1. Loxie Lou Davie

    As per Dr. Zelenko: “We are living through a global bio-weapon attack.”

    We just have to deal with it & we each have to live with our own decisions, whatever they might have been or will be!! We are entering a New Reality!!

  2. It has been reported that the Military World Games in Wuhan, China which were held in October 2019 may have helped spread the COVID-19 virus across the planet. The games may have been a ‘super spreader’ event.
    Many countries troops participated in the games in Wuhan, including the USA.

    In October 2019, more than 9,000 international athletes from more than 100 countries traveled to Wuhan, China — and many of them later got sick with COVID-19 like symptoms. But there has never been a real, in depth, no holds barred investigation into whether the virus that causes COVID-19 was already spreading at the Wuhan Military World Games.

    Why didn’t President Xi of China show up at the COP26 World’s Leaders Summit in Glasgow, Scotland this week? Yet China is happy to show up on the Moon and Mars.

    Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.

  3. Off the far end of the twig….

    Considering the elite are hellbent on a transhumanist agenda wouldn’t it stand to reason that for such an agenda to progress that humans would have to be preconditioned to ‘assimilate’ graphene or some other exotic electro magnetic conductor/magnet?

    Now considering the Fauci gain of function virus research, it wouldn’t take a decade to make a bat virus transferable to humans, it’s a very simple procedure shown by Fouchier and Kawaoka on ferrets.

    Now what would take a decade is inserting artificial scripts into a virus to produce something artificial. If bacteria can produce graphene is it a stretch of the imagination that a virus with these artificial inserts can do the same?

    What if the vaccine is actually delivering antibodies not to spike proteins but to the exotic materials itself to prepare people to assimilate the materials without an overreaction.

    If that is true then the Sherman Apotex murder makes sense but that is another story.

  4. Shame that not enough people have taken heed of Prf.Didier Raoult of Marseilles who has successfully treated covid patients.He has now been asked to retire,which doesn’t really bother him since he is over 65 and enjoys sailing.

  5. These genetic vaXs apparently do little or nothing against a fairly low threat viral disease, they cause enough injuries and deaths that in previous times their use would have been ended, there is good reason to think they will do increased harm into the future, alternatively from the start there have been effective treatments that the authorities have actively opposed use of.

    The authorities are using very coercive measures to get people to take a SERIES of these injections – recently that want young children taking them.

    How is this not some kind of conspiracy for some set of motives that cannot ode well?

  6. https://thecovidblog.com/
    This website vets news items on vaxx damage/deaths. All you ever want to read here. The worst is when they post people’s social media feeds, crowing about their vaxx cards & pounding on anti-vaxxers, then they show their obituary. Lots of stuff gets circulated on Twitter. One going around now about a woman who had her eldest child shot up & he ended up with heart problems. She regrets it, muses for awhile, then says her two younger kids will eventually be vaxxed. What the hell is wrong people?

  7. anakephalaiosis

    Jabbed with Fauci, one gets blood clots, and chopped off limbs.

    Jabbed with heroin, one becomes drug addict, and prostitute.

    Jabbed with cement, one could at least become a statue.

    Ouch, said Cleopatra, when she jabbed herself on a snake.

    1. Type here…
      whats near
      can be heard
      through the dirt
      t’was a friggin’ good analogyjoke mate, laughed my cup off. thanx for the trip!

  8. I know Dr. Farrell gets grief for posting about the GMI procedure. I appreciate his dedication to the truth and efforts to save lives even though the morons who were fooled into having the procedure give him hell about it. Thank you.

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