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Thanks again to all of you for your articles and stories submissions this past week: to D.K., V.T., J.K., K.S, C.A.F., W.G., T.M., M.G., and a special "group submission" by Y.C. .

Today's round-up of honourable mentions is all over the board in terms of subject matter, but as usual we'll start off with stories related to the planscamdemic.

Reasonable Substantial Evidence of Racketeering and Collusion perpetrated by Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, and other members of the Federal and Provincial Governments.

EXC: Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm ‘Mining’ DNA Data Through COVID Tests.

Catholic Students Sue Catholic School For Refusing To Grant Religious Exemptions To COVID Vax Mandate

Electrical Device that “gives DNA vaccines the boost they need to work in humans” Receives $71M from U.S. Dept of Defense

New York hospital to STOP delivering babies due to staff shortage after resignations over Covid-19 vaccine mandate

26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

Here's WHY They Killed Your Grandmother

Special round-up submitted by Y.C.
100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows
Sep 07, 2021
Georgia Bulldogs football coach says team, which is more than 90% vaxxed, is experiencing 'highest spike' of COVID, including sports medicine director
Sep 08, 2021
Yes, It’s a “Killer Vaccine”: Michel Chossudovsky
Sep 07, 2021
Our First Hand ICU Story - What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital
Aug 06, 2021
‘Not a Life and Death Issue’: NIH Orders $1.67 Million Study on How Coronavirus Vaccines Affect Menstrual Cycles
Sep 08, 2021
POLL: Almost Three-Quarters Of Unvaccinated Americans Would Quit Job If It Required The Vaccine
Sep 07, 2021
Sweden Announces It Will Remove Most Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions
Sep 09, 2021
"COVID Zero" New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State
Sep 08, 2021
Australian Health Official Shocks Sydney With "New World Order" Comment
Sep 09, 2021
Biden To Eliminate 'Testing Opt-Out'; Requires All Public Workers And Contractors To Get Vaccinated Or Get Fired
Sep 09, 2021
"Public Health" Propaganda
Sep 08, 2021
White House Signals New COVID-19 Measures Coming For People Who Are Unvaccinated
Sep 08, 2021
Australia Is Now Confiscating Booze Delivered To People Forced Into Lockdown
Sep 08, 2021
Quebec Orders All Health-Care Workers To Get Vaccinated Or Be Suspended Without Pay
Sep 08, 2021
New "Pandemic Potential" Brain-Destroying-Virus With 75% Death Rate Spreading In India
Sep 08, 2021
"Surprise Surprise - Fauci Lied Again": Rand Paul Reacts To Wuhan Bombshell
Sep 08, 2021
Greenwald: The ACLU, Prior To COVID, Denounced Mandates And Coercive Measures To Fight Pandemics
Sep 08, 2021
CDC Changed School Mask Guidance Days After Threat From Teachers Union: FOIA Emails
Sep 08, 2021

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Some non-planscamdemic stories:

What Was 9/11 Then and What Is It Today?

Energy Prices in Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing

The Woolly Mammoth Will Be Back In 6 Years, Says New Start-Up in Partnership with Harvard University

This New Company Says It's Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth, As A Way to Fight Climate Change



  1. Any Ole D. Harald Kautz V. fans here?! Age of Truth put out a video from Denmark with both of them on!! Interesting to hear their “takes” on various subjects!!

    I would agree we are in uncharted waters here as per the Human Race…..but, who knows, maybe this has happened before & the history has been lost?! How many Catastrophies have their been that we don’t know about???

    I like what Thoth said, “….bound by death to the circle of life”!!! If that isn’t Reincarnation, I don’t know what is?!! Since The Church outlawed the belief in that, I assume we can figure it is true!! 😉

  2. On a friend’s urging, I’ve just opened “Journey of Souls.” In the “Introduction”, Dr. Newton is describing the various brain-wave states: “When we sleep, we go to the final Delta state where messages from the brain are dropped into the subconscious and vented through are dreams.”

    Dr. Farrell says we need to practice “analogical thinking”. So, I ask myself, “What does the ‘Delta state’ make me think of? It makes me think of the “Delta Variant”. (Comments welcome!)

    1. Delta is just general scientific nomenclature, that attaches Greek letters, to describe derivative variations of something.

      Dreams are subconscious digestions. One opens the third eye, to dream in wake state, as remote viewing etc.

      The language of dreams are symbols. One manipulates symbols, for subconscious alchemical distillation.

      Things clarify gradually, when processed through sleep.

      1. although one should not forget about the dreamstate which spreads through the whole multiverse of every imagination and songs that re-members everything together
        so dream is our ‘thinking’ so to say, all the senses interwoven

    1. I don’t know if you have heard of Vinny Eastwood, a successful young podcaster in NZ who is being given treatment worthy of North Korea: not only “locked up” at home, but as a political dissident being denied internet access. Mail from abroad addressed to him is turned back at the border. His situation is summed up towards the end of Clif High’s latest video on Bitchute.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Glad Australian leadership came out and said basically said that said leadership serves the NWO; and not the prisoners in the Down Under, a continent-wide open-air-prison.

