This week, as you know, I've been blogging about the growing movement in the USSA which, for want of a better description, we'll simply describe as the "pushback movement."  This movement is really part of a growing global phenomenon of revolt against globaloneyism and its lack of any unifying culture except greed, graft, and grift, the three Gr's that made the Bai Den Jo family one of the most successful oriental gangs in history.  At the top of this list of pushback this week you can include the governor of my home state, Kristi Noem, who just vetoed a bill from the South Dakota legislature that would have recognized central bank digital currency - we'll call them "fedgimmicks" for convenience and ease-of-use's sake - but not other crypto-currencies:

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Vetoes Central Bank Digital Currency Bill

In her veto message to the legislature, Governor Noem stated:

Policymakers at the Federal Reserve have considered the adoption of a digital dollar over the last several years. Noem said in a veto letter to the South Dakota House of Representatives that the legislation “opens the door to the risk that the federal government could more easily adopt a CBDC, which then may become the only viable digital currency.”

“At this moment in time, such a government-backed electronic currency has not yet been created,” Noem told lawmakers. “More importantly, South Dakota should not open the door to a potential future overreach by the federal government.”

The bill would have defined money as a “medium of exchange that is currently authorized or adopted by a domestic or foreign government.” Lawmakers passed the measure 49-17 in the House of Representatives and 24-9 in the Senate, both of which are margins that would allow for the overturn of the veto in the two chambers.

Noem added that cryptocurrencies, which are decentralized digital assets that can be transferred between virtual wallets, would not be considered money under the legislation. She asserted that the bill therefore “needlessly” limited freedoms and placed citizens at a “business disadvantage” by discouraging development within the nascent sector.

It seems clear from Governor Noem's message that she regards any attempt to create a central bank digital currency, i.e., fedgimmicks, as a power grab and a serious blow against financial freedom.

She is, of course, entirely correct in that evaluation.

But what her message missed was the opportunity to point out that fedgimmicks are not really currency at all, even though one may call them that, any more than the quackcines are really vaccines, even though lots of people call them that; Fedgimmicks are nothing but corporate coupons and means of total control. Nothing more, nothing less.

I suspect, watching the states increasingly pushing back, that we're in the midst of some much deeper conflict(see today's tidbit from Tom Luongo, and his suggestions that we're in a currency war between the Fedgimmick and the WEF over Central Bank Digital Currencies). I suspect that as the whole scheme behind central bank digital currencies becomes increasingly clear, its chances for becoming an actual currency are dwindling rapidly.   Who trusts them? I don't. Who trusts the fedgimmick in Swampington. I don't, and fewer and fewer people do... Mr. Putin rightfully thinks that fedgimmick is "not agreement capable," and as long as the deep state mechanism is in place that put the current alleged president in position as puppet in chief, no one will trust it.

Thus what states like South Dakota need to do is have a viable alternative, like a bullion depository if they are to have a trustworthy means to trade among themselves and with foreign entities. Then the steps need to be taken to set and maintain standards of assay purity, of the ability to exchange notes of deposit for goods and services, and then the all- essential indgredient: convertability of such notes of deposit into actual specie.  That last step will be a crucial signal, for convertability implies the regulation of the fractional reserve of bullion required. And please note, folks, that it is this factor which thus far has not entered into the discussion at all.   I am suggesting that it is about to, and that if it begins to be talked about in those states, then that is the necessary next step on the way towards actual bullion-backed currency emerging.

Thus far, we've been watching merely the establishment of the most basic of these steps. It's when states start establishing standards of assay purity, and issuing those certificates of deposit as bearer demand notes, that things will get very interesting.  I suspect, now, that we're not very far from that, given the state of Montana's recent willingness to consider compact-of-the-states arrangements.

What we seem to be watching,  in other words, is a squeeze play on the fedgimmick, so this is about to get very, very interesting...


Austro-Hungarian Krone | Wwi timeline, Jewish history, World

See you on the flip side...


Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. marcos toledo on March 19, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    The problem is the Western Elites have sold themselves to a Cosmic loanshark and only by subjecting their own populations to them through their loanshark scheme do they imagine they can retain their power over their thralls..

  2. Richard on March 17, 2023 at 4:03 am

    Makes one wonder if a bullion backed currency, agreed upon by a “compact-of-the-states,” will have something of each adopting State represented on the note like that of the century ago Deutchosterreich (or German Empire) [eine krone egy korona] pictured; [eine krone for Autrian/German users; egy korona for Hungarian users before 1918]. Das Krone, of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, had eight languages represented on it. Presumably, the agreed upon users or member states of the empire.

    After 1918 into 1919 there was a modification of the Krone within the new, post-World War, Republic of Austria, with the term Deutchosterreich stamped on it (like the bold stamped Krone shown), according to numismatists (collectors and aficionados of currencies). The third state to do so following Yugoslavia (formerly Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes), and Czechoslovakia. It seems there was a genuine concern about whose moneys worth was whose. Over-stamping became the norm. Not to distant from just printing and printing and printing, and, . . . did one say printing money, to circulate. It became a matter of what and/or who backed the currency. Not only was that effort interesting but downright complicated losing stability altogether within the former empire and opening the door wide for you now know who from Austria in Berlin looking for a way out of that socio-economic mess concocted by the Armistice ending The Great War.

