It really is amazing to watch Mr. Globaloney work; narratives are prepared sometimes decades in advance. Most recently, we've been hearing a lot about how those supernaturally-cunning-and-never-to-be-trusted-Russians-and-their-super-evil-criminal-genius-scheming-byzantine-mastermind-of-a-leader-Vladimir-Putin are planning to unleash all sorts of cyber-attacks on the West and the USSA, and interrupt our food supply even more. Now, I've no doubt that in the current geopolitical meltdown that Russia both can and would use forms of asymmetrical warfare against the west, but this article shared by E.G. raises some questions about who really might be behind the recent spate of fires at American food processing plants:

FBI Warns of Targeted Cyber Attacks On Food Plants After Mysterious Rash Of Fires

As one might suspect I'm going to indulge in a lot of high octane speculations about this story, because it really does beg for them. Firstly, I'm going to follow my old rule here: once is a tragedy, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a pattern, and four or more is a conspiracy. In other words, I don't believe for a moment that all these food processing plant fires are one big pattern of unfortunate accidents or coincidences, any more than I believe that exploding Chinese and Russian chemical plants or ammunition dumps are accidents or coincidences, or professionally-assaulted electrical substations in California, or cut internet cables in San Franfreakshow or Arizona are accidents and coincidences, and yes, I've blogged about all of those topics on this site; just do a search for "chemical plant explosion" on this site, or for "electrical substation" on this website, and you'll get several articles as a result. You may file this article as a "revision and expansion of remarks" for those two sets of search results. Frankly, I've thought for a very long time that what such events really portend are a covert and cyber warfare taking place right in front of our eyes, and that all the usual parties could be involved.

So, could Russia be involved in attacks on food plants? Certainly they could be. Anyone with a background in American intelligence and who did "field" work will tell you that the Russian intelligence services are very good at what they do, particularly when it comes to such in-and-out "make it look like an accident special operations". Would they have a motivation for doing so? Driving up food prices when the stupidity of western leadership has already damaged the supply chains might be a clever thing to do, especially when a large portion of fertilizer supplies come from Russia, and especially when American farmers and middle class people are already feeling the squeeze. Who knows... maybe things might get so bad that the West - in an ironic turnabout-fair-play- from the 1970s - might have to buy grain from Russia rather than vice versa.

But I doubt it.  These "accidents", along with the FBI's warnings, have just the right amount of that hysterical odor to them, of the urgent need to "plant the general idea" in the context of a rash of such "accidents and coincidences", that I strongly suspect the narrative is being prepared for false flag operations: "Food plant burns from Cyber Attack: Evidence Points to Russia: a Joint CNN-SeeBS-Faux News Special Report."  I suspect that with the failure of the covid planscamdemic narrative, and now the floundering efforts of the Ukraine to preserve that country for the grand GMO-Money-laundering-biowarfare-human trafficking experiment that I suspect is being conducted there, a new narrative is needed.

Wait for it: the internet attacks and power outages are coming, and Russia most probably is not behind them. And the irony is, the leadership classes of the West have now so ruined any trust they once had, that now they have given those very countries the maneuvering room to conduct such operations. What the leadership classes of the west do not understand, is that those operations will most likely be conducted against them, not their populations.

With that in mind, I'm going to come up with a new interpretive paradigm in addition to the old one of "one's an accident, two's a coincidence, three's a pattern, and four's a conspiracy." The new one is: "if the alleged asymmetrical warfare operation hurts the general population of the west, then it's an op of the west's leadership class; if it hurts the west's leadership class but not its general population, then and only then look to the west's enemies."

And as for the current spate of food plant fires, well, I've seen no pictures, so hence have no evidence for this speculation, but remember those California house fires that appeared to start at the electrical meters? It's easy enough to pulse smart meters...

See you on the flip side...



