"You wouldn't believe some of the things those Pinkos were up to!"

Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe

The article that is the subject of today's blog comes courtesy of M.H., who spotted it and passed it along. Many thanks for doing so, because this is a topic that has long been of great interest to me. But before we get to that, we need to take care of some preliminaries.

What are the Soviet "domes of light," and when were they first reported?  In essence, the Soviet light domes are exactly what the name says they are: luminous domes of light that were observed to appear in the night skies over the Soviet Union during the cold war era. They would appear, in some cases, as a small opaque ball of light, then expanded to several times their original size and covering hundreds of miles, becoming then translucent and finally transparent as they expanded. They appeared to be energetic in nature, but to this day no one knows exactly what they were, nor what the Soviets were doing with them.

As to who first reported them, well, that's part of my personal interest in the story. I first became aware of the "Soviet light domes" when I ran across a publication of Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (US Army, Ret.), decades ago (in the 1980s, in fact) in a local bookstore when I was in graduate school. The publication was a book about Soviet "scalar" weapons, and on the spiral-bound 8 1/2 x 11" cover was a drawing of an airplane, and in the mountainous distance, a drawing of a "light dome." The little booklet looked interesting, so I purchased it, brought it home, put on some tea, and sat down to read. I was, needless to say (and not meaning to coin a pun) shocked. My honest impression at the time was either that there was something mightily amiss with the US Army's water supply and that perhaps the good lieutenant colonel may have published his book under the influence (unbeknownst to him) of some diabolical CIA-military mind control plot, or that he was quite serious, meant every word he had written, and may be on to something quite significant in terms of electro-dynamics.  There's wasn't much middle ground.

The other problem was that, besides Colonel Bearden, no one else, anywhere, appeared to be saying anything remotely similar, and certainly no one was talking very much about "Soviet Light Domes," especially in the highly charged (no pun intended) of Reagan era Cold War geopolitics and "Star Wars" hysteria.

Now, with all that in mind, consider M.H.'s find:

New Insights Into Mysterious Soviet ‘Dome Of Light’ Phenomenon In Declassified Documents

According to the article, recently declassified documents suggest that the US Air Force suspected these light domes were counter-measures to foil US satellite launch detection systems, since the light domes often (but not always) accompanied Soviet intermediate range ballistic missile launches (we'll get back to that "often but not always" part):

Last year, The War Zone published a piece exploring a bizarre, unexplained, superweapon-like phenomenon referred to as the "Dome of Light" associated with launches of the Soviet Union's RSD-10 Pioneer intermediate-range ballistic missile, also known as the SS-20 Saber, in the 1980s. Now, we have obtained previously classified intelligence documents that show U.S. intelligence analysts were equally perplexed by these rapidly expanding walls of light, which could have been intended as a countermeasure against early warning satellites and missile defense systems. They look to have been concerned about it becoming a feature of other Soviet ballistic missile launches, as well.

The phenomenon is described in some redacted portions of these documents in the following manner:

A heavily redacted section of one 1986 report describes the basics of the phenomenon as follows:

"Although reports differ, most observers describe the phenomenon as a small white sphere on the horizon that expands uniformly outward and upward while maintaining its dome-like shape. It is initially opaque, but as it expands it becomes transparent, and the stars can be seen through the center of the dome. As it begins to fade, the outer boundary remains brighter forming a rainbow-shaped arc. At full extent it has been reported as being tremendously large, filling more than half of the sky. Approximate calculations [redacted] indicate is is on the order of 1,900 km [approximately 1,180.6 miles] wide, with its center 1,000 km [approximately 621 miles] high. Most Domes of Light are visible for around 20 minutes but events lasting up to 100 minutes have been reported. In almost all cases the Domes of Light have been seen while observers were in darkness or twilight [redacted]"

As noted, the phenomenon often accompanied test launches of Soviet intermediate range ballistic missiles, but the conclusions the declassified (but still heavily redacted) report comes to is... "well, we simply don't know what those danged Rooskies were up to...":

While FTD saw a clear link between the RSD-10/SS-20 and the Dome of Light, its analysts, scientists, and engineers struggled to define exactly how the two were related. Every recorded instance of a Dome of Light at the time the 1986 report was written had been associated in some way with an RSD-10/SS-20 launch, but not all launches of this missile featured the phenomenon. On top of that, in some cases, the light show appeared before there was a launch, while other sightings were reported to have occurred after the missile blasted off.

