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The Tower of Babel Moment

From Bernstein to Berossus, from languages, linguistics, and Jesuit “lunacy”, join author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell on an exploration of the Tower of […]

McCarthy, Marshall, and the Other International

This is the second volume of Joseph Farrell’s examination of Senator Joseph R McCarthy and the strange connections stemming from the man, from the […]

McCarthy, Monmouth, and the Deep State

Senator Joseph R. McCarthy is just about the last name one would expect to encounter in connection to UFOs, the Roswell Incident, above-top-secret black […]

AUDIO: Microcosm Book (for members only)

About Audio chapters: While books sales (as text or audio) cannot technically be a part of the member area or membership package, these audio […]

Transhumanism in Dialogue

In this book the authors provide a simplified approach to a difficult subject, Transhumanism. Dr.’s de Hart and Farrell answer the most commonly asked […]

Yahweh The Two-Faced God

Oxford educated authors and researchers, Dr’s Joseph P. Farrell and Scott D. de Hart expose the history behind the End of Times apocalyptic panic […]

Microcosm and Medium: The Cosmic Implications and Agenda of Mind ...

In this latest book Joseph P Farrell examines the subject of mind control, but from a very unusual perspective, showing that its basic underlying […]

Secrets of the Unified Field: The Philadelphia Experiment, the Nazi ...

Maintains that careful considerations of Einstein’s celebrated and discarded Unified Field Theory, and the conclusions of wartime American and German scientists and engineers that, […]

The Giza Death Star Deployed: The Physics and Engineering of the Great ...

The amazing sequel to ‘The Giza Death Star’ which takes us from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the asteroid belt and the so-called Pyramids […]

The Cosmic War: Interplanetary Warfare, Modern Physics, and Ancient ...

Presents the history of the Exploded Planet hypothesis. Rejecting naturalist and materialist assumptions of catastrophism forwarded by other researchers, this work asserts that the […]

Reich of the Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & the Cold War Allied ...

“The Nazi series is long because it’s a huge story. This book is about the German atomic bomb, and why I think they were […]

SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology

Offers a range of exotic technologies the Nazis researched, and challenges to the conventional views of the end of World War Two, the Roswell […]

The Giza Death Star Destroyed: The Ancient War for Future Science

Recapitulates the function of the 10,000-year-old Giza military complex and recounts the final destruction of this gigantic machine – a machine that was destroyed […]

Covert Wars and Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs and Space ...

Oxford-educated historian Joseph P. Farrell delivers the sequel to his best-selling Cover Wars and Breakaway Civilization, part of his book series on suppressed technology, […]

The Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for ...

“The alchemical texts constitute repeated claims over the centuries that transformation of base metal was successfully done. So you have to either acknowledge that […]

Lbj and Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy: A Coalescence of Interests

Best-selling, Oxford-educated investigative author Joseph P. Farrell takes on the Kennedy assassination and the involvement of Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Texas “machine” that […]

Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age: Hermetic Cosmology, Finance, ...

What do the Fourth Crusade, the exploration of the New World, secret excavations of the Holy Land, and the pontificate of Innocent the Third, […]

Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of a Breakaway Civilization: ...

Oxford-educated historian Farrell continues his best-selling book series on suppressed technology, Nazi survival and the postwar psyops with his new book Saucers, Swastikas and […]

Grid of the Gods: The Aftermath of the Cosmic War and the Physics of ...

Consider the possibility that there is an alchemical cosmology in very ancient stone monuments, and that this is connected to the Mayans, their myths, […]

Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection

Physicist and Oxford-educated historian Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and postwar Nazi operations such as German […]

Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas

The ultimate question is no longer “who am I” or “why am I here.” These questions were answered in the earliest civilizations by philosophers […]

Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations: The Secret Space Program, ...

Oxford-educated historian Farrell’s sequel to Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops and his best-selling book series on suppressed technology, Nazi survival and postwar hidden conflicts. Farrell […]

Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic ...

Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as what has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the […]

Financial Vipers of Venice: Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and ...

In this sequel to Joseph P. Farrell’s Babylon’s Banksters, the banksters have moved from Mesopotamia via Rome to Venice. There, they have manipulated popes […]

The Giza Death Star

“The Giza structure is full of dimensional analogs of local celestial space. This implies a machine like purpose. When various features are examined, a […]

Nazi International: The Nazis’ Postwar Plan to Control Finance, ...

Physicist and Oxford educated historian Joseph P. Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposés on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and post-war Nazi manipulation […]

Babylon’s Banksters: The Alchemy of Deep Physics, High Finance ...

In this latest installment of his remarkable series of books of alternative science and history, Joseph P. Farrell outlines the consistent pattern and strategy […]

Recommended Works

Genesis of the Cosmos: The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation

Exposing the contradictions that bedevil the big bang theory, LaViolette offers both the specialist and the general reader a controversial and highly stimulating critique […]

Shelley Unbound: Discovering Frankenstein’s True Creator

Scott D. de Hart’s fascinating investigation into Frankenstein and the lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Percy Shelley results in an inconvenient truth regarding what […]

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified ...

Using subquantum kinetics–the science behind antigravity technology–LaViolette reviews numerous field-propulsion devices and technologies that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than that of […]

Subquantum Kinetics

“A general overview of the physics and cosmology of subquantum kinetics is presented, together with its more recently developed explanation for quantum entanglement. Subquantum […]

Sinister Forces—The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political ...

The roots of coincidence and conspiracy in American politics, crime, and culture are examined in this first volume of a three-part set, exposing new […]

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