17 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 2 2021”

  1. Can’t wait for more of the remaining states to join in this initiative.Doc.Farrell,you gotta be proud of your home state which shows a high degree of intestinal fortitude.Amazing to see this appointee: Sticky fingers…What a choice?Is that the bottom of the barrell????????or what?

  2. Robert Barricklow


    States wouldn’t be subject to the scripted default that bankrupt their economies.
    States would not play in such theatrics, w/their citizens economy.
    States would be fiscally responsible; and not subject to Mr. Global baloney’s power games; at least, w/o being subject to being found out before any real damage could become reality.
    States would be sovereign; and not following transnational agendas;
    at the expense of their own interests.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Is this all about that digital currency bill, that’s poised to give the FED their wet dream; of digital currency being recognized as legal tender and scripted for a drive down Orwell’s memory hole lane?
      Mirror, mirror[a one-way mirror, that is] – on the Federal Reserve Corruption Wall – where fraud will have no bounds. The Banktatorship will move faster than any blitzkrieg imaginable, into a globalized power grab.
      Reginal currencies will move into the vacuum just as fast; and as far & wide as the FED’s reach, if not further.

      1. Since we can assume we have been lied to about everything since the time of our birth…..I would say we should be very suspicious of anything being forced on us by our Medical Establishment!!!

        We need to Save our Children…..on many levels!!!

    1. Can’t find much info on graphene hydroxide on the web. Tried searching it to study it’s properties and read papers on it but it’s either being blocked or there isn’t much known about it. I suspect it may be a substance they don’t want people knowing much about because you know it’s been heavily investigated because of the graphene craze and research on everything about it. I Suspect it has some very unussual energy storage potential or electrolyte function. But it is being discovered that nano-particles including carbon are bad for health and isn’t as clean for the environment as it’s being touted.

  3. There seems to be a plan to Balkanize every large state around the World with the USA never recovering from the civil war. The ongoing tribal wars in Europe since the fall of the Roman state and the setup of the crime syndicates called empires plus the religious crime syndicates called Christianity and Islam. Someones are working to enslave humanity and keep us in prison on this planet. SpaceX seems to be going the way of Bigelow Space out of business via bankruptcy

  4. I seem to recall that either North or South Dakota have their own State Bank. Might be able for all these states to declare using gold /silver and perhaps Bitcoin as legal tender, then exit the dollar system? The formation of parallel systems might be in the cards. I hate using the cliche “Go Woke Go Broke”. Got to watch how the septic tank of finger-waggers and ,gov overreach plays out. We the People are at war with all the controllers (turds rolled in glitter) eye in pyramidion.

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