You spoke with Christopher Dunn this year at a conference. What was ...

    Well, there were two things, really. Mr. Dunn presented some fascinating information about the exacting precision of the huge granite "boxes" at the Serapion in Egypt. Again, we see the same evidence of precise, optical machining of these multi-ton granite structures, for which conventional Egyptology has no plausible explanation. There are several such boxes, and I suspect that eventually we will discover these are part or components of some sort of machine, utilizing the same type of non-linear acoustic energy.

    The second thing was that during the question and answer period, a member of the audience asked Mr. Dunn was asked what he thought such boxes, including the Coffer in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, were for. He responded by stating that he first thought the Coffer was the optical cavity for a maser, as outlined in his The Giza Power Plant. But this time he indicated that he had been in touch with a physicist who had indicated to him that the true purpose was non-linear and acoustic.

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