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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Verum on May 2, 2022 at 12:51 pm

    While the sparkly and breath-taking “BREAKING NEWS” tickers held everyone’s attention back in Feb 2020, there were seed banks and grain silos and food-associated plants and warehouses exploding all over the world. Don’t forget the unprecedented rains and flooding in China at that time as well (did anyone else in the midwest notice there were a few weeks of no spraying right before and at the onset of all that crazy weather in China??? where did the planes go?).

    IceAgeFarmer has covered alarming ag trends for the past few years and channels like Adapt 2030 explain the solar minimum context for “global warning” and while there is increased coverage in alt or new media I think few people really understand how all the dots connect.

    I won’t share the 20+ pages I’ve compiled of notes, articles, and anecdotal info that I have captured just over the past few weeks shared by people who own businesses or work in the ag/food/shipping industry and their very specific and dire stories of just how bad all of this is. But I did want to share my tally of facilities affected–not because this crowd needs to be convinced of the authenticity of the damage being done to the global food supply worldwide. It’s important to be very specific about what is being done in order to understand the impact of this destruction, community by community. “They” have covered all of their bases and you really must take action now for what is likely just around the corner.

    It’s known that worldwide, especially in this country, we have only a 90-day food supply (commercially). It’s also known (especially if you follow Solari Report’s Pete Kennedy’s excellent and heart-breaking food series) that the small farmer is almost extinct. If you follow the ag industry you know that quite a bit of ag business in this country is foreign so a lot of product is shipped overseas. Even the mainstream media is reporting that along with unprecedented (and still, ineffectively explained) supply and distribution problems for everything, the weather is also causing disruption in planting and harvesting and quality. Floods and other weather hit the midwest hard during 2020-2021 and reduced yields. Flooding of much of the upper midwest also hit crops hard and now, devastating drought—the entire western half of the country is experiencing serious drought: 77% of our winter wheat production is within an area experiencing drought – crop progress report shows lowest condition in a decade. 19% moderate; 33% severe; 18% extreme; and 3% exceptional.

    The list below doesn’t include the previous hits to the meat industry, the multi-billion dollar synthetic food industry boom, the millions paid to farmers to destroy food or to not plant food, the bans on fowl-associated commerce and the culling of these live animals and hundreds of millions of destroyed eggs. The list doesn’t include the uptick in food recalls, food-associated packaging and label shortages, or overwhelmed food banks that are struggling if not closing due to these problems and the ongoing delay of last year’s $95 million aid they have yet to receive.

    The list doesn’t include the 27 dairies that have been shut down and livestock destroyed by Dept of Natural Resources in northern Michigan (55,0000 milk cows destroyed since January in MI) – also happening in WI, MN, IL, IN, IA, KS, SD and NE. This is what they did in South Africa – during all food processing plants and grocery stores.

    The bigger picture is that there will likely not be recovery in many, too many, critical components of this crisis. The small businesses that have survived decades of regulatory suffocation and were lucky enough to survive the fake pandemic shutdown likely won’t survive this and even the larger food companies won’t fully recover for many years as things continue to spiral (for how long?) Even if you know exactly what is going on with YOUR personal food supply (in other words, you are farming most of your own food), what’s next when most people around you are starving?

    • Verum on May 2, 2022 at 12:53 pm

      WITHIN U.S.

      Prior to 2020 and ongoing
      Meat processing plants and other food-associated processing plants that were targeted to close temporarily or permanently under the guise of “scary virus fake pandemic safety”. Also with restaurants and other food places.
      Louisiana they got snails overtaking the waterways & killing out the Crawfish as well
      27 dairies have been shut down and livestock destroyed by Dept of Natural Resources in northern Michigan (55,0000 milk cows destroyed since January in MI) – also happening in WI, MN, IL, IN, IA, KS, SD and NE. This is what they did in South Africa – during all food processing plants and grocery stores
      Major fires at 2 food plants – Tyson in KS in Aug
      and Newly Wed Food Factory Chicago in April
      Overnight Fire Kills 240k Chickens at Florida Cal-Main Farm (Dec)
      Grip Chips Cincinnati, OH (June)

