Today's blog is unusual in that I am blogging about two distinct stories which, taken alone, might not indicate much. Indeed, as will be seen, one of those stories is one of those "I heard it from a friend, who heard it from another" that something happened, to paraphrase the REO Speedwagon lyrics. ON it's own it may be complete gossip and fabrication, but in the wider context, maybe not so much. The first article was shared by V.T. and many others, and the second again by V.T. and others  (with again, our thanks to all of you who sent these along):

Strike On Russian Strategic Early Warning Radar Site Is A Big Deal

The first story is clear enough: there has been a strike against a Russian early warning -over-the-horizon radar system:

Satellite imagery confirms a Russian strategic early warning radar site in the southwestern end of the country was substantially damaged in a reported Ukrainian drone attack earlier this week. This looks to be a first-of-its-kind attack on a site linked to Russia's general strategic defense. As such, it points to a new and worrisome dimension to the conflict, especially when it comes to the potential use of nuclear weapons.

A satellite image taken on May 23 that The War Zone obtained from Planet Labs of the Armavir Radar Station in Russia's southwestern Krasnodar Krai shows significant debris around one of the site's two Voronezh-DM radar buildings. These are ultra-high-frequency (UHF) over-the-horizon (OTH) radars that are part of Russia's nuclear ballistic missile early warning system.

The article points out via the convenience of a map where the early warning radar is located, in the city of Aramvir, in southeastern Russia close to the trans-Caucasus region. It is, in other words, a key component in Russia's air defense warning system of any potential attack from the South; Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, the Black Sea, and so on.

In other words, the strike could potentially represent a severe crippling of Russia's early warning system, and therefore could represent a first effort to "blind" Russian defenses. Why "potentially"? and why only a "first effort"? For two reasons: the article gives no good estimate of the amount of damage done to the facility, nor if it remains operational, and if so, how degraded its operability may be.  As for the strike being a "first effort", we can safely say that the hit does not represent an blinding strike, because such a strike would have to hit more than merely one such installation. The Russians did not build their air defense system without redundancy.

The article also states that the Ukraine was behind the strike, which was made with a drone.  That may very well be true, as the desperate regime of Zelensky & Assoc. attempts to drag the west into an actual "hot" role in its proxy war with Russia.  But this very fact raises the possibility that someone else may be attempting to do the same thing by striking key Russian installations to provoke an escalation on the part of Russia.

For the moment,  table that story, and consider the second story which, again, I hasten to point out is the REO Speedwagon story (...I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who...):


The headline may at initial glance convey the idea that some unknown physical force, like microwaves or gamma rays or gravity, hit the Tuscon facility, but when one reads the article, an entirely different idea emerges:

An unknown force purportedly demolished a joint Raytheon-DARPA clandestine weapons plant at Raytheon’s campus in Tucson, Arizona, Wednesday night, according to a U.S. Army Cyber Command specialists who intercepted a telephone conversation between an unidentified party at the location and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Christopher Lowman, a Biden disciple.

On the call, which took place at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, the unidentified Raytheon employee, speaking frenetically, informed Lowman that intruders had defeated security, slain six security guards, and destroyed invaluable, irreplaceable hardware stored in a Raytheon-DARPA warehouse in southeast Tucson. He told Lowman the damage was “catastrophic” and that he had already informed Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes and DARPA Director Stefanie Tompkins of the attack. In what might have been an injudicious slip of the tongue, Lowman asked whether data on the “camouflaged unmanned aerial assault program” had been stolen from the warehouse. The Raytheon employee said time would tell and disconnected the call.

Sources at ARCYBER and Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News the incursion was not a White Hat operation, nor had they any knowledge of a secret weapons program taking place at the Tucson warehouse prior to hearing the call. (Emphases added)

One notes in this short passage the bow to one of the themes of much "alternative community" blogging and research, namely, the idea that there is some sort of faction of good guys (the "white hats" in the above quotation), covertly battling the "bad guys".  This whole idea, which I myself have entertained and blogged about and even written about many times, has particularly lodged itself into some of the thinking Mr. trump's supporters, and there's a whole "scenario paradigm" out there called "devolution" that interprets events from that template.  That, most definitely, is not what I am attempting to do here. I am merely pointing out that, if this story be true, then one may draw certain conclusions about the "intruders", namely, to hit any Raytheon facility and cause the damage done means that this was a highly trained team of specialists that knew exactly where to go, what to do, and how to get it done quickly.