    Given the amount of inflation at that time it’s surprising anyone could manage the amount of paper notes needed for the slightest transaction. Carts and baskets were the norm for carrying out the exchange for just brot essen. Inflation hit the fan as that former territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire did not stabilize. Probably why they stamped the notes, like the one shown, for the territories the notes circulated. Neither of them wanted to back the other’s inflated currency. Apparently ones inflation was not the same as the other’s inflation despite being in the same region of an empire that was.

    Language may not be so much an issue, but then, being creative innovators as the citizenry of the US and other liberal populations are, the sky seems the limit, if there is any. There lies the potential mixture of madness from some while others seek order out of chaos or that hard-to-reach equitable standard of trade. What would trade be without haggling – that freedom of oratory of a skilled merchant that sways a potential buyer to exchange unlike commodities. Censorship won’t do.

  3. FiatLux on March 15, 2023 at 11:21 pm

    What I want to know is what a state legislature is doing passing bills in favor of CBDCs. Is this some kind of Soros-esque tactic, whereby instead of influencing the central government directly, you try to do an end-run around it by taking over power locally?

  4. Robert Barricklow on March 15, 2023 at 10:07 pm

    States and their const1tuents are seeing the writing on the CBDC interface;
    as an in-your-face absolute-control factor.
    South Dakota is saying, don’t build your digital currency prison system
    anywhere near South Dakota.

    Of course, the enemy is going to try and sabotage your bullion/currency anyway possible.
    They’ll do it physically; plus, use medias for psychological currency/bullion warfare.
    However, it’s now pretty well known now whose who,
    in these, digital in-your-face-control, currency wars.
    And soon, the jabs true nature; will also become known.
    Going to be near impossible to sell any “Federal trust”.
    So give thanks to the current criminal China-Joe regime,
    for ending that “Federal trust” con game.

  5. Steve.Jinks on March 15, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    The fake central bank known as the FRB was never legal as the supreme law requires the Treasury to issue hard money, it does not allow leasing conjured money at interest from a private bank. So that system used the European/American soft money dollars with the treasury as intermediary pegged to the gold price. In 1971, that peg was broken. It became an oil for fake money pegged to the oil price, even further unlawfully afield. What is happening now is that this syndicate, which between its members is all hard money, wants to cut out the treasury as intermediary, meaning that instead of ruling the world policy portfolio with governments as intermediaries, it now wants to extend its policy reach to every transaction you make, driving psyop and greedy fascist policies directly into the minutia of your daily life. No, you can’t purchase that cheeseburger, because you only have 200grams of beef credits, but you do have two kilograms of insect credits, so how about a bugburger?

    This is the cementing of a vast change of a market driven economy to a permission-based economy. What does that do? Think Sweden, where four major chains sell you overpriced everything, plus fascist woke policies to steer your purchase away from that real burger. It is a financial “Roach Motel”; roaches go in, and they can never get out. And one last thing, it will erase the human path to excellence, to true progress, and will slowly drawn down and starve an entire civilization, which, like Sweden, will not be able to notice that it is in a closed system, domesticated human CAFO.

  6. anakephalaiosis on March 15, 2023 at 7:07 am

    Synoptic reading of Jeroboam’s Revolt, that led to the ten tribes seceding the union, produces a couple of arguments:

    1. The ten tribes do not accept taxation, that finances luxury lifestyle in Jerusalem.

    2. Greater men do not accept, to be ruled by lesser men.

    The problem with the second argument is, that unless it can be unequivocally proven, who is the better man, then the lesser man will take offence, and that means civil war.

    What is needed, is a bulletproof method, to determine rank; a system, that has collective acceptance and support, and that does not allow lesser men to rise above their station.

    This was the task at hand, entering the 9-8th century BC, and the conclusion became, what Daniel later referred to as a “stone, not cut by hand”, which is the same metaphor, that “pulls sword from stone”.

    In both cases, the “stone” is a “seed”, and that produces a metaphor within a metaphor, which is completely unsolvable, unless man himself provides the final clue to the crossword.

    Using the 32-point compass as a template, for a ‘circular crossword’, produces a running wheel of time cycle, with footsteps as runes, that can only be deduced, by insightful experience of Inspector Morse.

    That, which Cain can never accomplish, Abel pulls from a stone, naturally, and with ease.

    • anakephalaiosis on March 15, 2023 at 7:22 am


      Man of music, in language of birds,
      was solving his crossword,
      when detective Morse
      with no remorse,
      refused to handshake a turd.

      He was taken to Tower of London,
      and placed in shackles of iron,
      because he refused
      to be abused,
      by secret handshake Mason.

      With pyramid musical instrument,
      stone halls became vibrant,
      and Jericho must fall
      by stone wall,
      when opera is magnificent.

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