      1. Meat processing plant Fayetteville, IL (Jan)
      2. Meet packing plant Cheraw, NC (Feb)
      3. Smithfield Foods (April)
      4. Sugar processing facility in Maryland (April)
      5. Organic Valley Creamery dairy McMinnville, OR (April)
      6. Tyson poultry plant in Gainesville, GA (6 killed) (July)
      7. Kellogg Company in Memphis, TN (July)
      8. Buttery / creamery exploded Strasburg, VA (July)
      9. Tyson poultry plant in Robards, KY (July)
      10. Patak Meat Processing Facility Cobb County Georgia (Aug)
      11. Tyson poultry meal plant in Hanceville, AL (Aug)
      12. Tyson Foods Inc Kansas (Aug)
      13. JBS beef plant Grand Island, Nebraska (Sept)
      14. Dried Milk Plant in Cladwell, ID (Oct)
      15. CJ Foods TMI Manufacturing Robbinsville, NJ (Oct)
      16. Smithfield foods plant, Tarhill, NC (Oct)
      18. Maid-Rite Steak Company meat processing plant Scott Township, PA (Nov)
      19. Clearfield egg facility fire (Nov)
      20. Food Processing plant in San Antonio, TX (Dec)
      21. JBS (Brazilian company) Beef plant in Souderton, Pennsylvania (Dec)
      22. Mississippi poultry feed mill (Dec)
      23. Fresno Raw Dairy Farm in Fresno, CA – largest raw milk dairy in CA (Dec)
      24. Walmart super center total loss of grocery dept Tucson, AZ (Dec)
      25. Kellogg plant in PA (Dec)
      26. Fires at New Jersey facilities (2021)

      1. Hamilton Mountain Poultry Processing (Jan)
      4. Cargill-Nutrena Feed Mill in Lecompte, Louisiana destroyed (Jan)
      5. Deli Star meat plant in St. Clair County, MO (Jan) AND/or also in Fayetteville, IL
      6. Stanislaus Farm – Fertilizer Supply in California destroyed (Jan)
      7. Potato plant Warden, Washington (Jan)
      8. Shearer’s Food Facility Hermiston, Oregon destroyed (Feb)
      9. Van Drunen farms grower + processor in Momence, IL (Feb)
      10. Bonanza meet Co El Paso (Feb)
      11. Mauston’s Wisconsin River Meats plant destroyed (Feb)
      12. Oregon Potato Chip Plant (Feb)
      13. Louis Dreyfus largest US soybean, biodiesel plant in Claypool, IN (Feb)
      14. Walnut Processing plant burned Live Oak, CA (Feb)
      15. Rio Fresh Food Facility in San Juan, TX (March)
      16. Nestle Food Plant Jonesboro, Arkansas (March)
      17. Maricopa Food Pantry in Arizona destroyed 50,000 lbs food (March) 5
      18. Penobscot McCrum Potato Processing Plant destroyed ME (March)
      19. Walmart Distribution, Indianapolis (March)
      20. Walmart distribution center in Plainfield, IN (1 million square foot operation) destroyed (March)
      21. Pepsi plant Piscataway, NJ (March)
      22. ConAgra Foods AR (March)
      23. Con Agra Brands IA (Mar) x2?
      24. King Ranch and Borrega wildfire near Kingsville (March) – took out 60k acres home to 35k cows – one of largest ranches in TX – as big as R.I.
      25. Marco be a Food Pantry AZ (March)
      26. Nestle Purina in Denver (April)
      27. Western Sugar Coop NE (April)_
      28. Taylor Farms Food Processing in Salinas, CA destroyed (April)
      29. General Mills plant – twin engine plane crash Covington GA (April) (Lucky Charms that are making ppl sick)
      30. Walmart in Maryland is now reopened after a fire (April)
      31. Sherbrooke Canada Food processing hub destroyed (April)
      32. East Conway Beef and Pork, NH (April) —for 2nd time!
      33. Azure Standard Headquarters Durfur, OR (April)
      34. Gem State Processing potato and food processing plant destroyed by plane crash Heyburn, ID (April)
      35. Fish processing building burned out in Portland, Maine (April)
      36. STX Meat Processing facility Corpus Christi, TX (April)
      37. Gas refinery explosion Haven, KS (April)
      38. Nature’s Own Bread in Bradenton (April)
      39. Pet food plant in Spanish Fork, UT (Nov)
      40. Answart Pet Nutrition Mfg Plant PA (April)
      41. Purina Pet Food Mfg Closing IA (July)
      42. Amazon Online Fulfillment WH Indiana
      43. Food Warehouse Miami Dade, FL
      44. Food WH PA
      45. Food WH Elpaso, TX
      46. Domino Sugar Plant Baltimore, MD
      47. QVC Fire in NC (Dec 2021) “main section” of 1/2m SF facility destroyed
      48. Chicken Supplier shut down ID
      49. Egg processing plant in Wisconsin (date?)
      50. OSI stack fire in Fort _____