    It is no secret that Australian leaders follow a world government, not some silly nation state.
    One of their heroes is Billy Clinton,
    who long ago quipped w/Bankster Rubin,
    about those silly nations states.

    The leadership in Australia;
    is leading the way in nation state prisons,
    locking down every silly citizen
    whose swallowed the malarkey about being human.

    The prime warden Australian leadership, knows very well,
    their constituents should consider themselves lucky to still be prisoners.
    In the next phase, most prisoners will become property.
    In other words, slaves.

    It’s progress Down Under style.
    Shipped to Australia as prisoners[future citizens]
    and wardens[future leaders]
    then progressing to a “free” country;
    only to have their witless wardens sell-out to the NWO.

    Going beyond full circle,
    to become slaves to the NWO’s collective hive mind.

    Once considered a truly independent breed apart
    from all other creeds and nationality’s,
    the people of Australia have become
    a bell weather warning to all others;
    that rings all too true – across time:
    … and then they come for you.

    1. Have the same feeling with new zealand , where everyone is in prisoned. Not behind steel doors, but behind a green lawn and garden which they maintain 24/7

      1. what to say folks?
        i mean every day just getting deeper and if one had not known before then its just heartbreaking-headshaking all the way.

    1. Thanks, ZDB!!! Glad to see you here. I don’t understand the new system being implemented here so was afraid I’d lose being able to read your comments!! 😉

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Vaccinated or be suspended w/o pay.
    What the governments are getting down to, is destroying the economy. Then the economic system.
    Then Re-Set w/new corporate coupons[CC’s].
    You only get your Chinese credits[CC’s, or Chinese social credits];
    if your injected into the collectivist hive mind.

    Nursing the hive mind, is a healthy incentive
    to sacrifice “Your being human”.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Just from reading the headline captions about the deadly brain destroying virus in India; my frame of reference immediately switched to China.
    Of course, had to basically consider WHO & CDC literature “highly suspect” when reading article.
    Read, “similar to covid”[1984], as someone inoculated w/the bio-weapon[Pfizer/AstraZeneca] and spreading disease as per/design.
    Of course now, the whole “virus” narrative has become suspect.

    There is something deeper going on.
    Of course, there is no cure for the Nipah virus.
    In other words, there is no approved drug for the virus.
    In other words, if there are cures,
    those cures do not fall under the “approved” patents.

    But wait.
    The same people who brought you covid1984;
    are developing a faster-than-light approval vaccine for Nipah.
    Once they announce the fixed approval;
    the various experimental hive injections[developed a few years ago]
    will flood the poorer Muslim regions of India.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Some may believe it’s a queer thing, the ACLU, doesn’t consider:
    your body, your choice – a viable option.
    But funding is extremely low, and those dollars are as welcome;
    as is, their keeping those ACLU blackmail files extremely secret.

  7. [[“gives DNA vaccines the boost they need to work in humans”]], . . . more like streamed signal intelligence. Makes one wonder what that transponder capacity might entail.

  8. You can’t make these things up: Rodin’s “Gates of Hell” sculpture is to be put on display in Rome at the Quirinal Stables Museum, adjacent to the Quirinal Palace, residence of the president of Italy and formerly of the Savoy kings, and before them the popes. The opening is supposed to be on Oct. 15th, the same date when the “health pass” is scheduled to become “mandatory” for millions of workers in the public and private sector (but there is already huge pushback under way). The announcement was made today, mere days from the Autumn Equinox.
    So as if the “drug from Hell” were not enough, now “they” are openly signalling their occupation of the country. Of course “Woo” people have been discussing this since the scamdemic started, but now, Italy will get its own version of the now infamous Gotthard Tunnel ceremony a few years ago. This “outing” will give a further push to shatter the illusions still nurtured by the “normies” as to the nature of what is going on.

    1. Pope Satan, the globalist spider, wants to commemorate the culling of herd, like Rome being Nero’s funeral pyre, to be molded in his madness.

      In resistance, the Apostolic-Scythianism subscribes to psychedelic illumination, induced by mushrooms, hemp seed sauna, and fermented mare-milk.

      It causes Pope Satan to panic, that the Revelation has a distinct Scythian origin, revealing the seven seals, as Scythian martial art training.

      Of course, Scythianism is a designated empire killer:

  9. The covid mRNA shots got a widespread start in Dec 2020. The various spike vaccines have had a relatively high frequency of bad outcomes, apparently high enough that according to past standards they would have been discontinued.

    Historically, does early on bad outcomes in vaccines correlate with further problems, medium to long term? Similar problems or different problems coming up in the years and decades ahead?

  10. The s#*t is now beyond control.
    We’re in uncharted territory – the cosmological split is beyond repair and we’re assisting to a multiple speciation of mankind.
    The next two – three years will be very bumpy (ask the astrologers).
    One wonders what will happen after 2025, if we’re still here.

    1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, we are witnessing the beginning of the split of mankind into two different species. I never would have guessed that the Children of God and the children of darkness would physically diverge. Now looking upon it, it only makes sense and is self evident as a physical and logical law of reality.

      If the children of darkness physically diverge from humanity and become everyday less and less like man, aren’t they subject to man like the beasts of the Earth?

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