There's a very odd story that many of you spotted and passed along, and it concerns all those antennae strangely sprouting and growing in Utah, in and around Salt Lake City.  The phenomenon, as we shall see, may have a mundane purpose, one that, in fact, was entirely predictable and one that is fraught with much deeper implications. In the meantime, the antennae continue to sprout and grow like wild asparagus, and they're not nearly as beneficial, and they're certainly not edible. So what, indeed, is going on with all these antennae?

As I was watching the articles about this story piling into my email inbox, one in particular grabbed my attention, from our frequent contributor and article-sharer, V.T., from our friends at Zero Hedge:

Mysterious Antennas Found In Utah's Hills; Some Speculate 'Decentralized' Blockchain Network

Now this explanation - that the antennae have to do with hard blockchain networks - makes sense to me:

As first reported by KSLTV 5 in Utah, the mysterious devices consist of a battery box, a solar panel, and an antenna.

"These towers have been bolted into different peaks and summits and ridges around the foothills," Tyler Fonarow, the city's recreational trails manager, explained, "and it started with one or two, and now it might be as much as a dozen."


Fonarow speculated the devices could be part of a decentralized wireless connectivity platform:

"It might be related to cryptocurrency and relaying networks and being able to make money off that," he said, "so that's another reason we want to stop it now before it becomes a dumping ground for dozens and dozens of more antennas."

Some people who replied to the Facebook post speculated the devices could be part of the Helium network.

"Probably helium network like several have posted. Or some kind of mesh network repeaters? I don't understand why they are being torn down and huge effort to take them off public lands, when if it is a mesh network repeater, can be used by the public, and is very important in emergency/communication failure situations," one person said. 

"Those are very clearly off-grid Helium miners," another person said. 

Someone asked: "Ham radio repeater?" 

If the speculation is correct, these mysterious antennas could be hotspots connecting to a wireless blockchain-based network for Helium. This entirely new incentive model allows people to set up hotspots that act as Helium miners and serve data to devices. People can earn money by simply buying a hotspot and plugging it in.

And to drive the point home, the article speculates that these antennae arrays are small "hotspots" for mining the crypto-"currency" Helium. And with that, the article presents a picture showing the concentrations of such antennae nationwide:

There are nearly a million hotspots nationwide.

"Mining HNT is done by installing a simple device on your home or office window," Helium wrote on their website, adding these "hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this. And because of an innovative proof-of-work model (we call it "Proof-of-Coverage"), your Hotspot only uses 5W of energy."

Notice, each one of these antennae "only uses 5 (watts) of energy." Gee... that's nice. Multiply that 5 watts by all those dots, and then stir and knead thoroughly, and what you get is an enormous amount of energy usage to produce ... what, exactly, besides lots of air bubbles?

From what I can tell, what you get out of this whole process is not much. And by the way and while we're at it, where's that angry screeching little Swedish girl what's-her-name when you need her? You'd think this would be right up her alley. "How dare you?" and all that, but she's nowhere to be found apparently.

But anyway, I wonder exactly how crypto-"currency" is supposed to be the wave of the future, especially in the context of electrical substation attacks could take down portions of the "network" supporting all this nonsense and non-production, and one EMP burst could literally wipe out all that "money".

To put it country simple, and in the form of an equation that even the silly shrieking Swedish girl can understand: crypto-currencies = environmental disaster. So the next time someone wants to blame climate change on "fossil" fuels or cow farts, we now know the true culprit.

Crypto-"currency", a "money" that only a central bankster could love, or invent.

It's the "Science."

See you on the flip side...


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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. Evan B. on February 2, 2023 at 10:10 pm

  2. marcos toledo on January 13, 2023 at 7:52 pm

    Personal residential free energy Tesla towers or a way to turn us into Pod People Zombies.

  3. Richard on January 13, 2023 at 5:39 pm

    Not one to add a flashpoint to your “high octane speculation(s)” or for that matter entertaining anyone else’s, but who else owns any property around those peaks and public lands besides the Party of the east by going west; And by what facilities are they in close proximity to? Might be worth finding out these tid-bits. There are applications of monitoring systems that use such devices which tap into a greater shared whole (network) that monitor aviation transponder identification codes (not a revelation), for instance.