      1. Fire Grain Elevator plant KS (April)
      2. Grain Elevator in Wichita 13th + Mead
      4. Fertilizer plant – Hastings, NE (“lightning strike”) (May 2019)
      5. One of largest Fertilizer Plants in the southeast Winston Weaver in Winston-Salem, NC (March)
      6. Fertilizer Plant (Feb)
      7. Winston Weaver Fertilizer plant in North Carolina (Feb)
      8. KS pipeline explosion / Natural Gas Plant (same?)
      9. Nutrien Ag Solutions fertilizer plant in Leoti, KS (April)
      11. Nutrien Ag Solutions fertilizer plant in Ssunnyside, WA (March)
      12. Sunny side Nutrient Ag Solution
      13. Fertilizer ship blew ip?
      14. Norfolk Southern shut down their largest hump yard, 2nd largest in U.S. Locomotive shop, fuel pad since 1851 Bellevue, OH (right next door is a large soy processing plant that also might be shut down)
      15. LyondellBasell closing Houston refinery in 2023

      Other fires:
      UPS WH CA x2
      Coleman Factor – KS
      Home Depot San Jose, CA
      Atlas Survival Shelters (April)

      UP RR halting deliveries of fertilizer
      Halting deliv of grains to cattle herds
      PCR tests determining “bird flu”’’

