly go wrong?

See you on the flip side...



  1. BREAKING NEWS! Leaked Santa letter from Omarova obtained by GDS News Service …

    Dear Santa,

    When I was in Graduate Sch …. er … ah … a “kid” I enjoyed stea … er … ah “borrowing” things from the local TJ Maxx. Marx said I was entitled to them so I wasn’t reeeallly “borrowing” them … anyway … I just saw on the news that you can now stea … er ah … “borrow” stuff permanently from Louis Vuitton, Nordstroms and lots of other great stores. Santa, all the cool criminal elected officials are using this ball-peen hammer for their smash n’ grabs.

    ![Ball-peen hammer|166×252](upload://r3LgDQe7IWjA2Efq578nUmhl8dW.png)
    My Mom said that she wouldn’t buy me one and told me to just stea … er … ah … borrow Grandma’s cheapo Chinese car safety hammer. I tell you Santa, If I don’t get one I’ll just die, I tell you I’ll positively just die. Please, please bring me one. I know I’m asking a rich, fat white guy with White Snow North Pole privilege to give me free stuff but … anyway gotta go. Just got a new smash and grab flashmob text … hope Grandma’s cheapo Chinese car safety hammer works.


  2. oops. modded again. too many links on one post?

    It does seem all trial balloons on all topics are lead lined bottom fishing to see how low we will go.
    Just because we reject it today doesn’t mean it won’t be trialed again tomorrow – not with coercion or force though. That would never happen, not when we can call it psychological nudging.

    CAF came through again.

    1. It’s almost as if we’re all being driven to the right hard with some anger.
      Imagine the backlash on these horror story left narratives is going to be almost as violently damaging to society as the left narratives currently being forced down our gullets today. What are the odds that gulags and more crimes against humanity are coming and what we’re seeing is just dancing back and forth to decide which party will be scapegoated to the few grandkids who survive?

  3. It does seem all trial balloons on all topics are lead lined bottom fishing to see how low we will go.
    Just because we reject it today doesn’t mean it won’t be trialed again tomorrow – not with coercion or force though. That would never happen, not when we can call it psychological nudging.

    CAF came through again.

    If you’re on here Catherine, please take a look at memes I’ve been seeing more often from

    And then there’s the growing more belligerently obvious:

    Anyone read anything in the last 24 hours about Aboriginals taken to camps by force in NT? Or vaxxed by force?

  4. As I have said before to whom are our elites in hock to they are not the masters but the real slaves. We are only the chattel, livestock who are their masters they are barbarian savages offering up us to their blood-thirsty gods.

    1. We are not the chattel or livesstock. We are the creators of our planet!!!! We are the ones having the stemcell based on which everything grows and knows how it should function. We need to far better understand this to break ourselves away from the programmed reality of which they want us to believe in. Your stemcell contains the source code how to grow an arm or a leg from a cell to the functioning of our brains. The stemcell is the source code and that is where our lords are after by directing us in their world of transhumanism.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      “They” hope to automate choices; both large, small, & everything in between.
      Just as Nabisco & Kraft want to change what we eat; Amazon, Facebook, and Google aspire to alter how we read & what we read; the banksters plan to program your currency algorithms – to relentlessly hunt for patterns; that torture and sculpture your signature data, until your spending behaviors finally conform dynamically – w/the bank’s prescribed hive mindset.
      The Privately owned Federal Reserve’s actions have already anticipated the immense cost savings of building a digital prison w/o walls transforming your life w/electronic monitoring as an opportunity for disruptive innovation in government/private/partnership services.
      The above what is called framing.
      And your the government patsy.

  5. This would bypass the regular banks and put them out of business. I find it hard to believe they would tolerate this.
    Something else going on behind the scenes?

    1. The same families own all the major banks and corporations. It was part of the shell game to buy up most of the real world assets with fake money without it being too obvious. Now that they have almost all the world’s assets they may feel comfortable enough to finally come out in the open and streamline their control and management of all the world’s assets by winding down the presence of all the shell companies. Just too tedious and inefficient time wise to maintain an illusion that they may feel is no longer neccessary to maintain since they now have the world in checkmate.

    2. Yes indeed, much is going on “behind the scenes” but not if you really look. IMO the media and Fedgov are in collusion to take the country down economically, depopulate about a billion and a half worldwide, dump the dollar, and make all of us subservient to the Fedgov for everything. You’ll have a social score to accompany your credit score which will result in a “worthiness” score…your worthiness to them. Covid was part of it, but they’ll soon roll out additional and more deadly viruses to accomplish their goals. This goes way beyond Bribe-em. He’s lower than a pawn. George Soros or Bill Gates wouldn’t take his phone call.
      In this woman’s case, why in the world could a more intelligent and respectable candidate be found for such a key job, unless of course the ideas she’s spouting are spot-on with their intentions.
      Thing is, we’re seeing markers emitted just to test how far they can push us; that $450k reward to illegals was one of those.