"To date. no satisfactory explanation exists that does not conflict with some portion of the reported observations," the 1986 FTD report states bluntly. "Speculations range from a naturally occurring phenomenon as a result of venting unused rocket fuel to the release of ion clouds to simulate a post-nuclear attack environment for the purpose of communication experiments."

"Observations of the dispersion can then be used to calculate physical properties of the upper atmosphere such as density, temperature, and particle flow rates," the unredacted portions of the report continue, offering additional details about the ion cloud theory. "These experiments differ from the reported Domes of Light observations in several respects, most importantly in appearance, size, and observed duration. The domes do not appear to contain charged particles since there is no striation or tendency for the particles to follow the magnetic field lines as in ion release experiments. Additionally, the domes are much larger and are visible for a longer period of time than any known ionization experiment."

And then we come to this:

"Unfortunately there is no discussion of any possible purpose for the [1974] experiment," FTD said of Slekenichs' paper. It's also interesting to note that there were reported sightings in Afghanistan of Dome of Light-like phenomena, emanating from what was then the neighboring Soviet Union, as early as 1976.

It was this very Afghanistan sighting in 1976 that formed the initial kernel for Bearden's publication that I had stumbled across in graduate school. So here, now, decades later, is a little confirmation of that publication.

So what were the "domes of light"? To this day, we do not know.

But for those of you who, like me, have followed with great interest the various writings and speculations of Lt. Col. Bearden, it is intriguing to note how this article ends:

When we at The War Zone initially wrote about this last year, we raised the possibility that, if the concept was indeed a countermeasure against ballistic missile defense systems and was at all viable, that the Russians might be interested in revisiting it in light of new early warning and other missile defense efforts that the United States is pursuing now. The Kremlin has certainly shown a proclivity for exploring other "superweapon"-esque concepts in recent years(Boldface emphasis added)

The only comforting thing here is that the links to Russia's "superweapons" that end the article, are links to exotic developments of more or less "conventional" technologies: nuclear power cruise missiles, torpedoes, super-submarines, and so on. We're still a long way off from the types of weapons development and speculations that Bearden has been advancing in his publications.

And that, really, is the point, because it would appear that, in the absence of any explanation of what the Soviets may have been up to with their "light domes,"  it wasn't conventional. And Bearden certainly wasn't thinking conventionally...

... See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. zendogbreath on December 22, 2021 at 12:15 am
    FULL INTERVIEW: Elon Musk Sits Down With The Babylon Bee

    still looking for zeitgeist shifts
    this surprised me a bit.
    His slapping down Pocahantas Warren was fun. His Neuralink is bothersome. Just the same it’s odd how not in Bill Gates’ pocket he is or appears to be.

    • Barbara on December 22, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      You mean the Wagner Group?

  2. Robert Barricklow on December 21, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    I like that idea of some sort of electromagnetic shield.
    W/the coming 5G; shielding from those deadly millimeter waves
    might become a literal matter of life & death.

  3. InfiniteRUs on December 21, 2021 at 10:11 pm

    Interesting. I wonder if these domes can scramble airplane compasses and fry their electronics. Seeing how Cuba isn’t too far from the Bermuda Triangle might the Soviets of old tested it against some of our patrols from Florida. Might be why not much happens in the Triangle now that the cold war is over.

  4. marcos toledo on December 21, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    Could the Foo Fighter technology of the NAZIs be the ancestor of these Soviet-Russian lights?

  5. Jon on December 21, 2021 at 3:05 pm

    WWTD – or “What Would Tesla Do?” (the inventor, not the stupid company – personally, if I were Tesla’s relatives or his native country, I’d sue to make that company change its name. it is the very opposite of what Tesla and his research stood for, and demeans the name of one of humanity’s greatest inventors).

    Sounds a lot like the “dome” energy barrier that Tesla was talking about toward the end of his life. Perhaps it is a low power version that can be used to track and sense various craft in the area, like some aether radar setup. If the story about the AF plane mentioned is true, it would not seem to be in a weapon state, or the plane would have felt that aspect instead of “nothing.”