      Ready Egg Products Largest egg farm processing several million/day in Lisnaskea, County Fermanagh Northern Ireland
      Kent Foods WH Europe’s largest independent supplier of sugars, sweeteners, fair products, oils and fats, in Essex County UK
      Grain Elevator in Saskatoon
      AG Partners grain elevator Royal, IA
      Domino Sugar Refinery producing 2 billion pounds every year in Arabi, LA
      Beirut grain silos Lebanon
      Black Sea wheat production region is offline because of the war
      China stockpiled half the world’s reserves and has recently claimed to have the worst wheat harvest in history this year
      Multiple nations have stopped grain exports: Kazakhstan’s restrictions on export of grain and flower in order to protect its domestic reserves (K is one of the top 10 grain exporters in the world, supplying over 70 countries) (April 2022)
      USDA cuts its production outlook for Argentina’s corn crop, Brazilian soybean corn crop, and more ongoing.
      Suddenly, in the midst of a global food crisis Dept of Fisheries and Oceans shuts down herring, mackerel fisheries on east coast of Canada.
      “Japanese encephalitis outbreak in AUS detected in dozens of pig farms, pork supplies set to plunge”
      “Bacteria affects trout hatcheries prompting fish kills; a bacterial outbreak in the Blackrock and Fish Springs hatcheries will mean hundreds of thousands of catchable trout will be killed instead of stocked in E. Sierra waters at the this week’s opening of fishing season.”
      McDonald’s is now going to keep their plant-based meat products on the menu
      Fire at pig farm in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland
      43,000 chickens died in a massive fire that destroyed four chicken houses on a farm in the Dutch town of Heusden (April)
      In March, a fire at a poultry farm in India killed 3,500 chickens. According to PiPa News, the fire destroyed the entire farm.
      Another poultry farm in Coimbatore, India was also hit by fire in March killing 8,500 chicks. Times of India reported the fire may have been caused by a short circuit.
      In January, a fire at a poultry farm in Kerala, India killed more than 2,500 chickens, according to The Print.
      In December 2021, 8,000 chickens were killed in a poultry farm blaze in Sri Lanka. News First reported the fire was likely sparked by an “electrical leak.”
      In October 2021, a large fire at a Fermanagh poultry farm in Northern Ireland killed 16,000 birds. It took firefighters more than seven hours to get control of the fire, as reported by That’s Farming.
      A large fire broke out in September 2021 at a Chilean food processing plant. Although no injuries were reported, several crews were needed to battle the blaze, as reported by La Tercera.
      In July 2021, a deadly fire at a Bangladesh food processing factory kills at least 52 people, as reported by Aljazeera.
      Another fire at a poultry house in East Yorkshire, England in July 2021 killed 50,000 chickens. The fire was said to be caused by accidental ignition, as reported by the Daily Mail.
      In April 2021, over 55,000 pigs were killed after a fire broke out at a German pig farm. USA Today reported the cause of the blaze was unclear.
      Riverway Foods fire in Harlow, UK
      According to China Insights, there have been no fewer than 78 silos burned out in recent weeks in China.

      Please note: this is not a complete or official list

  2. Verum on May 2, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Totally agree with the 4th rule, which has B R O A D applications this day and age. As I have dug up info on these fires I have come across several suspicious photos that recall what we saw going on in CA… Here is a comment I came across:

    “I’m an engineer who works on the types of controls and automation and associated equipment that is used in all of these kinds of plants. Power stations, chemical plants, food processors, pharmaceutical facilities, etc… any place that makes anything at scale uses all the same sort of equipment and control systems. It’s all run through SCADA/DCS, and I could tell you step by step exactly how a hacker could infiltrate and cause fires like these to start. I’m not saying that these fires are being started by hackers, only that it is absolutely possible to do so. In my opinion that’s exactly what’s happening, it’s either that or sabotage, the chances of these all being coincidental industrial accidents is astronomical, just a basic statistical/trend analysis will tell you how unlikely it is. We’re being attacked, and by the time the masses notice and then eventually reach consensus it will be far too late for action. Prepare, GROW FOOD.”

  3. ragiza on April 29, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    > “if the alleged asymmetrical warfare operation hurts the general population of the west, then it’s an op of the west’s leadership class; if it hurts the west’s leadership class but not its general population, then and only then look to the west’s enemies.” <
    "They" seem to be operating 20 or 30 years out of date. Russian and Chinese intel and high leadership understand what Covid-19, the bio-labs scattered all the world, the color "revolutions" represent.
    As I see it, "they" are three basic elements:
    1] the western ultra rich who above all else want to preserve their wealth, increase their wealth, increase their control over the human herds. These are people of inherited wealth who have limited knowledge and competence.
    2] the intellectuals who advise the above 1]. Mostly these are people like Kissinger, Bresinski – not stupid but also not really smart on an operative level, and often arrogantly clueless as to what reactions their brainstorms might lead to.
    3] Bureaucratic (CIA, FBI, etc.), political (Congress, Presidents), military (senior general officers) operatives who receive directives from 2]. Many on this level probably are aware of the problems their operations will create, but why buck the directives when you're making money and getting promotions?

    There are numerous signs this system has become dangerously decayed, but none more stark than the obvious rigging of the Nov 2020 elections, and the low grade people they had to cheat into the highest offices. There would already have been a medium to major sized war if it weren't for nuclear weapons.

