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This short article is so significant that I decided to make it the focus of today's blog. The article was spotted and shared by V.T., one of our oldest and regular contributors of articles and stories.

In a nutshell, the Japanese Ministry of Health has broken ranks, and will now insist that warnings be attached to the covid injections warning of adverse reactions:

Japanese Ministry of Health warns of ‘serious side effects’ from vaccines

There is something in this short article that caught my eye, beyond the importance of the Japanese Health Ministry admitting that adverse reactions are high enough, and serious enough, to warrant a warning be attached to the injections. What caught my eye, however, was the last paragraph of the article:

The (Japanese Health) ministry, which convened a group of experts on December 4 on the issue, proposed to warn of the risk by printing the words “serious side effects” on documents attached to vaccines.

It will also require hospitals to report in detail incidents involving people who developed symptoms within 28 days of their vaccination, according to the law. The plan has been approved by the expert panel and the ministry will notify municipalities of this new measure. (Boldface emphasis added)

In other words, Japan wants, and requires by law, reporting of adverse reactions to the covid "vaccines."

I strongly suspect that the reason it is doing so is because (1) adverse reactions are being under-reported, if reported at all, and that means (2) that any reports currently existing are questionable, and Japan wants to know what's really going on.

It's a polite, understated way of saying "we don't believe you," for consider what Japan is really saying as it attaches the warnings to the "vaccines": "we don't trust you, they are not 'completely safe' as the radio public service announcements in the USA from Health and Human Services have been saying.

And like it or not, that's a huge break from the narrative, for while Austria and Germany are considering total lockdowns for the "unvaxxed", Japan is saying the unvaxxed have very good reason to be skeptical.

See you on the flip side...


  1. There is an ingrained culture of honor in Japan. I don’t think they like to be lied to either!

  2. What weapons or does Japan currently have access to that they dare to be so rebellious?
    What other leverage does it have?

    They have been been punished through weather warfare events in the past..

    And presidents that have refused to follow the narrative have been hit with heart attacks or color revolutions

  3. If this is true, then Japan is seriously going it’s own way. Big Time. I wonder what the reaction will be from TPTB.

  4. Japan and China are waking up just in time they may yet defeat the villains trying to exterminate them.

  5. Mr Sophistication

    What’s interesting about this story (Japanese public brodcaster NHK confirmed) is the recent reversal of Japanese immigration policy due to labor shortages.

    You’d think the Japanese would be enforcing all sorts of vaccine mandates and keeping the island nation as closed off as possible if SARS-2 were as serious as the propa-tainment media in the west would have you think yet the Japanese actions could be a bigger indicator of the overall situation.

    1. I imagine their criteria for entry will be fairly stiff in any event. At least they’re respectful enough we can expect they will not be imposing Klaus anal swabs on their incoming guests. From all folk I know, one can count on being a guest at best forever there.

  6. If Japan were not so expensive, we’d have moved there years ago. Small wonder Pewdie Pie gave it long serious thought before finally giving up on the idea.

    Noteworthy that VAERS in the US is a legislated requirement as well. Those health care professionals who fail to file adverse reactions with VAERS are violating the law. They all know it as they also know that to file with VAERS is to jeopardize their careers.

    Next we’ll be hearing how VAERS will now be administered solely by a new dedicated AI linked directly into Palantir. Hm.

  7. You mean the Japanese aren’t on board with Western-imposed poisoning and depopulation of their country?? Fancy that… Apparently, the Japanese, unlike their Western counterparts, have kept enough of a sense of nationhood to maintain the desire to preserve their nation and its people. Kudos to them!

    What does this imply geopolitically? Presumably, it’s confirmation that Japan is ready and willing to go its own way and not remain merely an outpost of the faltering U.S. empire.

        1. So was my, but maybe not this time. US MIC needs Japan nuclear capabilities too much right now, all forces are needed to fight expansion of the Chinese Empire. There are even talks for Ukraine to regain there nuclear missiles. All to stop New Silk Road. So if any country has some kind of leverage against US MIC, they possibly can stop mandate insanity in their lands.

      1. More earthquakes wouldn’t surprise me… Eventually, if they haven’t already, the Japanese will get develop the tech to strike in some way. It’s kind of a mess.

    1. Japan had their own issues in the past and were on the verge of disappearing culturally.
      The reason they’re still here today, is that they had the courage to face their own demons.
      This, in turn, provides them some advantage and independence – thus the ability to diverge from the narrative.

      1. Very true about the Japanese population decline. The same population decline is happening in Europe. It’s interesting to contrast Japan and Europe in terms of how they’ve decided to deal with that decline. The EU has opted to open the doors to mass immigration of unqualified labor from countries whose cultures incompatible with European culture. Japan, by contrast, still appears to want to defend the Japanese culture and ethnicity.

        The situation with the covidian cult in the U.S. is very different from one state, county, or area (urban vs. rural) to another. There are still a lot of cultists.

  8. Robert Barricklow

    In betting on football, certain people think the games are fixed. They may control just a few key players. Maybe the couch, the quarterback, a running back, the safety. Who knows.
    So, is it the same in this covid1984 globalized fix? Except, here; the key players are on a vaster global upper-echelon scale. Here, in the higher commanding heights; when one steps out-of-bounds, he’s targeted and ends up like Boris[ in the Hospital. When Boris comes out? He’s had a change of: heart, a new covid-cold heart; and big plus sign = Boris is richer, as all the top political leadership covid players have a re-set, heavy-duty, wallet-sized. Davos-packed, silver-lining. Hey, shooting innocent five year old’s w/life changing deadly genetics bullets, doesn’t come cheap. There not some two-bit whore. Their much, much more decimal orientated & expensive.
    But what happens when a whole country steps out-of-the-covid1984-globalized-lines? Fukushima’d?
    I wonder what those States did that were tornadoed?
    See? This is what happened to me; I’ve become too jaded.
    [Google will tell you being jaded is not healthy, but jabbed is.]

  9. Now in Italy major insurance companies are offering policies against damage due to the miraculous experimental elixir. These are said to cover harm occurring “up to 30 days” after the shot (I see that the Japanese use a lunar cycle of 28 days). MSM lamely says that this is to “reassure people with doubts”… yeah sure.

    1. The Elephant Underground

      As Italians operating in the lineage of primo banker mode, why not….? Except of course, it helps to raise the specter of doubt even further. Reject the injection and the extra rider is a moot consideration.

    2. How can an insurer offer that coverage?
      It’s contrary to every narrative. How does that not get insurance agents jailed? Further, how does one prove damages caused by a safe and effective drug. A drug proven safe and effective with decades, er, years, er, months, er ok a couple weeks of rigorous, er, questionable, er shoddy, er ok fraudulent research.

  10. Jesuit Cantarella cooking – the Wuhan bat soup – encounters Samurai sushi.


    Nick Flame had caught out of blue,
    a stone falling into his shoe,
    and miraculous was
    mustard palace,
    that out of tiniest seed grew.

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