How to Cancel Your Automatically Recurring Membership


OPTION 1: If you used Paypal to start your active subscription, you can cancel membership directly in PayPal: [see this link].

OPTION 2: If you pay directly through Stripe/credit card, first log in to Giza. Then click here and cancel. Note, for security, you must be logged into your Giza account to cancel your Giza membership.

Cancellation Policy

  • Membership status is self-maintained (user starts it, user cancels it). Giza does not modify users' billing plans.
  • Until the date and time of cancellation, billing for recurring membership recurs automatically. If it is past the date/time of recurring billing, cancellation will stop further payments but not be retroactive on an already processed payment.
  • Membership payments are non-refundable. Cancellation will stop further payments from the date and time of cancellation, and you will retain access to the period for which the most recent payment applies. After which, if you've cancelled, you will not be billed again.
  • If you've been billed and intended to cancel, either you did not complete cancellation or you are past the date/time of said payment.