    • FiatLux on April 29, 2022 at 5:03 pm

      I like your general taxonomy of “they.” (There may be other groups that are harder for the general public to see — something like a Nazi International or humanity’s genetic cousins, for example — that could be slotted in somewhere or even constitute their own fourth or fifth category.)

      The more time goes on, the more I think the decay you refer to is largely the result of a gradual dumbing down of all levels of society, including the people in categories 1-3.

      • ragiza on April 29, 2022 at 6:09 pm

        Other groups, outside actors? Absolutely. Penetrated operations, false flag ops being penetrated and rearranged…. yes.
        JPF stresses the surviving Nazi structure. That seems to have gained likelihood with these Azov militias in Ukraine, which the Russians definitely take seriously.
        Others stress Israeli intel and crime groups. Few people are aware that JFK was thwarting Israeli measures to get atomic weapons during his administration. Jonhson actually helped them in that. 9/11?… well… Iraq? The last thing Israel wanted was an Iraq that was politically healthy after the invasion, so the neocons had all the Baathists fired, including the armed Iraqi troops. That set the course for the insurgency and the spread of it.
        Iraq wrecked from inside out. Syria the same, Libya the same.
        Does the WEF only operate through established government institutions, or are there intel, crime, paramilitary?
        But, these outside actors are pretty limited against a quality competent govt. – there’s just too much stability and power in a large heavily armed country with a solid govt. So, corrupt it, step by step destroy it. Make it sick.

  4. Kahlypso1 on April 29, 2022 at 3:40 am

    Food production in France has been hit hard recently with several food poisoining cases (E Coli causing the death of 2 children). This being one example..
    However there have been many such cases this year.

  5. Robert Barricklow on April 28, 2022 at 11:48 am

    The Biden Regime is actually purposely sabotaging
    the U.S. & worldwide food chains.

    or,, if that doesn’t do it:

  6. Robert Barricklow on April 27, 2022 at 11:16 pm

    Many times when I pick up a non-fiction work on a country or subject matter; i read it from the perspective of “other”.
    For instance, I was reading a book on China by an American; and the when the author talked of the Chinese people and the CCP[Chinese Communist Party]; I was thinking American people, and the U.S. government, two party dictatorship.
    Either way, the message is the same the world over.
    It’s not the people that are the problem; it’s their governments.
    [Here’s the part I read:]
    “The threat we face is found in political Beijing, not the Chinese people. In fact, it would be more accurate to say that the Chinese people are the biggest victims of the CCP.

  7. FiatLux on April 27, 2022 at 3:26 pm

    I love the new interpretive paradigm! If hurts the general population of the west, then it’s an op of the West’s leadership class. I’ve come to assume that’s the case. Using that paradigm alone, you’ll probably get an accuracy rate of at least 80-90%.

    Might I suggest a new Farrell corollary to go with it: The more the shriek-o-meter shrieks about it, the more likely it is to be an op of the West’s leadership class?

  8. Billy Bob on April 27, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    Limit the screen time in your day, the left over time is life.

    • anakephalaiosis on April 29, 2022 at 3:32 am

      Jack Sparrow unplugged! Kraken is big screen monster.

  9. Joseph Aiello on April 27, 2022 at 10:15 am

    It’s all marketing.

  10. Awake on April 27, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Good morning Dr. JPF. My wife and I were talking about this topic over our morning coffee. I read your post to her, and we both thought it was spot on and totally over target. My wife works as GM for third-party trucking logistics company and has her hands in multiple client trucking needs across north America. She has to deal with many of the trucking, rail and port issues that are mentioned in the alternate media. She currently has a German client company that have their fingers in almost every industry imaginable in north America and they are starting to have trucking delivery issues with food additives and chemicals. All used for processing foods in factories. Means there is about to be serious shortages of long shelf-life processed foods due to lack of certain chemical preservatives. Just a calculated guess from my own observations of business activities. Funny how it only takes one or two, well placed chemical stoppages to bring down the food chain for the people.