In other words, it was a professional hit, the sort of thing one would expect elite military or intelligence units to perform, like the SAS, or the GSG-9, or the Navy Seals, Delta force...

... or speznaz units.

In that view, when one considers these two stories together, what we may be looking at is something I've been predicting for over a decade, namely, that such covert operations are a game that two can play, and with the West's constant provocations of Russia in the past decade with such operations (remember South Ossetia? and Putin's response? Remember the Maidan coup? the strange "accident" with Mr. Putin's chauffeur? the bombing of Alexander Dugin's daughter? the drone strikes on the Kremlin last year?), it was inevitable that Russia or one of its allies or satellites would respond in kind. Indeed, in the last few months we've heard very clear warnings, largely from Dmitri Medvedev or Mr. Lavrov, that there would be responses for any provocations.

This, I believe, we are now beginning to see, and the Raytheon story may be an example, for like the Russian radar installation, Raytheon forms a vital corporate component of the American military-industrial complex, and in the case of this particular installation, there have been rumours that it was heavily involved in highly classified research in directed energy weaponry.

Adding to this interpretation of these isolated incidents is the following story that, again, many of you spotted and shared (this version was shared by S.D.):

Once again, we simply do not know that this incident bears any relation to either of the other two, nor any relation to the overall scenario of a covert warfare already under way. But it is illuminating to observe that already there are people entertaining that idea.

We are left, for the moment, with speculation and a string of ifs: if the Raytheon event actually happened more or less as described, if the Russian radar at Aramvir was rendered permanently or temporarily inoperable, if the death of the man outside the home of the Special Operations Command was part of this larger covert war, and so on.

One thing that does clearly emerge from these articles is that people are increasingly willing to look at such events as possible occasions of a covert warfare.

That, in my opinion, is a huge paradigm shift that has happened.  All of the chickens hatched by the LIHOP and MIHOP scenarios of 9/11  - Let It Happen On Purpose, or Made It Happen On Purpose - have come home to roost.

See you on the flip side...

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".

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  1. anakephalaiosis on May 30, 2024 at 3:52 pm

    Temper tantrum occurs, in Kiev kindergarten, so overseas nanny spins a counter narrative.


    Power is creepy-crawlies highest call,
    valued most precious of all,
    and now beastie boy
    wants his toy,
    so Zelensky takes a pit fall.

    Moscow clarifies stance on Zelensky’s status:

  2. Ray Story on May 30, 2024 at 4:47 am

    Golly gee kids , how could any Chechen trained agents ever enter our safe and secure southern border and sabotage a high tech Raytheon-DARPA warehouse in Tuscon, Arizona ? That level of out of the box thinking never enters the mainscream propaganda news anymore so I am glad I get to hear some more advanced thinking here at The Giza Death Star community and thank you for it.

  3. marcos toledo on May 29, 2024 at 8:37 pm

    The West can piay it GREAT GAME games but Russia and China play for keeps they they know what losing is tt’s no game for them.

  4. cobo on May 29, 2024 at 2:30 pm

    With the condition of the southern border, I would expect our enemies will now have established infantry brigades and teams of specialists here in the good ole USA. To your larger point, I think you’re absolutely right, “here it comes…”

    • anakephalaiosis on May 29, 2024 at 3:28 pm

      The first North American state, that applies for BRICS membership, will start a major avalanche, which is, why ClA diplomats are now being sent out, as Catholic missionaries, throughout all the state provinces, to preach the Holy Swamp Gospel, and prevent looming secessions, from becoming an Exodus out of Egypt.

