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Podcast - Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Every week, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, author and scholar, takes an alternative look at news and current events for the pleasure of his readers and the members of the Giza Death Star community.

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For those of you who long for MP3 (audio only) versions of News and Views, those are now available in each News and Views post on the site.

For those wanting to subscribe to the News & Views from the Nefarium podcast on an audio device, smart TV device, or phone, or even on your desktop computer, you may now do so through free audio platforms like iTunes or Stitcher or iHeartRadio.

4 Important Caveats:

  1. We don't offer technical support for iTunes or other syndicated networks or MP3 players or mobile devices. We're just saying it's there. Using it is up to you.
  2. There will always be lag time between when Dr. Farrell posts the News & Views video, and when the MP3 is available. Please don't send support requests letting us know there's lag time. We know. Give us a few days–it's usually 24hrs.
  3. There will also be lag time between when the MP3 appears on our site, and when it is picked up by these other networks. That's normal, though it likely varies depending on podcast authority, and you can help by reviewing the podcast on iTunes. The more reviews, the more authority.
  4. Be sure to get the *official* app for things like iHeartRadio. There are bogus apps that aren't copyrighted/published by the app maker, and those are sometimes not safe or reliable.
  5. There may be lag time between then the title appears on iTunes and when it is actually playable. We don't know yet. This is part of the process, though, so allow for it.

Subject to those minor limitations, we hope you're glad to see the Giza Community extending its reach into a major syndication network. Cheers! And Enjoy!

NOTE: MP3s are available for Dialogues in the Member area but not through a syndication network. Due to hosting costs and restrictions, we do not provide MP3s for recorded Vidchat videos (which are quite long) or webinars (which are inherently visual)