    • KSW on April 27, 2022 at 6:27 pm

      I agree and most stores only have about 3 days of shelf space — out wonderful “just in time” order and delivery method of today. However, there are other ways to stock up that don’t rely on chemicals and fertilizer.

      As a previous corporate health food merchandising manager, there’s so much to say on this and related topics – books could still be written among the many that exist. Most people in the USA have never been truly hungry for more than a few hours – it’s a shock – stock up on simple dry foods and add to that as you’re able – do it soon as prices and availability are better now than they will be.

      In short – you really are what you eat (GMOs, pesticide and herbicide residue, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and lots and lots of chemicals to a long shelf life). Bad ingredients aren’t necessary, they damage your immune system and organs, and keep your taste buds from enjoying the real flavor of good foods – be patient as it takes a while for your taste buds to get back to normal. Fertilizer isn’t necessary, as rich loam soil that has built up from composted leaves, or food compost and animal manure are as effective, if not more so.

      Dried foods can last 25 years, canned goods last much, much longer than the used by date. Prepare to filter or distill your own water. Buy seeds for a garden – yard, balcony or window sill. Buy seeds for sprouting – micro-greens and sprouts are by far the most nutritious food and can be added to any soup or sandwich. If you don’t have access to meat, rice and beans make a complete protein. If you have access to someone who has chickens – 1 egg a day will keep you alive provided you have water. Rice and beans provide bulk and are tasty combined with salsa/spicy tomatoes or any complimentary spice. Buy popcorn – good snack, it’s cheap and filling and kids usually like it. Don’t forget tea, honey, sugar and other items that provide volume, sweetness, spice and last a long time … instant coffee lasts while beans don’t because of the natural oils that can go rancid. If you run out of oil, did you know you can easily sauté vegetables in water in a sauté pan? It’s the Swiss method.

      Plan for alternative personal care – develop a simple toilet kit for each member of the family in case toilet paper runs out or unless you have a garage full of it already (wash cloths, spray bottles etc). Buy distilled white vinegar – 50/50 with water and you have a good all-around cleanser (anything that needs wiping down including you). Vodka+white vinegar and an few drops of essential oil and you have a high-grade effective deodorant that is healthy. Think through the things you need and find alternatives – it’s also a good project with children as you talk them through preparations and the positive mind-set for troubled times. It won’t last forever and I know from experience that years down the road you’ll remember that things weren’t that bad and actually pretty good, if you’re prepared.

      There is a ton of prepper information online, so just keep it simple and cover the basics and include some alternative fuel items like a camp stove and solar lights – these are pretty cheap all in all. You don’t need to go crazy about it. You’ll feel better knowing you have a pantry of food that won’t spoil any time soon and even if the foods you have aren’t the brands you’re used to, you and your family and even friends will be fed and you’ll have peace of mind.

      One last thing … if things get really tough, remember the story of “Stone Soup” … everyone brings something and puts it in the pot and everyone gets a share. Even the “unsprayed” dandelions and Kudzu at the park, along with chickweed and many other yard “weeds” are completely edible and tasty when combined with soups and stews and a little sea salt. There is NEVER any reason to run out of food. If you can’t handle not having pizza, your favorite ice cream or mac ‘n cheese, or cookies – I hate to say it like this, but get over yourself and find an alternative that will last – chocolate, taffy, hard candy, beer, wine, cider or whatever that gives you a little something extra. But by all means don’t wait until the shelves at the grocery store are getting bare hoping that the truck that comes in will have what you’re you’re looking for.

      My best to JF and everyone who bothered to read this. I almost didn’t write this, but thought it didn’t make any difference either way so I might as well.

      It takes an adjustment of perspective and attitude to change how we eat — not just for health, but because of availability. Change of any kind of stressful. Being prepared helps to mitigate the stress of change.