      • cobo on May 29, 2024 at 5:19 pm

        I’m born, raised and staying in California, one of the bluest of the Blue states. California has been knocking around ideas of secession for at least as long as I’ve been here. However, the Red states are more likely, as it seems right now, to head that way first. I acquired the “Baron Trump Collection” and saved until recently the last chapter about, “The Last American President,” there being rumors of DJT being a time-traveling warrior come back to save the world – oo.

        That story turned out to be mostly a hit piece on a Silver based economy as opposed to the virtuous Gold backed economy it replaced. Different states and state groupings were torn, some vowing to stick with the new Silver economy, others vowing to return to the virtues of Gold. The story ended with the destruction of the Capitol Dome in Washington (a masterpiece of American will and ingenuity), symbolizing the end of the American experiment.

        Everything, everywhere seems to be promoting the end. Maybe, or maybe the stars align and a greater American empire rises, and crushes its way forward, destroying the feckless global institutions that seek to undermine and destroy it.

        • cobo on May 29, 2024 at 5:21 pm

          That would be a return to the “Old Rules” and the “Old Gods”

          • anakephalaiosis on May 30, 2024 at 4:13 am

            The keyword is ‘rationality’, and demand for rationality is instinctually driven, which is, why people rally around strong leaders, who can enforce rationality. That’s natural order.

            By default, the mafia is irrational, and any man, who is owned by the mafia, will sooner or later turn irrational, when he reaches the end of his leash, which discloses the irrationality of his true masters.

            Secession occurs naturally, when rationality is found across the Bering Strait, and, for that to happen, the Vatican mafia has to be exposed, as head of irrationality, having neither logic nor reason.

            The original equation is in the Scriptures:


          • anakephalaiosis on May 30, 2024 at 4:48 am

            The political theatre is overcrowded, with sectarian Pinocchios, who mistakenly think they are men, and are in the unawares of their own invisible doll strings.

            The more rationality they are confronted with, the more irrational they behave, which is typical hysteria, that occurs, when performing an exorcism on sectarians.

            From Putin’s shamanistic perspective, he is deprogramming the Bedlam of the West, and the possessed individuals react, as existentially threatened, when demons are driven out.

            The West is demon possessed, ruled by Judaistic royalty, as Judas goats.

            Mad King George & Co:

    • Ray Story on May 30, 2024 at 4:51 am

      BOHIC = Bend Over Here It Comes. FUBAR and SNAFU also describe our Mexican Border situation too.

  5. Robert Barricklow on May 29, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    Taking off Steve Martin’s “Wild & Crazy Guy” platform..
    [what if]
    There was an extraordinary cooperation happening beneath the radars of all medias?
    Of all intelligences? Of all high politician’s back room culling of their respective populations. What if, a select few were testing the defenses and/or offences of all sides. Looking for weaknesses, to improve. Of course, many of these actions wouldn’t even be “known” about.

    And whose to say; that cooperation is a field of play, in which others[uninvited] can wreck havoc? Both on world, and off?

  6. bassman on May 29, 2024 at 8:37 am

    Real Raw News is well known as the National Enquirer of alt-news. Probably written by a certain 3 letter agency to discredit those who pass its material onto others.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on May 29, 2024 at 9:43 pm

      I readily grant that Bassman… that’s what I was trying to convey with my reference to the REO Speedwagon song… but, once one grants the improbability, and accepts it as true for the sake speculation only, then the picture changes somewhat… whether we’ll see such incidents in reality remains to be seen… I don’t know about you, but this one reminds me of that story back during the first Trump admin of helicopters flying into downtown LA, raiding a building, and then flying off with some sort of “cargo”. These types of stories I think are “dying the waters…

      • cobo on May 29, 2024 at 11:06 pm

        Back to LA, 1992. My friend, is the daughter of a CHP Sergeant. He geared up with his team to go put down the thing going on there… They were told to stand down, while it burned… Don’t wince on kinetics, because real live kinetics will come to cities near you, unless, of course, gun wielding citizens get there first…

  7. Scarmoge on May 29, 2024 at 7:52 am

    … All of these “stories” (both above and below) … as always … IF TRUE … and also as always time will tell.

    Nothing on the RTX News pages …

    Is there any independent verification of this? A Q/D search only shows several repostings of the same “An unknown force …” piece.

