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DO NOT contact Dr. Farrell for member support or technical issues. Refer to the Support menu dropdown. Support requests sent to Dr. Farrell are deleted.

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Most Common Support Issue SOLVED

You click to access a members vidchat or video dialogue, and get the "members only" message. Here's the likely issue.

  1. Verify you are logged in (if you see your username at the top right, you are logged in). Member content is not accessible UNTIL you log in.
  2. Verify you are in fact a (paid) member. Expired memberships or free subscriberships can't access member content. If you don't know when you last paid, check your paypal, bank, or credit card statement.
  3. Try switching browsers. If you can access content in one browser (chrome, firefox, safari) but not another, it's something in your browser. Possible an ad blocker.
  4. If it's happening regardless of browser, open an incognito/private window from your browser. That bypasses browser add-ons. If it works that way, it's a browser add-on, which you'll need to locate and tame.

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