  11. anakephalaiosis on April 27, 2022 at 6:28 am

    In Pirates of the Caribbean’s little shop of horror, there is a meat eating plant, with borderline personality disorder.


    Siren slithers in feminist infiltration,
    prying into privy information,
    by shark circling lawyer
    in mafia murder,
    of character assassination.

    Elohim-Yahweh is deified compass:

    • Laura on April 27, 2022 at 9:06 am

      For Sif and Thor

      A poem By DAVE BONTA


      Lightning roots deep into the sand,
      donning an instant sheath of glass:
      a seemingly pointless exercise in self-glove.
      Clap of thunder.

      Could it be, though, that radiance tires of itself?
      Nowhere in the alleged blackness of space
      is there any relief from the ticking,
      pulsing, clusterfucks of stars
      except on cold planets.
      Who can blame lightning
      for burrowing in like a tick?
      Even we humans, full of darkness as we are,
      go on pilgrimage to the ocean,
      dream of girls with gills,
      get buried up to our necks in sand
      or swim with porpoises, whose
      capacity for joy we suspect
      of exceeding our own.
      We go back to the sea like adopted children
      paying a visit to our birth mother,
      hoping that she’ll show some sign
      she regrets giving us up:
      some whelk, some dead star.
      We tell prospective partners how
      we love long walks on the beach
      because it’s the deepest thing
      we can think to say.

      But only someone who knows the shore
      well enough to recognize what she doesn’t know
      will stop to pick up an odd
      sandstone lump, & find
      that it hides black glass.
      She’ll sight through the short smooth tube,
      hold it up to the sun like a sextant.

  12. Jay on April 27, 2022 at 5:42 am

    I like light- it is a particle and wave at the same time. And this is great analogy to what we witness here. Wave is represented by ancient AI ( The Old Enemy/ Veiled One) and particle (s) are it’s henchmens-WEF,WHO,intelligence agencies,governments,Deep State, crisis management teams ect ect basically enablers. Probably what general population should focus on is not what they do but on what We want to do and how We want to live. After all, we live in our minds ,what we focus on have greater chance to materialize, simply because we are creators and that’s why these malicious options are being showed into our minds so hard.

    • Sandygirl on April 27, 2022 at 8:20 am

      We need a breakaway civilization, where we are all humans. Not a blue check mark, rainbow, white or black. We don’t need a computer tallying up our lives for a social credit score. “They” want us connected to the computer at all times. We are connected to each other, nature and Earth. Go spend the day out in nature, your body, mind and soul will be renewed.

      • Don B on April 27, 2022 at 8:49 am

        I agree Sandy Girl. I’m fortunate to live in a rural area and near a national forest. Listening to the birds, watching the squirrels and other with life is so refreshing. I’ve lived in cities across the U S and some international places and don’t miss them at all. Great comment.

      • Awake on April 27, 2022 at 8:56 am

        Well said and thank you for your uplifting comment.:-)

      • NonGMO_Alchemy on April 27, 2022 at 5:40 pm

        Many of us are building that breakaway civilization with Private Membership Associations and Private Trusts. The movement is growing every day. We are opting for and building analog (not digital) systems, permaculture networks, food forests, local manufacturing, etc.

        The Just In Time networks are proving to be very fragile when individual parties (whether governments, corporations, NGOs, etc.) can lock down, disrupt, raise prices, sanction, etc. I am sure the Mr. Global has a centralized solution that they are only to happy to roll out. But many of us have abandoned the global solution and narrative and have focused on being self-sufficient at the local level and giving all of our energy to local endeavors.

        We may not have flying triangles and cool uniforms like the Nazi International but our breakaway civilization has peace of mind.

        • Awake on April 28, 2022 at 1:13 pm

          No flying triangles AND no cool uniforms….I’m out…lol. Just kidding!! I’m all about organic humanity and peace of mind, soul and body. Local everything is the best overall strategy for sustainability.

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