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Giza Death Star

Giza Death Star is a community of fans of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell that interacts with Dr. Farrell, and gains access to added value content (like recorded Fireside Chats and social networking) and member options with premium content and features (like live Video Chats, White Papers, and special events). The community, which was founded by Dr. Farrell and MadPipe, is named after Dr. Farrell's book The Giza Death Star.

The business model, business plan and technological platform for the Giza Death Star community were developed by MadPipe. MadPipe provides:

  • business development (helping creative talent monetize their work by building a business that produces a perpetual stream of income)
  • internet marketing strategy (web 2.0 websites, branding, internet reputation)
  • social media consulting (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook)

"I'm really pleased with the GDS business plan & model, business development, technology and marketing platform. If you need help with similar things to monetize your organization or business, contact Daniel at MadPipe to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your needs." - Dr. Joseph P. Farrell