    Although these from the did pop up …

    all of the following have the by-line of David Wichner (seems to be the go to, all-things-tech guy at the Arizona Daily Star)

    – Tucson’s Raytheon sees high demand for drone-killing weapons

    – Raytheon Tucson unit wins $750M contracts for smart-bombs, hypersonics

    – Japan to buy Tomahawk missiles made in Tucson in $1.7B deal

    – Raytheon building high-power microwave weapons in Tucson


    I don’t see any items in the local Tucson news and I’ve recently spoken to friends in Gilbert and they made no mention of such.

    … and to paraphrase Neil Postman (BTW, I recommend his work) … “and now we have this”

  8. rohat77 on May 29, 2024 at 7:41 am

    Real Raw News is absolutely not a source I would put faith in. Virtually everything they put out is completely unverifiable.
    Also, seems to me that if these Russian early warning radars were so critical, there would be a lot more protection for them. A few drones can cripple Russia’s warning signals of an impending nuclear attack??? Nahhh… “Heyyy… there’s something awfully screwy going on around here.”

    • Scarmoge on May 29, 2024 at 8:32 am

      Yes, rohat. I agree with both you and Elmer Fudd!

      Similar to and much like …

      The “No response” to the Drones Over Langley …


      My earlier response to Dr. Farrell’s Blog on same below:

      … let me know when we engage. Until there are actual weapons involved incidents such as these should be (in round brackets not in the original reply … given no time and or attention) left alone. Nothing more than (Chinese?) trial balloons (every pun intended).

      … if not an exercise then why no anti-aircraft response? Langley includes:

      480th Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Wing

      The 480 ISR Wing operates and maintains the Air Force Distributed Common Ground System, or DCGS, also known as the “Sentinel” weapon system, conducting imagery, cryptologic, and measurement and signatures intelligence activities.
      The Wing is composed of the following units worldwide:

      480th ISR Group, Fort Gordon, Ga.
      497th ISR Group, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.
      548th ISR Group, Beale Air Force Base, Calif.
      692nd ISR Group, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii
      693rd ISR Group, Ramstein Air Base, Germany
      694th ISR Group, Osan Air Base, South Korea


      363d Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Wing

      The 363d ISR Wing is the targeting production, special operations ISR and full-spectrum analytical support to the tactical warfighter. The wing provides operations, planning and execution support to major commands and theater air and space operation centers. It provides geospatial and comprehensive threat analysis products to units employing airpower worldwide.

      Yet no response? Come now.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on May 29, 2024 at 10:02 pm

      I happen to agree here as well…I rather suspect that radar resolution of small(ish) objects like drones is better than we’re being publicly told, and if drones were able to get close enough to a radar installation like this, they would be too small to do much damage unless there was a swarm of them, and in that case one would think again that radar would be able to resolve the target(s). So I’m suspicious of this on the resolution capabilities of radar itself, which I’m quite confident we’re not being told. If these were larger military drones then again I’d imagine radar would pick them up. If we’re to believe the Kremlin drone attacks, then those drones came very close before being intercepted… was it the radar’s resolution was insufficient? Were the drones allowed to approach dangerously close? Were they even capable of any significant damage? These stories are frustrating for their lack of details. Ok…I freely admit I’m a sucker for high octane speculation material!

  9. anakephalaiosis on May 29, 2024 at 5:26 am

    Native Americans are known, to have broken into Yankee fortifications…


    Scythian rode on horse winged,
    a stallion most unhinged,
    and valiant steed
    on fast feet,
    outpaced NATO enslaved.

    Jack Sparrow robbing the crown:

    • anakephalaiosis on May 30, 2024 at 8:08 am


      Moses and his rock-and-roll band,
      headed out of Egypt land,
      and most gung ho
      was Pharaoh,
      making returning demand.

      Moses give ear to Pharaoh’s say,
      who begged him to stay,
      because to navigate
      Bering Strait,
      is too dangerous a play.

      Moses replied, that he is the boss,
      and he will walk across,
      on a land bridge
      of courage,
      that Americans will toss.

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