    Also reminds one of the “Norway spiral” of a few years back, only that was a bit fancier. It was also connected to the launch of a missile.

    One thing is clear, somebody has some neat toys, and they are not sharing. Coal in their stockings for sure . . . .

  6. Stan Del Carlo on December 21, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    The phenomenon has been known to the US government since at least 1986, based on declassified reports. In November 1988, a USAF RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft was flying off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula to observe a scheduled Soviet SS-20 ballistic missile launch from the Kura Test Range.

    The two pilots unexpectedly witnessed an almost incomprehensible event. They looked west towards the USSR land mass and saw a “translucent, milky white wall moving from the left, over the USSR, to the right, toward the Northern Pacific Ocean.” The wall extended from ground level up as high as they could see, and moved at a speed later estimated to be 6,200 mph. The wall of light passed over their aircraft and disappeared, leaving the pilots and Air Force analysts alike completely baffled.
    Light Dome Photo Image:

    • The Elephant Underground on December 22, 2021 at 9:32 am

      Stunning photo! I’ll use this imagery in my work with those of us trying to raise our consciousness to protect ourselves against all of these onslaughts. Dr. Barre Lando of Alpha Vedic just mentioned something called Biological Geometrics as a tool to help as well. Implanting oneself in such a “protective field” can’t hurt. And interestingly, there are Kundalini yoga movements exciting this very field that we all have as ‘biological capacitors.”

      Great find Stan, thanks!

      • dLux on December 24, 2021 at 1:59 am

        In an interview with Josh del Sol, I heard Dr, Lando say …. “Biogeometry”
        This may be what he is referring to…

        “Biogeometry is a science that deals with the Energy of Shape in order to bring health and balance to a biological system. Biogeometry is a relatively new concept in the United States and may be considered an alternative form of medicine. Cell phones are one application for Biogeometry.”

        You have to see this….
        Dr Ibrahim Karim neutralizes harmful effects of microwave tower in Hamburg

        Season’s Greetings!

        • Nidster - on December 25, 2021 at 10:30 am

          Very interesting, thanks for posting, and wonder if any other have observed this elsewhere? I also wonder what might be happening in areas close to 5G towers? Reports of the absence of song birds and owls in areas in close proximity to 5G towers. These are places that formerly had large, healthy populations. Gotta be a reason for the sudden population decrease. Any clues?

    • TRM on December 27, 2021 at 11:04 pm

      That does look like an antenna on the hill in that photo doesn’t it?

  7. Beckysue on December 21, 2021 at 10:50 am

    On a wonky tangent: I am inclined to believe the idea that 5G causes the same symptoms as “covid”. Florida is about the only normal state in the Union. Trump is in Florida. Is there some kind of “dome” over the state protecting him, and repels 5G as well as other EMF, etc. whatever that could harm him? And Florida (and DeSantis) are basking in the fallout so to speak. BTW I consider DeSantis another Huey Long. He is doing all kinds of exec. orders for the good, but he is still the authority, not the people. If there were enough Christian, moral people in FLA he would not have to be doing what he’s doing. But I guess he is protecting the state from the federal government.

  8. Barbara on December 21, 2021 at 9:10 am

    As far as that “absence” concern , one of my favorite journalist often says:
    “The absence is just the superior form of presence” ?

  9. anakephalaiosis on December 21, 2021 at 6:12 am

    In my Norwegian military service, I spent my time watching roosky ladies with binoculars, across the roosky border, along with bear and elk, and various wildlife.

    I have seen this rainbow phenomenon, that is associated with roosky rocket launches. In report to headquarters, I painted a colorful picture, and received complements for poetry.

    I went to Murmansk on leave, to drink vodka, and meet roosky ladies. I also bought soviet memorabilia as souvenirs. I was told, that I couldn’t enter the USA, with a roosky stamp in my Norwegian passport.

    That was fun.

    • Lordmeredith on January 16, 2022 at 7:57 am

      ANAKEPHALAIOSIS- I really enjoyed reading your short PDF about the runes. I’m looking to study them and include them in my contracts. There is no greater authority than ancients symbols and “sacred” geometry. I already have many successes with courts and taxing venues with assignments and mathematics and I would like to make my contracts more equitable and offer the therapy of the study of runes to my research. If you have any more study or research materials I would appreciate it.

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