    3. c’mon boy, they own the ‘regular’ banks and do not give a flying cock about the crumbling and vaccinated workforce.
      everything digital, remember? everything is going to plan. dont worry

  6. My take on all of this is that she is needed as a cutout to implement the switch to a digital $ direct from the Federal Reserve.
    Bill S.3571 introduced March 23, 2020 has the following wording in the bill:

    “SEC. 3. Authority and mandate for member banks to maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets.
    (a) Obligations of member banks.—
    (1) IN GENERAL.—Member banks shall open and maintain pass-through digital dollar wallets for all persons, including persons eligible to receive payments from the United States pursuant to a Federal law relating to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID–19), who elect to deposit funds into pass-through digital dollar wallets.


    (A) IN GENERAL.—Each member bank shall establish and maintain a separate legal entity for the exclusive purpose of holding all assets and maintaining all liabilities associated with pass-through digital wallets.

    (B) CONTENTS.—The assets of any entity described in subparagraph (A) shall consist exclusively of a balance maintained in a master account at a Federal reserve bank, and the liabilities or obligations of the entity shall consist exclusively of an equal quantity of balances maintained by holders of pass-through digital wallets.

    (C) CAPITAL OR LIQUIDITY REGULATION.—The assets and liabilities of any legal entity described in subparagraph (A) shall not be deemed assets or liabilities of the member bank or its affiliates for purposes of any capital or liquidity regulation promulgated by Federal or State banking authorities.”

    The last part is chilling. The member bank creates a separate legal entity for the digital dollars held at the FED but they “shall not be deemed assets or liabilities of the member bank or its affiliates for purposes of any capital or liquidity regulation promulgated by Federal or State banking authorities.”

    So no accountability whatsoever. It was bad enough that the FED can print without underlying assets and audits. Now they will adjust accounts on the fly based on an AI algo.

      1. … Tennessee said, or should I say sang, it best,

        You load 16 tons, what do you get?
        Another day older and deeper in debt
        St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
        I owe my soul to the company store

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but to me this person(Omarova) reeks a stench of the Soviet sleeper cell activated at the desired time, nothing more, nothing else.

    1. Omarova’s problem with money is that she keeps running out of other peoples’ to spend.
      I tip my hat to Yuri Bezmenov for warning us about all this. Sadly, it was such a slow motion collapse that most “American, Idle” people didn’t notice. All the commies worked like termites chewing away at the central structure and now the facades are sloughing off.

  8. one could hardly blame ‘becky sharp’ omarova for the need to create a fashionable self-image. in order to infiltrate the undeserving rich, she required the accoutrement of the role.

  9. we – the huns – already have a ‘national development agency’ and the money is abundant there. but our people are more of a fritz than an omarova.
    her academic background is not ominous at all. i believe she was kicked out of the ussr..
    so: she learnt politics at moscow as wiki says:
    She went to Moscow in 1984, where she was the first student to graduate from the school with a “gold medal”, an academic distinction which was awarded to a tiny fraction of students in the Soviet Union.[8] Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship.[8][10]
    and born in 66! the year of the fire horse. good bet, lucky ride! leave no bridges behind Saule ( Means “ray, sunbeam” in Kazakh.) bumpy ride, burn baby burn, stealing hypertovaris as ‘national investment’ judge. and
    as i take a look it may not be far-fetched and doesn’t sound racist, i can imagine that she is a mantid.. 😉 straight commie derivative from the closet to straighten the line. what a surprise!

    its priceless

    good pick catherine! thank u too doc.
    i wish u – and everybody – luck and happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Technically, theft is acquiring property, in disregard of former ownership. Jesuit shoplifters are caught in their own loop.

    Thievery always seeks to cloak itself, ideologically, as something else – like commies, for instance – to avoid exposure and retribution.

    All thieves want to be like Pope Satan, who has stolen the Scythian narrative, to provide cover for his own thievery.

    Pope Satan has stolen reality itself, and chemical catholicism is his latest trick.


    Sheriff Gunslinger was trigger happy,
    when pulling round on Fauci,
    and vaccination lead
    jabbed his head,
    so Pope Satan went all crazy.

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