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Member System Update - Catching Up on Non-Payments:

We recently corrected our database to fix some login issues, and the correction also updated any members from whom we haven't received a recent payment to cover the membership access. It has converted those memberships back to free subscriber status. This is supposed to happen sooner - at "end of term" (end of the prepaid period) - but the system was caching (remembering) statuses and not updating those account access levels.

Members Unaware of Non-Payments

In one or two cases, a member may not have been aware that we haven't received a payment via paypal in some time, perhaps because of a funds or funds access issue in your paypal account, to which we have no access, and now you're just finding out as the system demotes the membership.

Unintentional Non-Payment

If the system corrected your account with a downgrade for non-payment and your intention is to retain member access in that case, please Log In and then re-upgrade via an upgrade button on our registration page.

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