Tidbits of Conspiracy News


Folks there’s a new webinar in the members’ area titled “How Poland Did It”. I hope you’ll find it enjoyable and informative.


  1. The Polish example is being cited increasingly by people here in Italy. The “Communist” bloc countries had so-called governments puppeted by the Soviets who, as has become increasingly clear, were themselves puppeted by one or more external forces… this pattern has now re-emerged in a more obvious way in the “Western” countries. Some of us have been looking at this for ages, trying to make sense of it, and others have lots of catching up to do. Just as an example, a local friend who had never thought twice about 9/11 is now avidly looking into it. Information is seeping through barriers and by its very nature cannot be stopped!

  2. Yes, the metaverse is interesting.
    It will be used for “entertainment”. But, also, people can create an office and a business within the metaverse and hold virtual meetings and lectures and conduct commerce.
    Since things have gone to zoom and remote work, this may become a more detailed and graphic way of doing remote work. Instead of staring at someone on a computer screen, people might be in a virtual room interacting, a la “Ready Player One” by Speilberg.
    I am not a fan of it. I never did zoom with my patients. But obviously, a lot of people did zoom and would probably fall into this realm easily, with a set of virtual reality glasses.

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