1. How about Tokyo apologize to Bejing and Korea and help Korea reunite forcing the USA garrison troops out of that peninsula once and for all.

  2. I think they already have them and have had them for awhile. Once China be got them, Japan likely got them years ago.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    As Dr. Farrell has predicted for some time now, Japan is not going to rely on others for its defense; it’s establishing a strong defensive posture that can turnkey thermonuclear, literally overnight.
    Warning to China; turn down the heat, on the boiling Taiwan teapot.

  4. I had read the book The Bomb by Fred Kaplan last year about the White House’s relationship to ‘nuclear policy’ and the only thing I came away from it was that only two warheads are needed if you intend to use them. One to shoot at your intended target and the other to fire directly at your own feet.


  5. The Japanese are an honorable people and will defend themselves. They do not have an issue with their education system over the decades that’s become “Rotten to the (Common) Core” like the “Amairikuhn edgykayshun system” has increasingly become. They (Tokyo), like Seoul, Taipei, Manila, and a few others in the region have front row seating and monitor the western Pacific regularly as do others from a discreet distance. It is strategic monitoring as well as tactical within their means. Beijing, Pyongyang, Moscow, Hanoi, and less so others in the region are nearly always part of their daily news cycles, too.

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