    Weather networks are in on it, too, as are emergency communications tied to satellites, not usually part of the ordinary networking strategy. They’re very useful for that entrepreneur-of-communication-techniques many could guess at. Even weather modification techniques might have an underground connection to those above surface arrays. At any rate, plenty of jobs waiting for that specialty code writer these days it seems, especially, of the private enterprise variety.

    The photo shows some interesting hotspots for hubs taking root. Makes one wonder what’s underground in those blossoming hub areas besides dirt. Just where is that [Boring Company] busy at these days, anyway? Perhaps those [antenna] are the 21st Century versions of Wardenclyffe Towers [Tesla Towers}.

    “When wireless is fully applied, the earth will be converted into a huge brain, capable of response in every one of its parts.” ~~~ Nikola Tesla

    “In 2017, a film crew successfully used ground-penetrating radar to confirm the existence of a series of long-rumored tunnels stretching for hundreds of feet underneath the Wardenclyffe facility. The original purpose of these tunnels remains a mystery to this day.” (From

    Perhaps not as much of a mystery as some folks have been led on. The battle of Hertzian / Non-Hertzian applications might be gaining ground, above and below the surface.

    • Barbara on January 13, 2023 at 9:09 pm

      Something is up in the new energy territory since even Hancock on Joe Rogan show was talking of ancient Amazonian underground structures of unknown purpose.

      • Richard on January 15, 2023 at 4:18 pm

        Pedology, or soil science, deals with its formation, organisms of the soil, as well as classifies it in context for content, is a handy field of study, especially, for Archæologists/Archæology when folks go on a digging safari of the past.

        Familiar with most of his books on his pursuit of the Ancients’ and ancient civilizations, Graham Hancock is one such person who has a handle on the finer points of investigating ancient ruins above and below the ground and waterlines. Randall Carlson is another researcher once on Joe Rogan’s show, often associate of Graham’s, is also attuned to soil and geological studies along with Robert Schoch, PhD. Several of Graham’s books demonstrate as much, much to the chagrin of those who prophesize that it is their claim of expertise and not his. Those scholars can keep their secrets and rebury them like the Ancients of Gobekli Tepe or better still, recycle them for purpose rather than evading the past.

        GPR or Ground Penetrating RADAR is one such method of determining what’s below one’s feet using a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface. LIDAR or Light Detection and Ranging is another which remotely senses the ground surface through the use of a pulsed laser light instead of microwaves as it is used for measuring distance to include speed, rotation, and especially, chemical compositions and concentration of the land surface without damaging the found vegetation. It helps to determine new growth verses old growth in areas like the Amazon Rain Forest, Middle America, land masses over the globe like Cambodia, Egypt, and many hard-to-get-to terrains. RADAR or Radio Detecting and Ranging is similar. Each has a specific use using some form of the electromagnetic frequency ranges with what modern technology has to offer. With each passing reveals loads of information yet to be deciphered. Interesting stuff. A German development, in the form of scanning from satellite, is able to penetrate some 300 miles or around 580 kilometers as well as determine [what] it is it finds through some developing permutation techniques. Also, interesting stuff as it allows one to determine a lot of Archæological data, without destructive digging. That’s powerful scanning technology the company is refining but has not given permission to divulge. Bummer!

        One is an advocate of the Ancients and their presence, like Graham, but not so much subscribing to the notion of having amnesia. Not on this side of the monitor screen, anyway. Their previous presence is still carved in stone and then some as one is certain they are here but it is for us up-right-simian-types to learn how to better interact on their level of presence. That’s a tuff one.

        Thanks for the review. Joe Rogan has a lot of interesting guests.

        • Richard on January 15, 2023 at 10:06 pm

          [ [ [ [ is able to penetrate some 300 miles or around 580 kilometers as well as determine [what] it is it finds through some developing permutation techniques.. . ] ] ] ] . . .

          Should read: is able to penetrate some [300 feet] or around [91 meters] as well as determine [what] it is it finds through some developing permutation techniques.

  4. Kaibosch on January 13, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Gates’ CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA which is obviously going to be launched in the near future..

  5. White Lily on January 13, 2023 at 10:35 am

    More hardware to enhance the EMF kill grid they are building. Like everything our malevolent deep-state government employs these days, the antennas probably have multiple functions and capabilities, from block chain and tracking technology to weather modification and AI satellite Prison upgrades for marauding bloodless cyborg ‘shoot to kill’ robots. Welcome to the future.

  6. bluenose on January 13, 2023 at 7:01 am

    How dare you NOT trust the science! 😉

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